Lara, Ashley, or Georgia?

With three of them, I’m actually getting confused.

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33 Responses to Lara, Ashley, or Georgia?

  1. sam says:

    Have I woken up in the Twilight zone?

  2. Lorena says:

    Haha, I can tell Lara is last but the other two…no clue!

  3. skye says:

    There’s Jess Hart too, and Abby Lee Kershaw (who I think you might have praised here before). They are a clone army, soon to be outmoded.

  4. Cybill says:

    If they shut their mouths their careers will be gone (nudge nudge wink wink).

  5. Just add Pattie Boyd into the mix and you’ve got a cross-generational confusion…

  6. kellie says:

    CAN any of the shut their mouths??? or do all those ugly horse teeth get in the way.
    so beyond ugly.

  7. love all three. total hotties in my book. now let’s round em up and put them in an editorial together~

  8. Cricket9 says:

    Huh? You are saying they are three different people?

  9. Suebob says:

    The first one is a scene from a zombie movie, right?

  10. Juli says:

    Yuck. Beyond weird.

  11. the real andrea says:

    My dentist (who actually has many models and celebs in his practice (Linda, Shalom, Keith Richards & his whole family) told me that he was aghast when he saw the Prada ad for fall this summer with all the gap toothed models. He said it was only a matter of time before people come in asking for that look. He was baffled, and he’s a dentist! I think that it makes them look goofy and not so perfect, which is the look these days, no? And it may also have to do with looking childlike, as we all probably had a moment in time when we were kids and our adult teeth were coming in or coming in weirdly. The gap teeth and the womanly body give off a child/woman vibe. I think that the casting agents, photographers, & stylists know exactly what they are doing using these models.

  12. Dru says:

    that’s pretty much standard practice, isn’t it? Once a model hits it big, start getting in younger, cheaper (in terms of day rates, I suppose) versions of her so you get her look but don’t have to pay them as much. And you can add Daphne Groeneveld to that list- she’s Tom Ford’s companion on the December issue of Vogue Paris, and wasn’t yet born when he gave Gucci its makeover.

    I like quirky teeth, Lauren Hutton is forever fab in my book and if I have a reason to dislike Georgia Jagger, it’s not for her teeth but for the permanently gormless expression she has when faced with a camera. At least Lara Stone is capable of more than one facial expression…

  13. kt says:

    Wait, those photos are of three different women??

  14. gizelle says:

    gap teeth are SEXY…get a clue.

  15. claudia says:

    Last season’s America’s Next Not Model featured a scene wherein a slightly gap-toothed girl was sent by Tyra to the dentist to have her gap widened–and it’s not the first time, if i remember correctly. He just shaved right in between the top teeth OH GOD.

  16. Sister Wolf says:

    Rackk and Ruin – I would LOVE to see that editorial! It’s a no-brainer, right?? I love them, too.

  17. Ann says:

    Gap teeth and red lips are sexy. Looking identical to 2 other people when you’re not a triplet is not.

  18. Srenna says:

    I don’t think they look alike at all. Laura and Georgia are very pretty. The first gal not so much.

  19. James says:

    Lara’s the best! Georgia thinks she’s so cool. Can we also throw current bridget bardot into that editorial?

  20. dust says:

    If there would be million of them, world would be a better place.

  21. theresa says:


    that was one of the single dumbest things i’ve ever seen someone do for a reality tv show.

  22. aris says:

    I like them too,plus 2 out of the 3 are bringing back the big boob look.

  23. Kitty says:

    I can’t stand that first picture… those teeth. No apologies. It’s like looking at a set of Chicklets surrounded by red licorice.

  24. Queen Zelda says:

    Amusingly I remember a season of ANTM where one of them (was it Dionne?) had a gap and she said it was her thing like Madonna and Tyra forced her to get caps because she said you couldn’t be a model with gappy front teeth. I despair for humanity sometimes!

  25. Jono says:

    I maybe late to this party, but WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH THE MODEL’S TEETH?!?!?!?
    How can she be a model with teeth like that?? Seriously, you could drive a car through that gap!

  26. mimi says:

    ok the girls (in order) are ashley, georgia, and lara.

    i think its cool they are pimping out their imperfections (gap teeth) and look gorgeous. makes them interesting, not just a cookie-cutter beauty.

  27. claudia says:

    i love that look, too, but it’s like: i love kate moss’s and brigitte bardot’s similar slightly wall-eyed look, but i’m not going to have my eye sockets shaved down to achieve it personally. its beauty is because of its rarity in nature OR SOMETHING.

  28. Lala says:

    Don’t mind the gap, but those always open mouth… it looks so dumb.

  29. That is one BAD pic of Laura. Georgia is in the middle. It saddens me how chavvy her voice sounds yet she’s the face of Chanel. Stupid chavvy English girls giving us a bad name. Yah.

  30. Desiree says:

    Er … the gappy teeth are a ruse people. They all have big tits – duh! 😉 xo

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