Jumpsuit: Even The Word Is Funny!

Isn’t this…incredible? It’s by poor Norma Kamali. If it wasn’t so expensive, I would buy it for my best friend, just to upset her. You can buy it for your best friend at Nordstrom.

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4 Responses to Jumpsuit: Even The Word Is Funny!

  1. suebob says:

    Three words: Bad 70s flashback.

  2. Sister Wolf says:

    Where would I be without you, Suebob?

  3. Jools says:

    Hey….. I loved my Norma Kamali striped sweatshirt dress in th early eighties. I was told many times that I looked like Chrissie Hinds! Patheric claim to fame, eh? (but yes, all the new stuff is CRAP)

  4. Albert says:

    Three more words: I love it! I have some friends in a popular funk band, and that outfit would look awesome on stage!

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