Long Beautiful Hair

I don’t think one can underestimate the importance of hair. As I often say aloud while watching TV, “Hair is everything.” When accused of having an unhealthy preoccupation with hair, I’ve been able to fire off myths and folk tales and biblical stories to support my belief in the enduring significance of hair. Rapunzel, Samson, Medusa, Lady Godiva etc. Then there is the fundamentalist covering-up of hair, as in nuns, orthodox Jews, and Muslim women.

Hair matters! Great hair can raise one’s attractiveness quotient just like bad hair can obliterate it. I once had a friend who insisted that I pose for a $15 video tape on sale at a mall, where different hairstyles were superimposed on my head. (Before we all went digital.) In 12 different styles and hair-colors, I am transformed into a secretary, headbanger, elderly lesbian, and so on.

Today, I came across a story about Liz Jones, a women who described her momentous haircut. Liz Jones is thrilled with her new look, while I find the old look a milion times better.

What do you think? Then there is the writer at Jezebel who shows us her haircut a la Liz Jones.

The photo above is followed by a bunch of compliments, because no one had the heart (or nerve) to say, “Oh no, you cut off your beautiful hair!” In my opinion, this is another tragic haircut, turning a lovely vibrant looking woman into a shorn, innocuous Nobody.

One of my favorite scientists, Steven Pinker, is a member of The Luxuriant Flowing Hair Club for Scientists  where you can admire his hair and the hair of many colleagues.

Finally, there is the poignant, beautiful and immortal line from Brian Wilson: “Where did your long hair go, where is the girl I used to know?” Caroline, No is #211 on Rolling Stone’s list of the greatest songs of all time, but we all know that it’s really in the top ten.

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18 Responses to Long Beautiful Hair

  1. K-Line says:

    My mother always says “If you don’t have it in the hair – you just don’t have it”. Which given how mediocre my hair is, frankly doesn’t thrill me to hear 🙂 I say, if you have great hair, don’t be idiotic by cutting it off. But if you’re hair is so-so, work that short look for all it’s worth!

  2. Imelda Matt says:

    I’d like to see that video make it’s way onto you tube…double dare ya!

  3. enc says:

    I’m very vain about my long hair. I feel like a different person without it. I’ve tried everything. Long hair is my thing.

    Your hair is lush and flowing, by the way.

  4. Lora says:

    This before & after “makeover” shit pretty much always looks better before god knows who got their hands on them.

    All she needed was a damn trim…

  5. Lora says:

    That goes for both of them.

  6. susie_bubble says:

    I do wish I had the guts to just lop it all off but then what would i use to make my fake Confucius moustache with?

  7. Lindsey says:

    I love my long hair too – it was layered to shoulder length about a year ago and it was the biggest mistake of my life – I have been growing it back out ever since.

  8. Sloth says:

    I think they both look better in the after pictures. With long hair, if you’re not careful, you can wind up looking…….untended. That being said, I’m growing mine out after having to cut it all off when a poor coloring decision ruined my gorgeous, shiny, long, healthy hair.

    Always use conditioner and never go lighter.

  9. Jools says:

    Lady #1 definitely looks better before. But she didn’t get a good cut-she got some awful styled big-hair thang. Lady #2 however looks adorable with the shorter hair. Scary Medussa in first pic. Adorable flapper girl in second pic. Hair is not just “long is better” (while it often is). The shape of the face, type of hair, and height of the subject should all be taken into consideration. That being said: Sister Wolf, you are a long tall drink of water with beautiful hair. Your look is perfection. (okay ,maybe your lipstick could be a scotch lighter.)

  10. Sister Wolf says:

    Imelda: If I can figure out how, I’ll do it!

    Enc, Lora and Lindsey, let us follow Sloth’s advice.

    Susie B: we would all cry bitter tears if you cut your hair!

    Jools, Hahaha, I love ‘a scotch lighter!!’

  11. karlub says:

    I thank God for hair, actually, as I have the embarrassing inability to tell faces apart without it as a cue. Especially, it pains me to admit, with Asian people and those of recent sub-Saharan African descent. [I am caucasian] And I’m only marginally better with men from my own ethnic group.

    That said, I’m generally in your Amen corner when it comes to the longish hair. Especially if its the color the good lord gave you, with no highlights or anything. For women. It only works for about half of the men on the planet.

  12. editor says:

    interesting that people have different preferences here. i do too. i don’t love the “after” pic of #1, but i really don’t like the “before” pic either. for #2, i love her “before” hair. what a shame about her chopping it off – she didn’t have to keep what she had, but she could have made more of that really fantastic hair (my dream hair).
    i’ve had hair at every possible length…okay, not to my ankles. but i’ve had it shaved, i’ve had it long, etc. most important thing to know about hair – it grows back. i’d be bored/sad to think there was only one style that was right for me. love changing it.

  13. I say, if it aint broke don’t fix it. They both looked great before. Afterwards, the first looks wax-stic (stepford wife, madame tussaud’s, and morticia adams) and the second … well I just can’t get over the “argh- me hearties” expression on her face.
    anyways. hahaha this make over talk reminded me of the massive furor over that sartorialist post where he announced he was going to make over this young pretty woman. That was a month or two ago…and I don’t think we heard back about that ever since.

  14. Tobi Lynne says:

    I got mine chopped up to my shoulders a few months ago (it had been most of the way down my back). It had been growing out since 2000, and it just got too hard to take care of. And I was sick of it wrapping around my neck and strangling me in middle of the night. That being said, I miss it, and am growing it back out.

  15. Mark says:

    Super long hair is scary–like jewelry on men or mimes.

  16. Brad says:

    Ohmigod! You have to be kiddding. The before photos look like castings for the Jerry Springer show! For perhaps the first time ever I completely disagree with you.

  17. Sister Wolf says:

    Hahaha! Brad, I see your point about Jerry Springer.

  18. Shenica says:

    “Nothing frames a beautiful face like a great head of hair …”

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