Is Mrs. Palin a Stupidity Machine?

If not, then how does she keep finding ways to be stupid? She is an unholy fountain of stupidity, a geyser of idiotic lies that won’t be stopped by nature, science or Grandpa McCain himself.

In her speech about special needs, she flouts science and makes what Newsweek reporter Richard Wolfe calls “The most mindless, ignorant, uninformed comment we’ve seen from Governor Palin so far.

Whoa! That’s pretty fucking stupid! In Palin’s speech, she mocked research on fruit flies and said that money could be spent on autism research. In fact, fruit fly research has been instrumental in helping improve our understanding of autism. Watch her speech here, watch Richard Wolfe here, and read a fantastic rant about her here. The rant begins like this:

“This idiot woman, this blind, shortsighted ignoramus, this pretentious clod, mocks basic research and the international research community.”

How did I forget to call Mrs. Palin a pretentious clod?! Please accept my apology for being a slacker in the insult department. It won’t happen again, I promise.

In other news, Mrs. P says she won’t be wearin’ any more of those expensive elitist clothes for the rest of the campaign. She appeared in North Carolina, wearin’ her own jeans, and earlier she spoke in Tampa, wearin’ her own trashy jacket, showin’ off her crappy earrings, boastin’ about how frugal she is in Real Life. She’s even droppin’ her personal pronouns; “Happy to wear it,” she said of her $35 wedding ring.

Happy she’s happy. Even happier to read that she can’t accept any lucrative TV offers while serving as Alaska’s governor! It’s not like she would break the law or anything. Maybe she’ll decide to resign, in order to star in her own reality show.   Hopin’ she’ll drop dead before that happens.

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30 Responses to Is Mrs. Palin a Stupidity Machine?

  1. Juri says:

    “I kid you not” What the fuck was that !!!!!!?????

    The “blind, shortsighted ignoramus” has been taught some new phrases, has she not? Who is her new mentor and what happened to the “betchas” and “doggonits”?

    Team Grandpa is clearly trying to make her appear less stupid by teaching him how to speak. Too bad they didn’t to finish the job by giving her something not stupid to say.

    Happy to hear it, though. Always happy to be entertained by this woman’s idiocy. I’m sure Grandpa is entertained too.

  2. Forgiven for missing the word clod when the other c word has been a better feature for this walking piece of ….agh it’s too early in UK on a Monday morning to feck the rest of my day up with church lady rants.

  3. honeypants says:

    I just wonder if anyone will still care enough about her after she loses the election to merit her having a talk show or something. There are just as many crazy people out there with a public persona that we’re not this busy hating because they are not running for VP.

    As for her imbecilic ignorance about scientific research, it’s baffling. Someone needs to capture her and do some scientific research on her!

  4. enc says:

    We all know the answer to the question asked in the headline.

    I’m going to miss her when she’s gone; there’ll be no suitable scapegoat left upon which to heap my “Utter Disdain.”

  5. Sarah P says:

    I didn’t know my love for PAP smear and Sisterwolf could possibly grow! But it has. It is the only way I survive through this. I took the advice and hit the bottle so I could regain my strength. We must convince the genius who wrote the rant to come on board!

  6. Bex says:

    Did you see the look of contempt when she said “fruit fly research in Paris, France”????

  7. oh, this is wonderful, she just keeps on alienating more of the population, while getting all mavericky on her own ticket. Her own state’s biggest newspaper backed Obama, beautiful. Go, beauty queen, go!

  8. annemarie says:

    It’s all grotesque. The ignorance, the contempt, the pretension. But what set my teeth on edge was “Paris, France.”

    Doggonit, you betcha only a hockey-mom/ joe six-pack/ joe the plumber/ tito the tosser would say “Paris, France.” I know a lot Americans say shit like that, but it just sounds so fucking UNSOPHISTICATED, and this woman was actually nominated to be the next Vice President. It’s unbelievable.

    This is a nation of morons.

    Does anyone want to run away with me and start a new country?

  9. HelOnWheels says:

    Annemarie, I’ll run with you as your VP. I’ve lived abroad and have worked in/visited approximately 15 countries (and, every morning as I look out of my window, I can see Russia…. oh, I mean the Russian foreign exchange student as he leaves for school). That already makes me 15 times more qualified than Satan Palin…oops, typo…Sarah Palin.

    I’d like to do some research on Mrs. Palin. I’ve never figured out how it is these so-called humans survive and function without a brain. She’s a perfect example of this unfortunately plentiful species of Homo Nosapiens and would contribute greatly to the research of how to eradicate these parasites.

  10. angela says:

    As usual I hate Mrs. P. But onto more pressing matters- I saw this and thought of you:

  11. Sister Wolf says:

    Angela, JESUS! FANTASTIC! thank you so much! xoxoxoxo

    Juri – Right, “I kid you not” is kind of…what, Jewish? Whatever it is, happy to say it’s not an improvement.

    Make do -We appreciate your donation of Hatred from across the ocean.

    Honeypants – I fear that she will remain on the radar for ever. Unless she has an “accident”, ahem, of some kind….

    enc – Have you trademarked “Utter Disdain” yet??

    Sarah P – I agree, I love that guy!

    Bex – France, to her, probably is a synonym for “Faggots.”

    fashionherald – Isn’t that GREAT about the Anchorage Daily News?!?!?!

    annemarie – Madrid, Spain! Florence, Italy! I LOVE it when people tell you what country they mean. And speaking of countries, isn’t Iceland for sale or something?? Where ever you go, I’m going.

    HElOnWheels – Without a brain, she overcompensates with some sort of primitive cunting. I meant, cunning, of course.

  12. Juri says:

    I had the priviledge to learn that “I kid you not” was first used by some 1950s talk show host.

    Is that why she has adopted it? Is she indeed practising for her own talk show on science and international politics?

  13. David Duff says:

    Well, it might help if the, er, experts could actually come up with a definition of ‘autism’, then we could judge more clearly whether fruit flies in general, or French fruit flies in particular, have anything useful to offer by way of a cure! I would also suggest swallowing a large glass of scepticism before taking seriously claims by sundry scientists desperate to continue their research not least because it pays for their mortgages.

  14. OMGGMAB says:

    David: Fruit flies are frequently used in all types of genetic research. Go here for more info:
    So whether a cure for autism is around the corner or not, the research involving fruit flies is instrumental,.

    With regard to having an end to our ire with Spalin, not so fast. Heard this AM on NPR that she has “much bigger ambitions” to pursue after the campaign. She’ll be on the radar for some time to come. You betcha!

  15. annemarie says:

    David Duff: I’d like to see how sceptical of science and medicine you are when you are dying of a terminal illness. Maybe you will turn God– funny how people who are sceptical of science have no reservations at all when it comes to religion. Your comment is the most anti-intellectual bullshit of all your anti-intellectual bullshit that I’ve ever read– congratulations, you have outdone yourself.

  16. David Duff says:

    Oh, Annemarie, and there was me thinking I had cut something of a dash with you – wrong – again! I *am*, as are you, dying of a terminal illness, it’s called ‘life’, and as one of Shakespeare’s characters put it, “We all owe God a death”. Thus, I remain phlegmatic in the face of the inevitable. What I do not do is worship at the feet of the new religion, science -medical or otherwise. The whole history of science is of one absolutely dead certain Law being superseded by yet another absolutely dead certain Law. A certain amount of scepticism is therefore wise. As for doctors, I approach them much as I would plumbers; take any ten of them and two will probably be brilliant, six of them will simply be alright, they’ll do a job of sorts, and the last two should have been bricklayers because they’ll never understand plumbing as long as they live. Thus it is with doctors but the problem is that before you go under their control, you have no idea which category they fit! As for being, or not being, an ‘intellectual’, I would suggest that the word ‘intellectual’ is, like the word ‘clever’, not quite a compliment in the English language, although I am informed that the French think highly of the appellation. I am not anti-intellectual, I am only anti those who appropriate the title inappropriately!

    ‘OMGGMAB’ (please tell me what that stands for), I am aware of the usefulness of fruit flies in reseach due to their ability to reproduce at a frantic rate. Off topic, I am also aware, and amused by, the complete failure of the ‘Darwinistas’ to produce a new species despite inflicting all sorts of hell on poor, unsuspecting fruit flies in order to test Darwin’s doubtful theory of evolution. I shall raise a glass – of Californian red, perhaps? – in memory of several zillion fruit flies who have given their lives in vain!

  17. Wordsmith says:

    OMGGMAB’ (please tell me what that stands for), I am aware of the usefulness of fruit flies in reseach due to their ability to reproduce at a frantic rate

    Non! It’s due to similarities in basic genetic tissue in relationship to mammals. Christ – if that were true, why we could use …… wabbits.

  18. David Duff says:

    ‘Wordsmith’, it’s always fascinating where these threads lead!

    “A major breakthrough came in 1906, when Thomas Hunt Morgan, a Columbia University zoologist, conceived the idea of using fruit flies (Drosophila melanogaster) for genetic research. This was due to the fact that they breed so very rapidly, require little food, have scores of easily observed characteristics and only a few chromosomes per cell. “The fly could be bred by the thousands in milk bottles. It cost nothing but a few bananas to feed all the experimental animals; their entire life cycle lasts 10 days and they have only four chromosomes.”–*R. Milner, Encyclopedia of Evolution (1990), p. 169.”

    ” “Out of 400 mutations that have been provided by Drosophila melanogaster, there is not one that can be called a new species. It does not seem, therefore, that the central problem of evolution can be solved by mutations.”–*Maurice Caullery, Genetics and Heredity (1964), p. 119. ”

    Alas, in comparison to fruit flies we can only give ‘wabbits’ E for Effort!

  19. Musical relief interlude!

  20. Wordsmith says:

    OMFG, Mr. Duff – did you, just put my name in little air quotes?!

    I did know or do know of the overly prolific nature of fruit flies having “grown” them little suckers in biology classes.

    And no fair citing your own publication…../snort/

  21. Juri says:

    Be the truth about fruit flies in Paris, Fraaance, as it may but Sarah Palin still is a stupid cow and the most blatantly incompetent ignoramus in modern politics.

    I betcha she still orders freedom fries instead of french fries.

  22. David Duff says:

    “Wordsmith”, yes indeed, I did place inverted commas round your name on the assumption, and feel free to correct me if I am wrong, that it is a ‘nom de keyboard’ and not your real name. I was told, severely, several times, to do this by my English teacher of c. 1950-1955 because it was correct English usage. Miss Wood, a confirmed spinster of the parish, was a lady of stern disposition and not given to arguments on the stricter points of English language – her shade looms over me even to this day and I fear her disapproval very much more than yours!

  23. OMGGMAB says:

    David Duff, I think this discussion belongs in another blog. I prefer to rant about Church Lady and Grandpa, not discuss fruit flies any longer. I leave that to the scientific blogs I frequent. Check them out.

    As for OMGGMAB, perhaps you should ask Wordsmith about OMFG. Better yet, ask a 12 year old.

    Now, back to PAP Smear Business, please Sister Wolf!! What have you discovered today?

  24. OMGGMAB says:

    And just for your goulish entertainment, go here.,0,541630.story

    Now which PAP Smear member is responsible for this?

    Sort of a spirtiual warfare thing, don’t ya know?

  25. annemarie says:

    yeah, you tell him OMGGMAB!

  26. annemarie says:

    “As for being, or not being, an ‘intellectual’, I would suggest that the word ‘intellectual’ is, like the word ‘clever’, not quite a compliment in the English language…”

    I DID NOT say you were an intellectual; I said you were an ANTI-INTELLECTUAL, as your comment above succinctly illustrates.

  27. OMGGMAB says:

    Note to Bex: Please go to Grant Park for all of us! Win or lose, your witty commentary on the event is essential to our well being!

  28. OMGGMAB says:

    And yes, annmarie, anti-intellectual is precisely the definition of the entire McPalin campaign. I prefer to refer to it as the “dumbass campaign.”

  29. David Duff says:

    So, Annemarie, it was just your way of saying I may yet live in hope of your undying affection – I am thrilled to my core.

    ‘OMGGMAB’ (I hope I’ve spelled that correctly), I quite agree that fruit flies are not, er, a fruitful source of conversation although given the fuss over the supposed disappearance of a few scruffy and highly dangerous polar bears, to say nothing of those brutal whales that eat up all the little fishies, I do think we could pause in our daily business and remember the sacrifice of several trillion, zillion fruit flies who have perished fruitlessly (oops, sorry, no more fruit puns, I promise) on our behalf. Incidentally, those waiting for a cure for autism from fruit flies, assuming we can all agree on exactly what autism is, should not hold their breath!

    Finally (you will be relieved to read), ‘OMGGMAB’, if the ‘MacPalin’ campaign is anti-intellectual, how would you describe the wax doll of Mrs. Palin hanging by its neck? Am I to suppose that it is a witty, sophisticated, intellectual, East/West coast joke that reduces smart liberal dinner parties to whinnies of amusement? If so, how would you like a similar black effigy of Sen. Obama hanging from his neck?

  30. Danielle says:

    It’s because of goddamn idiots like her devaluing research and the academic community that there’s good possibility I won’t get funding for grad school because government funding keeps getting cut.

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