Let’s Try Something New

Ahem. Let the meeting come to order!

First of all, in response to all the nice people who are concerned about my age, my shriveled anus, and so on, I would like to make it clear that I will be fifty seven this month and I fucking rule. See me arm wrestling above, at a family gathering a couple of weeks ago.

Face it! I just rule. It’s not my fault that I didn’t over-pluck my eyebrows, I didn’t like staying out in the sun, I didn’t fuck up my hair and I was just lucky that way. This rampant ageism among the nice people who have recently come aboard is very sad. They are terrified of aging but that’s not my fault either. In any case, that particular weapon is useless here. Thanks anyway!

Second: An excitable woman in Texas has taken it upon herself to rally her Good Ol Gals on facebook to come here and cause mischief. The woman is a pal of Sea and Mom.   Here is her best comment thus far:

Now we know more than we wanted to know about Sea’s appraisal of me. She is welcome to perseverate on female genitalia, as she does on her “other” blog. Just not mine.

As it turns out, poor Mom is also preoccupied with me as evidenced by a histrionic screed that she left as a comment, using a proxy server.   Her comment was particular shocking, coming from a mother, but obviously our ideas of morality are very different. At least she got Sea to delete this “thought:”

Grief, shoes, it’s all the same to some people. Scary but true.


Now, here is my thinking. I have been committed to a blog that is free of censorship. But this orchestrated attempt to waste my time is annoying my real readers. So, how about one of these strategies:

1. When some lunatic leaves a comment that slanders me ( in the true sense of slander) we shall respond to them with the word “WHORE!”   For example,   “Dumbbell” writes “LOL sister wolf, your an old old old anus with no sole” the response from faithful readers shall be “WHORE!”


2. I will just allow the first two lines of every slanderous comment and delete the rest. That way, “Judy under a fake name” can write: “sister wolf you make me sick, bile vitriol, venom, old old old empty lonely bad mother crazy as a loon and even reading my freaking ebay curations and you make me so sick and you hate on and your just so old and   why don’t you get a life you horrible old thing and bab bad mother who doesnt know how to grieve like we do in Texas you old old older-than-me narcissist narcissist bla bla bla bla” but it will be shortened to “sister wolf you make me sick, bile vitriol, venom, old old old empty”

Well, these are my ideas for now.

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268 Responses to Let’s Try Something New

  1. Sister Wolf says:

    Raison Girl – HA, your grandma sounds fantastic, xo

  2. Sister Wolf says:

    Sea Herself – Your Aunt Karen is pretty scary, too. Watch out for her.

  3. m8 says:

    Wow. Looks like I missed out on all the fun…. What I don’t get is why SOS defenders bring up doing charity? Have we ever seen a post from either Sea or Mom about how they sold off their excess Prada Prostitot shoes in order to help feed the homeless? Or how Mom decided to not remodel a room in her house and donate the money to help the people of Haiti??
    The level of product consumption that they show in the midst of a financial crisis in the US is extremely disturbing. While people loose jobs or and struggle to live, they are posting pictures of their overstuffed closets and newly “curated” $1200 shoes. They should know that if you put it out there, it will be criticized….

    SW, I love your blog, your posts are well written and full of awesome! I ache for your loss…
    Keep on keepin’ on! I’ll be back every day to read what you have to say.

  4. Kapaali says:

    I’m not from Texas but I do live in the South and I’d like to apologize for the “Southern hospitality” these trolls have been spewing. Obviously their mamas didn’t raise them right. I’m sorry, but you don’t talk about somebody’s dead child like that.

    SW, it’s your blog, but I think the best policy from here on out (and we readers should follow this guideline, as well) is to COMPLETELY ignore the trolls. It is the only way to get rid of them.

    For the record, your hair looks beautiful. I’m glad you’re over 50 and still have long hair. I hate it when older women think they can’t have long hair and start getting the Helmet cut. It’s ridiculous.

  5. Cricket9 says:

    Kellie – I think we have a misunderstanding. Please read my comment again; your comment was not disturbing at all comparing to the venom spewed by Ellie, Monique, Dolly & company. I can read, and you did not need to jump on me. Oh well.

  6. Nat says:

    Fucking hell! You should all be fucking ashamed of yourselves – you are all acting like fucking nasty kids. Why dont you let SW get on and grieve rather than making cuntish comments. Would you make those kind of comments to peoples faces? No, because you would quite rightly get your fucking faces smashed in. Bullying is bullying and those of you dishing it out should totally expect it back.

  7. Joy D. says:

    First: OMG You look amazing for 57. I wish my mom (60 y.o) had the courage to blog like you but she is still awesome either way.

    I approve of the WHORE option as I am a steady reader of your blog and feel that these trolls and slanderers are taking up all the space. I enjoy your ranting and raving on your blog and I love that you let the reader reciprocate.

  8. tobilynne says:

    Love it, love YOU!

  9. Nat says:

    Halz, word of advice for you, your blog is crap- please don’t give up your day job.

  10. mutterhals says:

    So, how long did it take you to recuperate from that match? My guess is you were laid

  11. mutterhals says:

    You know what pussies do when they can no longer hack it? They moderate their

  12. Laura says:

    Sw… you are incredible. Please don’t let these fuckers get you down! xo

  13. So both Gretchen AND Sea are a bit preoccupied with vag? I’m really confused.

  14. Fuck ageism. And yes, you do fucking rule. I hope I look as amazing as you in 6 years when I turn 57! You really should put warnings on your writing… I almost had coffee coming out of my nose at the “whore” campaign!

  15. Juli says:

    Hey Nat- this is straight from the blog of Halz in her profile section under interests: “Living by The Golden Rule and the laws of Karma.” Good job on that one Halz.

  16. Rosa says:

    I’m disgusted by the amount of malicious, pro-Aldridge venom directed at Sister Wolf in some of these psychopathic posts made recently (particularly over the last couple of days.)

    No matter how hard these “people” try, Sister Wolf has made it clear that her dignity and her son Max’s name and memory cannot be dragged through the mud, or used to hurt her…

    And yet they have tried to take that avenue – and for what? To rabidly support the rampant consumerism, conspicuous consumption and insipid, materialist content displayed by the Aldridge crew?

    The consumerist culture really has, for some, transcended morality.

  17. birdie says:

    Man, those Texan motherfuckers are CRAAAAAZY.

  18. ma haine dure says:

    hello Sister,

    as for the fatsweatycowtippinginbredbanjoplayingdonkeyfuckingpigshiteatingredneckcuntcan go fuck herself. her kind make me sick.

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