Facebook is Wack


Because I’m an addict and an idiot, I’ve spent hours tonight staring like a zombie at crap online. I checked out these pointy-tied Dr. Martens and thought, Eh, they won’t fit and I’ll just have to send them back.

Later, I went to Facebook and to my horror, there was an ad for these Docs right there on my profile page! What the fuck is up with that??

Does Facebook know everything I do? How can Facebook stand me, if It knows what a stupid idiot I am? And how can I stand Facebook for getting all up in my business?

Fucking Facebook. I still can’t even figure out what people are supposed to do there. MySpace was great for pranks and causing trouble. Facebook? Who cares where you went for dinner! Not me.

However, I did have a reason for going to Facebook tonight: to snag a photo of this amazing six-layer rainbow cake that my friend Rose made. Ooooh!


Friendship and cake are blessings to cherish. Ice cream, too.

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24 Responses to Facebook is Wack

  1. You see facebook is for six layered rainbow cakes.
    Make do Style is currently wishing she too had a six layered rainbow cake (for dinner).

  2. Queen Marie says:

    *gasp* that is the biggest and best cake in the world!
    Lets be honest MDS, we would eat that cake for breakfast, lunch and tea too, given half a chance…

  3. arline says:

    If I liked cake, I would be all over that. It is pretty.

    I have to say, I am a fan of Facebook, but it is a little creepy how those adds target your interests. It is very creepy about the boots.

  4. That cake is a work of art. And ew, creepy Facebook! My husband is always cursing at it.

  5. Stella Mayfair says:

    happy fucking holidays, sister 🙂
    all the best for you and your loved ones. next year will be so much better than this one — and if i could promise you that, i certainly would.

  6. dust says:

    Oh, good you didn’t get the docs, the fit is very bad. I’ve put them on and instantly felt like an ostrich in boots.
    If I would eat that cake I’d fall in hyper coma, but it would be so worth it…

  7. OMGGMAB says:

    Oh forget those boots – they look so uncomfortable!

    That cake, however, looks luscious and just what I need to solidify my waistline. Recipe please?

  8. Sonia Luna says:

    That cake looks delicious!
    I wanted to wish you and your family a Happy Christmas and a Wonderful New Year. I’m sending good thoughts your way, hopefully these trying times will soon be over. Best wishes!

  9. Jill says:

    I’m gonna email you about why I’m on facebook. Wish I had more patience. I would try to make the cake! I fucking hate baking!

  10. Deni says:

    The cake is a work of art! Thanks for sharing! The boots do look kinda cool. But my $15.99 plastic boots are very comfortable, utilitarian, and I can brag about the price. (There are advantages to being monetarily disadvantaged . . . . but only a few.)
    Facebook is creepy at it’s worst (I’m sure all data is stored and shared with marketers, and sent to CIA, FBI, HLS (homelandsecurity?), but it does keep me somewhat connected with my family members that are 1 million miles away and a few friends here and there. And I can post my awfully awful poetry there where I can pretend it is being read.

  11. Juri says:

    I’m a conservative. Martins without rounded toes and laces hurt my religious feelings and wearing them would make me insecure about my salvation.

    I find facebook creepy for the most part, too, and ever since I saw the first interview with Mark Zuckertwentysomething I’ve been praying to God and sexting Santa Claus for a chance to punch him on his obnoxious mouth. Twice.

    But I like that aspect of facebook that lets me “reconnect” with my lost childhood/teenage friends from 25+ years ago and see how fat and ugly some of them have become. I sometimes make up status updates saying I just finished working out or had a good run just to turn the knife. And then there are those old friends I’m actually happy to “have” found again.

    And it is an easy way to stay in touch with old colleagues here and the closest thing to a family I have back “home”, but the concept of having friends from the 80s, 90s and 00s freely post on my page is scary and has disaster written all over it.

  12. WendyB says:

    I want to marry that cake.

  13. TheShoeGirl says:

    Now that cake is going to show up on MY Facebook. Yummmmmm.

  14. tin lizzie says:

    The cake is gorgeous! Facebook, not so much. I’m sick of hearing from old boyfriends and people from high school that I don’t even remember.

  15. Bevitron says:

    That cake is so beautiful! What genius! Now I have to suit up and go to the Kroger for some kind of ersatz cakey-like thingy, it has activated my cake-seeking system to such a degree.

    Fashion ignorant I certainly am, but amazingly enough, I do know what Doc Martens are and those in the picture are useful only for killing the corner cockroaches.

    I’m so glad I’ve never put any energy into the Books and Faces and all that — I’m so boring and de trop and all that, I can’t possibly imagine anyone having interest in my shit. If they did it would be strictly from hunger. A veritable gauge of pathetictude.

    Sister Wolf you make me laugh – I’m so glad I started reading you, although I discovered you at another blog. The most worthwhile thing I ever found there.

  16. run-run says:

    haha, thanx for making me laugh 😀 … u know what, i’m wearing a pair of black docs at the moment, but the vintage ones not like the new one with zipper which i honestly think hideous :S… yeah i agreed about facebook.. it’s getting boring nowadays,…i rarely updated my status and can’t remember when i did it last time..i bet no one would case with what i’m doing anyways hahaha 😀

    ps:it’s my first comment here, but have been stalking your site for few weeks 😉

  17. run-run says:

    ooppss typo alert i meant *care, not case

  18. Ann says:

    Those boots are not all that, but the cake certainly is.

    I’m a shameless Facebook addict. I can’t explain why. I know you don’t care where I went for dinner, but that’s only because I ate in tonight.

  19. Dru says:

    I second everyone who hates the shoes and loves the cake.

  20. Braindance says:

    Feacesbook is pure, concentrated evil. It holds no value for me in any way, other than morbid curiosity. When that morbid curiosity took me there, I left feeling like a stalker and more cynical than usual.
    My mum was round here the other night waxing lyrical about how feacesbook helps her keep in touch with a family SHE HATES. Right. When I pointed this out, she started to cry, and said I did not understand. She’s right.
    The doc martin big brother stalking is the tip of the iceberg. Yes, I am a child BORN TO LOVE conspiracy theories. David Icke & Richard Dawkins are two people I could shoot the shit with all day long.
    Did you know that Feacesbook owns every picture you put up there, and can use it how it sees fit? Just a thought.

    That cake is a beauty, a cake I may try to make. I have just left the kitchen after three hours of stollen making, those motherfuckers better rise to the occasion.

  21. Ann says:

    Will you be my new facebook friend????

  22. sarah.p says:

    I’m a helpless FB compulsive. Sorry. It did help bring me and my four sisters together, and thereby hangs a most heartwarming tale… But largely I use it because I am strangely photogenic, and happier writing things down than saying them, and am therefore a better version of me online than in person.

    All of which proves that FB is indeed whack; not sure what argument I was making there. I’ll get me coat.

  23. hammie says:

    FB is for bitching about your mother, even when you are 17,000 miles away from your sisters, Der. xx

  24. hammie says:

    ps; it only ever offers me Breast Aug and hair removal. So yeah, it knows> xx

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