Do You Want to be a Pony?

Neither do I!   But a whole lot of people are working hard at this very moment to perfect their gait and spruce up their saddles in preparation for some exciting “ponyplay.”

Why am I the last one to find out about stuff like this?? My husband showed me an article in the LA Weekly about a 50 year old woman who dresses up like a pony and makes a good living at it. She goes to crazy pony events where ponies and masters hope to hook up, and others where the ponies compete for awards.

Listen, I understand role-playing. Naughty schoolgirl, fine. Cantering around with a bit in my mouth and a tail in my butt, I’m just not feeling it.

Here are some hooves you can buy….”Nice look, clip-clop sound when used on the floor.”

What the fuck is wrong with people, you know? Life is so difficult and complicated and so easy to screw up, why try to live it as a fake pony?

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55 Responses to Do You Want to be a Pony?

  1. drollgirl says:

    dude. i find this shit flabbergasting. is everyone REALLY THIS BORED in their sex life? if i need to act like a horse to get a dude, fucking forget it. freaks. freaks are everywhere. it is discouraging. but funny.

  2. lousybeatnik says:

    These have Sea written all over them…

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