Screw Palin, Let’s talk About Me!

I love my new sunglasses and I want to take a moment to say, Are they awesome or are they awesome?

Instead of buying Luella’s batgirl sunglasses for $400, I have cleverly bought these for $7.99 from a Halloween store. They have UV protection and they’re great for driving.   If you need a pair, let me know.

Okay, now back to the stupidest woman ever privileged to walk god’s green earth. Mrs. P told Elizabeth Vargas of ABC news that if she loses the election, she won’t be wavin’ the white flag of surrender.

“I’m not doin’ this for naught,” were her exact words.

On no she di’int! Grandpa is gonna be maaaaaaad!

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19 Responses to Screw Palin, Let’s talk About Me!

  1. hammie says:

    YOu are Awesome and I love those sunglasses. Now I am jealous and I can’t find my red sequined devil horns.

  2. I am a fan of mixed metaphors. Love the glasses. Please get into Catwoman’s suit.

  3. Skye says:

    Those sunglasses rule – and they way you’re wearing them there is just so damn cool.

    Don’t want to talk about that other thing, still feeling nauseated after reading article where they fawningly called her a “diva” as though that was a good thing! Blecch.

  4. Tobi Lynne says:

    The sunglasses are fabulous!

    And I’m with Skye — I read a few things yesterday that left me shaking, tight chested, and nauseated … I can’t even think about the election without feeling sick.

    Why’s everybody gotta keep angryin’ up my blood?!

  5. Sal says:

    Wicked. Love ’em.

  6. Mark says:

    I can’t wait to see you driving around with those on.

  7. stella-mayfair says:

    Sister Wolf for Vice President (yes! I love me some good play on words!)

  8. Those sunnies are the best!
    I’m on my knees for naught from now on…

  9. Bex says:

    At least we’ll have another few years to hate on her ass….nah, she should just disappear.

    Nicely done with the sunglasses!!!

  10. Juri says:

    Of course she won’t be waving that flag. If she and Grandpa don’t manage to steal the election and/or the Supreme Court fail to decide in their favour, she’ll just say she’s a maverick and happy to move in the White House anyway.

    And yes, the glasses look fabulous.

  11. enc says:

    Everything that comes out of Palin’s mouth is garbled.

    Great glasses!

    Did you see the latest New Yorker cover?

  12. annemarie says:


    Palin is a fucking cunt and even when Obama wins next week by a landslide, she will still be in the headlines because she loves all this attention and ass-shakin’ and name-callin’ and finger-pointin.’ But this is ok! We need a common enemy!

    Long Live PAP Smear!

    Hail Sister Wolf!

  13. Sister Wolf says:

    Hammie – OH NO, I hope you find them!

    Nick – The Cat Woman costume was crap, believe me.

    Skye – Don’t think about the Other Thing, you’ve been sick!

    Tobi Lynne – I’m sorry, Think about nice sunglasses xo

    Sal – Thanks!

    Mark – Me too. Come to L.A. then!

    Stella-Mayfair -I like your thinking.

    Make Do – Hahahahaha!

    Bex – Thank you!

    Juri – Can my family move in with you if the worst happens??

    enc – Yes! Yes! and Yes!

    annemarie – We need that whore’s medical records, that might just be the way to get rid of her.

  14. And I loved this article on picking Palin in that New Yorker –

    Those conservative pundits will be eating some serious crow.

  15. Perfection! Please wear these to the local pre-school and assist mothers with wayward children in encouraging them to behave. There is also an award on my blog for you today.

  16. susie_bubble says:

    As much as I enjoy all the Palin bashing…. it is nice to see you again….love the glasses…especially as they’re a steal…

  17. lopi says:

    There definitely awesome! Rock on!

  18. Faux Fuchsia says:

    Why Mrs Palin is channeling the speech patterns of an Englishman in the Yorkshire Dales circa 1933 is beyond me.

    Meanwhile I wonder how Bristol’s Vow of Celibacy as told to Oprah is going?

    Sister do you wear those specs socially? or just indoors?

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