The Cutest Day Ever

That does sound like a cute day, doesn’t it?

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  1. SACRAMENTO says:

    Better than beeing a pony, he, he.
    My daughter Paloma is getting married tomorrow, so I do hope that it will be a gret day.
    Abrazos at needed

  2. David Duff says:

    “Kate’s bush”? Kate who? And what’s so special about her bush? And what is it? An hydrangia? A lavender? Or am I missing some Americanism here? And why are you featuring bushes, ‘Sis’, I only come here to learn about shoes!

    By the way, has anyone seen my specs . . .?

  3. Cybill says:

    How can a day be cute?!!

  4. skye says:

    At least she just sounds like a teenager there – not trying (and failing) to know about art or whatever.

  5. Sister Wolf says:

    Cybill – Thank you.

  6. Leslie H. says:

    How quaint.

  7. Eliza says:

    “I just watched Dynasty without irony”


  8. Suspended says:

    I think ‘cuteness’ just turned to vomit. Sea of Bush would be a great name for her other blog.

    Love some Kate Bush! Sea probably spent the whole night talking about the time Kate had crimped hair….cue crimped hair.

  9. votum says:

    What a fucking idiot.

  10. Annie says:

    Sea hurts my intelligence.

  11. jane says:

    when did sea get a boyfriend? how did mom approve? how does he deal with her stuffed toy and hideous costume jewelery / grandmas wardrobe fixations?
    i also wonder, does she dye her “bush” to match her hair, or do you think shes already on fire naturally down stairs? thinking about all of this is really not – cute. why must i share a name with a moron.

  12. Cricket9 says:

    Boyfriend? BOYFRIEND???

  13. annemarie says:

    FUCK HER! How dare she speak the name of Kate Bush!

  14. Rosa says:

    But her day continues Sister:

    …”And made art for very long periods of time during which I listened to Kate Bush (the Dreaming, the Red Shoes, and Hounds of Love)”

    And then she tells us more in her latest post And the ‘art’ referred to is the jacket she is defiling And the ‘perverted fairies’ or whatever on it are coming along slowly And that’s good because she’s really enjoying it And it’s just so much fucking fun And she like had to go to Tulsa this one time And the spellbinding shit she bought there was so worth it And she strategically mentions mom and Carol in her latest post And dismisses your claims of a family rift because mom and sis cooked for her And they didn’t make what she ordered the fucking proles but she has it anyway And she thanks them loud and proud for it And then Sea and friends ate it all up And so mom and sis didn’t get any but it was probably laced with cyanide anyway And we all know Carol’s too fat to eat And fuck me sideways but she said Carol’s name TWICE in the one post!

    True story.

  15. Sonja says:

    ahahaha!! Have a cute day everybody!

  16. No! Not Kate Bush no! Argh I’m running up that hill.

  17. Bessie the Buddha cow: says:

    Well, I had the cutest night ever.

  18. Bourbon Drinker Known as MJ says:

    I love Kate Bush.

  19. Mark says:

    I hope today is a really cute day.

  20. Paige says:

    I think the jacket she’s painting looks good. it will probaby be kind of stiff to wear and crumbly if it’s painted with acrylic paint though.

  21. Sil says:

    Sacramento, enhorabuena desde Zaragoza (that was Congratulations from Zaragoza-Spain). Hopefully you will have a great day. I wish you don´t boil with the extreme heat we are suffering right now.

    About cutest day ever… does she really do much more any other day? And, did she really have a cute day spending no single buck? Incredible.

    Kisses from 40ºC hell

  22. Liz says:

    And what about Mom of Shoes latest DIY project? $300+ on a fugly chair and calling it ‘an inexpensive project’? also, I don’t think it qualifies as Do It ‘Yourself’ when you pay other people to do the work.

  23. nats says:

    something seems wrong. i don’t buy it. no kitty cafes with ronnie? sea must be hiding something.

  24. HelOnWheels says:

    Awwww, how adorable. Sea’s already living the life of huge-alimony-receiving divorcé…at 18. That’s just sooooo….cute. *eye-roll*

    (I constantly vacillate between wanting to pummel and pity her.)

  25. Beck says:

    Sea certainly does sound like a teenager: ‘I was having a few friends over for dinner and I asked my mum if she would make a quick pot of curry’ . . .!!!! A quick pot of curry indeed. And you’re not technically hosting the dinner if your mum does the cooking y’know kids!

  26. HelOnWheels says:

    @ Liz – Wow, you must be psychic!! I left a comment on Mom’s blog exactly to that effect just now!!

  27. Cricket9 says:

    Oh, what a cute day today! We had rain so we can actually breathe; I’m off to do a DYI project on my floors – the flooring guy is coming, and then to a windows shop to talk about a DYI project and hire someone to put a new window in. Cute cute CUTE!!!

  28. I meant oh no that Sea mention my beloved Kate. I need to protect this name – in case anyone thought I was maligning the magnificent Ms Bush.

    How cute am I returning to clarify

  29. Ann says:

    She effectively made me cringe in less than 140 characters. True talent right there, folks.

  30. theresa says:

    skye- I think “trying and failing to know about art” is what teenagers sound like. im just glad it was a cute day and not the day she bought all the shiny things in the world and got pecked apart by magpies and king midas.

    thank god. sea’s asshole is still intact and cute.

  31. Annika says:

    ^^ hahaha oh no, just no.
    “My inspiration for the ring was my fucked up punk rock youth. My friends and I were young teens wearing studs and all that long before it was the trendy thing to do. So in lieu of wearing patches all over my jeans, growing my mohawk out again and wearing a studded jacket, this is paying homage to my youth and how it shaped me into who I am today. And it looks sick.”

  32. Angelica says:

    How come SHE of all people gets to have a boyfriend?

    Also, LOL, “my fucked up punk rock youth.” Smash your head on the punk rock!!

  33. a says:

    Please stop with that “just a child/teenager” excuse. People her age either are or go to college.

  34. alittlelux says:

    ok SO…. i happened to catch an episode of the city on mtv and they interviewed sea on the show! photos vs. real life sea’s moon face and lispy voice… WOW. almost as good as hearing rumi speak. almost. see if oyu can find it online/ youtube? it’s sure to make your day SUPER CUTE!!!!

  35. Laurin says:

    Her style caster interview is just as enthralling (whoever did her make-up should be fired):

  36. *gemmifer* says:

    Oohhh yes–FREAKIN’ A-DORABLE!

  37. fomite717 says:

    Not feelin’ the love for the younguns are you? Old quirky-good. Young pretty-bad.

    I just wandered across your site. Thought it would be a fun romp into satire, an aging hipster’s take on fashion. But instead of funny, it was depressing.

    You’re what, in your fifties? So sad to see you hating on the kids. Also sad to see pictures of you posing on a……walker? Just creepy, like seeing Grandma flash her boobies.

    Oh wait, I’m missing the irony factor. You broke your hip,you’re injured, suffering, lost your job, definitely lost your dignity. Maybe we’ll both feel better if I hit the Patron button.

    My condolences on your son. But one day later, there you are, bashing on the kiddies and your son’s death becomes about you, if he’s even real. Or maybe he’s something to get people to hit the Patron button.

    Honestly, go mourn. Such negativity temps the Karma gods.


  38. Sister Wolf says:

    Fomite – You wandered here? Why don’t YOU go mourn, you motherfucker. You don’t have the dignity to show who you are! You don’t like negativity?!? What karma do you get for wandering over to a stranger’s blog and telling her how to mourn? You’re in big trouble now with those Karma gods.

    Kiss my fucking ass, you stupid cunt. Let me repeat: I’ll do whatever I want, and I’ll write whatever I want, until I don’t want to.


  39. Juri says:

    Shit, I’ve never watched Dynasty. Shit, shit, shit! No wonder my days usually aren’t cutest days ever.

  40. Cybill says:

    Suebob from Red Stapler once wrote an excellent post on trolling, (found the link for you)

    I always just imagine they are old fat men wearing faded silk nightdresses.

  41. Faux Fuchsia says:

    Consuela’s the one who got her onto Dynasty. She was a Big Fan of all the Nolan Miller gowns and Kenny Lane jewels.

  42. Cricket9 says:

    Cybill, thanks for the link – an excellent post about trolling.

  43. Sister Wolf says:

    alittlelux – Good eye! It was unbelievably cute! thank you sweetie xo

  44. I’m with Cybill, how can a day be cute?
    I feel my love of Kate Bush (and Roxy Music) is slightly violated by the fact that Sea loves them too, but at least we know she has excellent taste in at least one area.

  45. Nati Hell says:


  46. Sister Wolf says:

    Isabelle – That ring is so fuckin’ rad, I am stoked!!!!!

    Cybill – Suebob is a saint. One can only strive to be like her.

    Make Do, MJ, annemarie, RedheadFashionista – Please let’s not let anyone ruin Kate Bush for us!

  47. cassiopeia says:

    Haha HelOnWheels
    Totally! What a prick! She’s totally missing the appeal (and neccesity) of DIY there on every level.
    Silly silly mom.

  48. Wish says:

    While we’re talking shit on fashion bloggers, this one is actually super sad and extremely weird. Not only because the outfits aren’t very fashionable. Sorry but I just can’t keep it to myself. If it hurts my eyes maybe it will hurt less if y’all look too.

    As for the Gnar quotes: Her continual, unabated mangling of words jammed together into “sentences” is a trainwreck I seem unable to look away from. Too bad she closed down her comments.

  49. Jolie says:

    Ooooh CRAP! I love Kate Bush! damn it.

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