Lanvin H&M Apathy

I am the only person in the whole world who doesn’t care about Lanvin for H&M. What an isolating feeling.

I am out of step with my culture.

I am still tormented by longing for consumer goods, but I can’t give a shit about this Fashion Moment. Am I broken?

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62 Responses to Lanvin H&M Apathy

  1. Emily Bleak says:

    “Hey, you know what will get more ignorant suburbanites to buy more shitty polyester clothes at our low-rent mall shop? IF WE STICK A DESIGNER NAME ON IT!”

    No, thank you.

  2. Joy D. says:

    Broken? Pah! You just don’t care. This happens to be epic because I am one of the hordes that loves me some Alber Elbaz.

  3. Katharine says:

    1) My H&M doesn’t get the designer collaborations (even though since it opened it’s hit the highest sales numbers in Canada!) No designer collabs, none of the edgy stuff. Our region has been deemed “boring.”

    2) I don’t think Lanvin is my thing. I’d need to be skinnier, and girlier, and I am neither.

    3) The only designer H&M collection I coveted was Comme des Garcons. We didn’t even have a local store then, and anyway, see 1.

    In short, yawn. And the promo video was stupid.

  4. drollgirl says:

    you need therapy. KIDDING.

  5. Emily Bleak is totally right.

  6. Sheri says:

    I’m so broken I don’t even know what that is.

  7. Jaimi says:

    Hahahhaa, no, you are absolutely not alone in this.

  8. WithTeeth says:

    I LOVE Alber Elbaz’s work, but I really don’t care about H&M.

    I’d rather fuck-myself-silly in a cheapie neo-grunge floral dress from Forever21.

    Or better yet, spend some hardly-worked moolah on cardigans at Urban Outfitters.

  9. Emmet K says:

    I must be broken too. I didn’t get crazy over Lavin for H&M, probably because I’m not crazy about H&M in the first place…

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  11. Roxanne says:

    Late post but yeah I guess I could not care too..

    I mean my country does not even have an H&M yet!
    Plus point for me is when I travel and shop at H&M, people from my country are like ‘WOW’ thats pretty’ where did you get that??
    And I have this smug expression on my face..

    I was in Milan when the Jimmy Choo for H&M happened.. And I was not impressed.. It was still too expensive, and the cheaper ones were so blah!

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