Hair and Jackets Progress Report


Looking back on the Bad Hair Lament and the close call with the Topshop Jacket, I can only say Thank god it all worked out okay.

Andy fixed the hair and if you live in LA, he will fix yours, too. Plus, if you don’t want to talk about your problems, you can get him to talk about his. Or even better, you can toss around business ideas, like my plan to start “Clitter” which would be like Twitter but only for chicks. Thanks Andy!

I wanted a photo of the Fixed Hair to be taken outside in daylight, so I grabbed a jacket from the depths of my heartbreakingly* tiny closet and Look! It’s the beautiful metallic blue leather jacket from Neiman Marcus! I’ve had it for at least 15 years but I forgot about it.

The leather is pornographically soft and supple. The color is so awesome, I don’t even know what to call it. Is there a color specialist out there?

Anyway, I know this jacket will either steal your hearts or make them race, one or the other.

I think I’m ready to give up the desperate hunt for more jackets, at least temporarily.   Now, I’m obsessed with my aging face and how much I want some Restylane or that other shit that costs $600 per syringe.   I need to get the money together in a hurry, before Madonna uses up the world’s supply.


* Still enjoying this word. Taking suggestions for a new one.

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24 Responses to Hair and Jackets Progress Report

  1. andrea says:

    You look mahvelous dahling! Seriously, you look great. Do not, I repeat, do not inject anything into your skin! You will only look fake. Take really good care of it, i.e., facials, good cleansers, serums with retinoids and vitamin C, and you will look like you, only better. I personally think Dr Sebagh’s products have made a difference in my skin. Evened out the skin tone. And always use a sunscreen. Aging is a part of life- you are not supposed to look like you did when you were 20!. And you will save a lot of money.

  2. WendyB says:

    Man, you have great hair! I’d like to make a fauxytail out of whatever you can spare.

  3. Bex says:

    I’d sign up for Clitter in a heartbeat! You don’t need any of that facial shit, you look great.

  4. Queen Michelle says:

    Don’t fill your face!!! You’re my benchmark – I aim to look as good as you when I’m your age! If YOU feel the need to start filling your face then I’m doomed.
    If you do it I swear all my outfit photo’s on the blog will include face touching AND the Topshop sequin blazer. Consider yourself warned.

  5. NO! step away from the very thought of intervention – Andrea is correct and Queen Michelle’s threat is enough – desist at once. Leave paedophilia of face and body to Madonna.
    You must remain the icon of cool and honesty.

    As for new word to replace heartachingly, I always fancy the French word malhereusement for a multidude of situations – it always sounds better than unfortunatly and seems like swearing.

  6. Stella Mayfair says:

    don’t you dare inject plastic shit into your face! you’re absolutely beautiful the way you are!

    i’m with queen michelle here, regarding you as a role model for my future fabulousness, and if you consider messing yourself up trouty-pouty-filler-style, i’ll NEVER forgive you EVER.

  7. Nicole says:

    I would call the colour “petrol”.

    I know the temptation is great to have fillers. I actually went to a dermatologist for botox and she turned me away! Now that’s ethics. Age gracefully and just keep looking at all those scary pictures of celebs who look hideous now.

  8. honeypants says:

    That jacket does make my heart race! And the color is so familiar. I think it’s an eyeshadow I have. It’s almost “ink” — but a smidge too light. “Electric ink” perhaps?

    As for the fillers, I’m with everyone else. Don’t DO eet! Seriously, you’re beautiful. And how much would you die if you knew all your readers were thinking the same thoughts about you that we think about Meg Ryan or Madonna or Melanie Griffith or Jocelyn Wildenstein? That would be tragic!

  9. dust says:

    Michelle made a point last week: Age disgracefully. Be yourself, Sister. You have great genes too.

  10. Jill says:

    Clitter for twats! Ha…I’m not a morning person, but I read you as soon as I wake up and you always make me laugh. Love the denim jacket. It’s very Sister! Your hair is lookin’ great too.

    And after reading the comments, I must remain mute on the filler debacle. I don’t want to piss anyone off!

    I love the word malhereusement, but I have no frigging idea how to pronounce it.

  11. I’m with the others: you do NOT need fillers! You are heartbreakingly gorgeous as is. And that jacket is Epic.

  12. WCGB says:

    Why would you spend $600 on that crap when $600 can mean a nice weekend in Santa Barbara (just about).

    The color: blue graphite, graphite blue, metallic midnight…or if it were a nail polish, Night of the Undead.

  13. CW says:

    I want to call the color steel blue, but I like graphite blue also.
    Take the money you would spend on face filler and buy yourself something nice, like new shoes.

  14. DAlchemiss says:

    Oh it’s like coming HOME! (If only I knew where it was…) Clitter? PLEASE! Mopping up the tears from my un-filled, wrinkle-proud face. DON’T DO IT!!!!

  15. andrea says:

    update to my post from earlier today- also try MD Skincare Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel. I have been using it for about 6 years religiously daily and it really exfoliates and removes dark spots. People always ask what I do for my skin. And you know my age! XO

  16. YAY on getting your hair fixed! I always feel that if my hair looks awful I become very negative about myself in general.

    Clitter yes! “Clitter for Cunts!”

    The jacket is lovely, search over! You had me chuckling at the description of it being “pornographically soft and supple”! Couldn’t get the thought of a fetish movie about a soft and supple leather jacket out of my head for a while later!

    Please don’t go the injection route. While I’ll be the first to admit I don’t like some of my lines, realistically speaking most don’t bother me. I actually like most as I think they show I’ve lived a life filled with passion and emotion of every type. Injections will turn you into a plastic barbie doll that shows no emotion, nor has any passion. Sister Wolf, you are a real, passionate woman, no plastic toy!

    There are things you can do that will make your skin look more “filled” without going the injection route. I swear by the Boots No. 7 Protect & Perfect Intense Serum, and the rest of the line. An independent study just came out that proved it reduces the look of both fine and deep lines. It’s cheap and available at Target or CVS. I think on the website they have a coupon you can print out, if not, email me.

  17. Sister Wolf says:

    andrea – I don’t want to look 20. Just not like an old bag.

    WendyB – Hahaha! Just let yours grow and damage it with products, voila!

    Bex -Ooh, I’ll see if the url is taken.

    Queen Michelle – God, when you’re my age I’ll be 76! I just want to be plumped! But your threats are so severe, I may have to rethink.

    Make Do – Wow, that’s a great word. I will practice saying it.

    Stella Mayfair – The troutface is from inflating your lips. I just want the bulging cheeks of youth!

    Nicole – I was gonna call it petrol! But then I had doubts. No botox for either of us….I like to make faces, don’t you??

    Honeypants – YES, an eyeshadow color is perfect. And just between us, my readers can kiss my ass if they don’t appreciate a plump face!

    dust- Oh, godammit, I can’t stop being myself, I’ve tried.

    Jill – YAY for filler! I’ll let you know when I have $600.

    Iheartfashion – Hahahahaha! Thanks, xo

    WCGB – A specialist, I see. Great color names, thank you!

    CW – But the shoes go under the bed, what’s the point of them!

  18. Mark says:

    Nicole– Good call on the color!

    The jacket is great. See, shopping in your own closet works!

    And for the face: sunscreen.

  19. Sister Wolf says:

    DAlchemiss – I DON’T HAVE ANY MONEY! It’s all theoretical.

    andrea – But is your face plump?? I don’t see how exfoliating will help! How about if I go to Sephora and check that shit out.

    Suzanne – Finally! I wanted my jacket to hear some fucking props! Re plastic Barbie, I hope there’s some middle ground between becoming her and looking 100 years old.

  20. Does the fact that I think your jacket looks fantabulous (my word of the day!) mean you don’t hate me too much for my constant blog face touching?
    I hope so! Oh and you’re hair looks really great! If you’re cutting any off to donate to WendyB then I most certainly would like a chunk too!!

  21. andrea says:

    My face is as plump as it should be at my age. But oh what texture! Seriously, it’s not just the cheeks, but it’s around the eyes and around the lips. Hell, aging sucks! Everything starts to deflate! I would def go to Sehora to get that stuff, It can’t hurt. You can’t mean you want to look like Madonna? Or Heather Locklear? I see people like that all the time and they look ridiculous. Just take good care of what you have and use good products. My daughter says I look only 40. (If I wasn’t so well adjusted, that might make me cry.)

  22. Susan says:

    Damn, you look good! Smoochies and ass-slaps all around!

    (hey, i have a different website now,

  23. rollergirl says:

    What Queen Michelle said.

    Now according to my colour ready-reckoner, I would go with petrol blue but that doesn’t sound very poetic does it? Can’t we call it ‘stormy Sunday’ (inspired by erratic London weather going on right now)?

  24. William says:

    I just read your article and looked at your jacket. Steel Blue, or rather Metalic Steel Blue. I am a married man of twenty-one (21) years, and as such I am familliar with the facial worries of women. That said, You are a little rough around the edges, yes, but in my humble (non flirting) opinion, you are a damn fine looking young lady. I would venture between 35 and 42. I guess my point is this- You are beautifull without all that needle work. If a fell can not see your true beauty, he needs glasses. I think you look hot in that jacket, and God and my wife willing I would love to meet you some day. Thank you for your blog/page of pics and info.

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