Female Actors


Watching the SAG awards on TV, I laughed each time an award was given to a “female actor.” When did award shows become so pretentious?! Women who  refer to themselves as  “actors” seem much sillier than they need to be.

If you’re an actress but you find that term denigrating, doesn’t that mean you feel inferior to a male in the same profession? Why don’t actresses just insist that men call themselves “actresses” too?

I’m wondering whether anyone considers herself a ‘waitress’ anymore. There is a recent, critically acclaimed movie called “Waitress,” right? And you know why it wasn’t called “Waiter?” Because the eponymous person is a goddamned female, that’s why!

I see from a list of suggested gender-neutral words that “hostess” and “heiress” are not okay, and neither is “bondsman.” This is too much bad news for me to take. It is very, very upsetting. You’re not even supposed to say “bachelor’s degree!” I can only assume that “dominatrix” is out, as well. One would need to call a “dominator” instead, and who really wants that?

Ugh! I plan to continue calling actresses “actresses”, and to be polite to busboys and handymen. Anything else would be the kind of bullshit up with which I would  never put.

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2 Responses to Female Actors

  1. Mark says:

    What about model/actresses as ‘mactresses?’ Should I now call them ‘mactors?’

  2. dewayne says:

    “Anything else would be the kind of bullshit up with which I would never put.”

    you are the only person that has ever used this phrase with proper grammar in the history of the english language. for that, you get internet clapping.


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