Don’t Try This at Home


Having now attained the perfect haggard beauty of the suffering Christ, Max is hoping for permission to eat or drink tonight.

Reading the supportive comments here after 12 hours of dragging Biggie and Tupac around the hospital bed is so uplifting, you have no idea. You fuckers are the best. I must have done something right in a previous life. xoxo

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28 Responses to Don’t Try This at Home

  1. jools says:

    I’m converting to Maxianity. Or Maxinism. You know what I mean.
    loads of love to you Max. and to your mum.

  2. Ann says:

    You weren’t kidding in our earlier conversation; he really does look ethereal. Bless you both. It was a joy & a privilege to talk to you. Need another language to properly express & convey the love. So glad things are looking up, SW.

    May I interrupt this Brian Wilson moment for some Bob Marley: Everything’s gonna be alright.

  3. Sarah.p says:

    I’m gonna get me six white candles and light them in the church of max. You astonish me sister. That’s all. Love as ever. X x

  4. alittlelux says:

    love you…

  5. Moda says:

    Max really does look quite suffering Christey. I hope he gets to eat – you know, something tastier than bread and wine (although wine for me is pretty tasty). Anyway, tell Biggie and Tupac I said hello and Max and you get hugs and all the other good stuff from across the sea in Scotland.

  6. Ferea says:

    I used to read you when all was good and not comment, just enjoyed, now that alot is bad i’ll just leave a short line.
    Cant’ do much to really help, too far away. But sending lots of love and good energy thoughts all over from Paris. XXX

  7. Been away, and I come back to the er. Chrishtamighty you lot have been in the wars. And not nice antiseptic ones by the sounds of it either. Nope, I’m talking Crimean and other such pre-penicillin high times. Let me know if I can help at all. AT ALL. I can put voodoo on useless staff, although it sounds like there are some zombies working around there already. I can send rubber gloves and hope. I can email your local governator. Or I can talk nonsense online. Here anyway. Be better, you lot.

  8. Suebob says:

    Progress. Yay.

  9. Lauren says:

    Hang in there Sister!

  10. Mardel says:

    OH God, you’ve been through hell and not quite back yet either. I’ve been away and I am so sorry to see that all this has been happening to you. Hang in there.

  11. OMGGMAB says:

    Sister, it is good to see your boy with his eyes open, sans tubes in his facial orifices. This image is so timely, with Halloween around the corner and all; yet, I do not recommend this course of action simply to “be” the best christ at the party!

    Sorry, just trying a bit of levity. If I lived close, I would be a gargoyle at the door against the medical minions. Unfortunately, I can only try to meditate like Ghandi, and ask the healing winds to swirl about you and Max.

  12. andrea says:

    No tubes, yay! Please give him my best wishes for continued progress!

  13. K-Line says:

    Last life, this life – who knows? 🙂 So happy to see progress.

  14. So glad things are improving, Sister!

  15. Jill says:

    Hi Max…I’m Jill You will be back on your feet soon. I have no doubt.

  16. Deni says:

    OMG! Max looks so much better . . . so much better than the other day. I’m sending lots of love, and healing thoughts/energy for his continual and exponential healing, and yours too Sista Wolf!

  17. Mark says:

    I feel like a heel for not reading for a few days. Thank God, you’re who you are.

  18. Alicia says:

    Max definitely deserves disciples, fishes and loaves. Possibly sainthood. Sainthood for you, too. Anyone who can manage to not physically choke someone out after this past couple of weeks has performed a miracle.

  19. WendyB says:

    He’s looking good…hang in there, Max!

  20. Juri says:

    Wonderful news! Having the perfect haggard beauty of the suffering Christ is a start. Next stop: light weight resurrection – the kind attained without dying and spending time in the grave, of course.

  21. Gorgeous gorgeous photo. It is both cheery and heart wrenching.
    Just so you know I’ve wanted to bite the heads of all my stylist students this week with their petty needs. I might be nicer to them tomorrow now! xxxx

  22. dewayne says:

    i think by naming your legs thusly that you may be inviting them to go to war with each other. either that, or you could just threaten the miscreants in the health care system with them. you know, the old “my legs are resurrected gangsta-rapper corpses, and they have guns” routine. i’m positive this will work should you have to resort to it.

    other than that, multiply everyone’s well-wishing by some number of your choosing, and that is what i am trying to mind-blast your and max’s way.

  23. Stella-Mayfair says:

    You’ve been in my thoughts all week, Sister. Get well soon, both of you!

  24. annemarie says:

    Wow, he looks like an El Greco.

    Give us a Pieta! We miss you!

    I’m so, so happy everybody is getting better

  25. Lisa says:

    Just been catching up on everything that’s been happening. So sad to read but glad things are improving. Max is beautiful. You and yours are in my thoughts and prayers. God bless xxx

  26. dust says:

    You should word CUNT more often, the result is great!

  27. Beautiful sight. That food is going to taste incredible.

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