Engrish Levi’s

I love the online Levi’s store in Japan! There are all kinds of weird styles you won’t see anywhere else, plus the translations are so rewarding.

I actually like these overall things, but after the shit I got for liking the Gaultier-Levi’s collaboration, I’m certainly not going to admit it!

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7 Responses to Engrish Levi’s

  1. Ann says:

    That is some awesome copy. The folks at Refinery29 et al should take note. And I wish I was as skinny as that model.

  2. My eyesight is not good, but did the description include the phrase “mind tickle?” If so, where can I order one?

  3. Dru says:

    Don’t shoot me, but I love the blouse she’s got on!

    And that copy still makes more sense than Refinery29, which is odd considering that Levi’s Japan isn’t really about English-speaking consumers at all and R29 supposedly is.

  4. Doesn’t salopette mean something like “little slut” in French?

  5. rebecca says:

    SW, Please rock whatever fashions your heart desires. I think they’re ugly as shit. I was also described at my old office as “the one most likely to come into work dressed for the circus”, so what do I know :).

  6. Joy D. says:

    ha, “Lady Style”.

  7. Audi says:

    Iheartfashion: I was thinking the same thing! It means ‘little slut’ or ‘little tramp.’ Just goes to show that Flench is just as fun as Engrish.

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