Mrs. Palin is Quotin’ Plato!

In an exclusive interview with Paul Bedard for the US News and World Report, Mrs. P casually quotes Plato:

“It’s like Plato said, ‘You learn more about someone in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.’ We’ve had people that Todd has ended up hiring [for his commercial fishing business] based on how they did out on a hunt or a snow machine ride with us to see if they are going to complain. Are they going to buck up and realize that you have to make the best of the circumstances you’re in? It’s a good kind of testing ground for people.”

And here I’ve been callin’ her stupid! No way! She not only knows her Plato, but she knows how to take the measure of a man by torturing him on a snow machine ride to see if he’s going to complain!

Many’s the time I’ve been out on a hunt or snow machine ride, out in the freezing cold, with no moose for miles around and a couple of nutcases wielding shotguns, and I have to admit that like the worthless pussy I am, I start to complain. I can’t even tell you how many commercial fishing jobs I’ve missed out on, not to mention beauty contests and runs for the VP of the United States!

In this same interview, she says she prefers to hunt caribou rather than moose, because: “it’s kind of more family oriented.” Well, duh, anyone knows that!

I don’t know, I’m so tired of all this and yet it’s like Plato said, I hate this awful woman and the dead moose she rode in on.

Also too, I was privileged to see for the first time on this great internet of ours, Sarah Palin’s flute performance in the talent portion of the Miss Wasilla Beauty Pageant. Happy to share it with ya’. On the same page is the evening gown segment! I’m sure she’s blaming the RNC or Grandpa himself for picking out that trashy sequined monstrosity.

PAP Smear members, one more week to go!

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20 Responses to Mrs. Palin is Quotin’ Plato!

  1. Bex says:

    I’m amazed she backed up that quote with an example. Even more amazed that she could conjure up said example but couldn’t even come up with examples of specific magazines she’s read.

    OMGGMAB: Ya know, I think I WILL loiter by Grant Park. I’m sure Mr. Bex won’t have any objections since he’s clearly voting for Obama and won’t mind being in the vicinity. Yay! Report to follow also!

  2. hammie says:

    So now she has her “it takes a village” quote.

    Well it didnt hurt Hilary.. nah wait it didnt do her anygood either.

    I’m going with “walk a mile in my shoes” when I run for the VP.

    (you will have my shoes and be a mile away)


  3. You know what Plato gave us metapshysics in the sense he developed Socrates view of the division of reality, being torn or fighting between the spiritual and the material.

    And he was obsessed with the father-son relationship, plus there are lots of question marks around Socrates and his love of boys, was it parternal or sexual or both etc.

    so the conclusion I draw is that Todd takes them out to see if they squeal like pigs when he plays with them.

  4. dewayne says:

    oh no, poor jon voight!

  5. OMGGMAB says:

    Thanks to all who made my morning begin with a laugh! Plato, playing with moose, boys, and squealing pigs! Sounds like a Church Lady worship session to me!

    Bex, we will be living vicariously through you at Grant Park, which may require exorcism afterwards that I am sure Rev. Muthee will be happy to perform. Don’t be afraid of a little witch hunt!

  6. honeypants says:

    I don’t get how hunting caribou is more family friendly than hunting moose. It’s still hunting a big cute furry animal with antlers 🙁

    And I’d sure like to go on a snowmobile ride with her

  7. OMGGMAB says:

    honeypants, if the snowmobile hits a rock, you could be thrown off and into Russia, which I dare say would be more fun than spending the rest of the day with the Palins in front of a roaring fire roasting up some road kill. Maybe Putin would rescue you as he’s flying around.

  8. honeypants says:

    OMGGMAB, while life with Putin sounds much more preferable to a snowmobile ride with Palin, I was kinda thinking that maybe the snowmobile might crash into a tree and maybe like, I’d be the only one to safely escape before the whole thing blows up or something. Or flies off a cliff. I dunno, I’m just fantasizing here.

  9. OMGGMAB says:

    Kind of a Thelma and Louise moment where you jump out before the vehicle careens off the cliff! I like it!

  10. One minute into that flute solo and my ears started to burn…AAAAAAGGGGHHH
    Make it stop!
    6 days to go and God-willing she’ll move on to the reality TV career that is obviously her destiny.

  11. enc says:

    I’ll be so glad when the results are in, and she is OUT.

  12. hahahahaha! caribou hunting is more family friendly! hahahahaha! oh, that quote made my day. keep talking, honey, and find a good Aristotle quote for tomorrow.

  13. Mark says:

    My friend posted an article about the Sarah Palin effigy someone hanged in West Hollywood. I remarked that I would have made the effigy look more like Sarah Palin. We got the following response from someone we went to high school with:

    You both clearly are not parents as of yet and if and when you have the amazing gift of being a parent, I hope you will be able to see the world differently. At the end of the day, this woman, who clearly you don’t like for her beliefs, is a mother of five. It is one thing to scream at the top of your lungs that she does not get the gay marriage thing or the fact that woman have the right to choose, but thinking it is okay for a noose around someone’s mommy’s neck, well your both sick! Especially, if I were black, boy that is just the wrong thing. Oh, if Obama was a gentleman, he would condemn this so called art. I am disappointed in my old friends.

  14. Juri says:

    So the RNC has bought her the “Reader’s Digest’s Small Book of Tacky Quotes for Every Situation”, and it looks like she has finally begun to thumb her way around it. One more week to go and 364 quotes left in the book. Excited to see if there’s a quote for the weeked and what the next week’s quote will be.

    Also, priviledged to quess She and Todd had their shotguns and snowmobiles with them at Grandpa’s ranch when she was vetted (or rather, when they vetted Granpa). I betcha Granpa couldn’t handle the ride (plus all that shooting) and ended up hiring her on the spot just to get out of the snowmobile.

  15. Danielle says:

    Uhhh yeah, I saw that flute video a while back. What the hell church song is she playing, and does she really have a wonk-eye??

  16. Sister Wolf says:

    Bex – AS IF she’s read Plato.

    Hammie – You won’t need a catchphrase, but you will need your cool vintage shoes.

    Make Do – HAHAHAHAHA! Horrible image!

    Dewayne – Oh fuck him, he molested Angie.

    OMGGMAB – Hahahahha!

    Honeypants – Come on, killing caribou is like playing checkers!

    Iheartfashion – Wasnt it surreally awful?!?

    Mark – I’m so bummed that they took the effigy down. I knew they’d cave.

    Juri- HAHAHA! You are a master of Palinese. Happy I know you! xo

    Danielle – YES, what’s up with the eyes?? Is is “wandering” eyes she has?

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