I Pity the Fool

…who buys this crocodile “tail coat” jacket by Balmain, for $74,000.   Who will it be? Beyonce? Rihanna?

Someone will turn up wearing this, right? It’s fierce, killing it, bla bla bla.

Look at this bingo card I made here.   If you’re looking at a fashion website or blog and you see any 5 words in a row, you can yell “BINGO!”

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31 Responses to I Pity the Fool

  1. Maja says:

    Fashion blog bingo. I think I love you!

  2. Moda says:

    What a stupid coat. I love the bingo, I’m taking it to work and playing it there.

  3. Susan says:

    Do Beyonce and Rhianna actually buy their clothes, or get them loaned for FREE? (btw is FREE a buzzword, or just a free space in the middle of the bingo card?)

    That tail coat’s a curiously-creative-but-cruel piece of craftsmanship – and very fierce-meets-fancy-dress. Imagine if someone else turned up in the same jacket… it might be more original to wear the rear legs of a pantomime horse.

    PS How about some hyphenated buzzwords? boho-a-go-go-bang-on-trend-round-the-bend-pop-up-shop-for-top-to-toe-croc? So Dr Seuss!

  4. Susan says:

    PS ooo looks like it’s only available in size 38 – better snap(!) it up now

  5. arline says:

    It is a stupid coat, in my opinion of course

  6. Stella Mayfair says:

    rad effortless free daphne um.
    that’s why i love you.

  7. JJ says:

    you may be missing the words MUST-HAVE and ERIN WASSON from your fashin bingo but they are usually used in the vicinity of STUDDED and RAD so it’s all good nonetheless.

  8. Sil says:

    That…thing costs half price of my flat????? Are they serious??? Are they taking the piss???
    If anybody has that money and don´t know how to spend it, please let me know and I´ll kindly give you my count number to say goodbye to my montgage.
    I can see Shit of Shoes wearing it in the near future…

    Have a nice day!!!

  9. Iconic – effortless – acquired- shredded- sourced

    At Balmain we’ve long felt the crocodile was an iconic creature and we constructed this effortless piece to make the wearer look like they’d acquired a second skin. The shredded edges remind the wearer that this piece was sourced by sheer drive and will.

    Disclaimer -the cost reflects the charges of the hunter who had honed his skill over many centuries handed down through the generations, our croc was killed ethically and in a sustainable fashion.

  10. Jill says:

    I’ve committed the boho and muse sin!

    On another note…I’m going to Drag Queen Bingo Friday night!

    And I love what “made do style” wrote!

  11. Dru says:

    ^looks like it’d be an amazing costume on a Darth Vader imitator. (I love Star Wars)

  12. Deni says:

    Two images on this page: one is creative and fun(ny) and free, and the other is cruel and stupid (stupidly priced for the stupidly rich) and should be dumped in the apocalyptic clothing category.

  13. Susan says:

    Could do with some Make Do Style copywriting at ShopCurious… x

  14. Susan says:

    Love the Bingo card. Especially loving “pop of color” and “boho”.

  15. Ann says:

    That jacket is a giant hunk of shit. No buzzwords necessary. Except one.

    Fuck yeah!

  16. medea says:

    Ugly coat!
    I won’t be surprised if Mom of Shoes manages to “acquire” one.

  17. Dru says:

    It might also be ideal for anyone who wanted to dress up as a suit of armour for Halloween- just pretend you’re an oxidised suit of armour, to explain why you aren’t silver.

  18. Iron Chic says:

    Now that you’ve made me aware of the “curate” madness, I’ve been noticing it everywhere! I have to bite my tongue sometimes….
    I know that I will never use that word to describe my shop!

  19. Came back to download buzzword bingo to print out to use and noticed I’d actually committed the sin of ‘pop of colour’ in someone’s comment box so now they will either think I’m being sarcastic or ironic and it was neither just sheer stupid fashion blah! I’m down on my knees Sister Wolf for such a heinous crime xx

  20. Miggs says:

    That jacket costs more than my student loan.

  21. Zenobie says:

    I’m surprised feroche didn’t catch on more. Although I can’t get my head around “sourced” It makes it sound like they went on some epic Lord of the Rings style adventure.

  22. bingo confessions!

    i use- thrifted, muse, skinny, badass. and what is that- um? i don’t use that but i use- ugh!

    visit my blog and win!

    that coat. that coat. jesus. no words. well, those words. anyway…

  23. WendyB says:

    I hope someone buys 7 $10K necklaces from me instead.

  24. Beth says:

    You are fantastic. Fashion blog bingo – so great.

  25. Nic says:

    “effortless piece to make the wearer look like they’d acquired a second skin.”

    Just wait until the stupid bitch that buys this DOES develop a scaly second skin. This kinda shit really burns my ass…

  26. Alicia says:

    I’m going to try and use all of these words in my next post…and make perfect sense.

    I love a challenge.

  27. skye says:

    Jacket = horrible
    Bingo = most amusing

    I have slipped a “Rad” into my latest post, just for you SW. I must note that, as usual, context is everything!

  28. theresa says:

    um…fuck yeah BINGO

  29. Cricket9 says:

    Give this skin back to the crocodile, stupid morons at Balmain! You are reptilian enough without it. What will be next – “effortless piece to make the wearer look like the alien from the movie – notice the prehensile powerful tail, slime-dripping talons and elongated skull with 120 sharp teeth”?

  30. Kathleen the Great says:

    It’s still available. Too bad I usually take a 40 or 42, depending on various factors.
    Oh, and that I don’t have $70,000.

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