Mrs. Palin on FB: Koo Koo for Cocoa Puffs!


Mrs. Palin has over 800,000 fans on Facebook, where she posted a note today, asking people to watch racist crybaby Glen Beck on Fox news. Glenn’s corporate sponsors have been pulling their ads due to public pressure.

Here is a sample of the 3,471 comments to Mrs. P’s note:


How can we possibly reach the scrambled minds of people like Kathleen Thompson Papp? Let’s try!

Dear Kathleen,

What the hell is your problem? Do you know anything about Hitler? Do you know the difference between fascism and socialism? Why do you identify with Mrs. Palin? She would shoot your dog if it had antlers!   Please put down that bacon cheeseburger and read some world history. God help you if you’re priced out of decent health insurance.

Love and concern,
Sister Wolf

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30 Responses to Mrs. Palin on FB: Koo Koo for Cocoa Puffs!

  1. arline says:

    I am speechless.

    It is astounding how many ignorant people there are!

  2. Alicia says:

    Seriously arline; the idiocy and ignorance of the general populace is ASTOUNDING. People will repeat anything TV personalities tell them. Scary.

    I hate thinking about it. It’s depressing.

  3. WTF (What The Fashion) says:

    I can’t and I won’t expect that this person knows about Hitler at all because frankly, she doesn’t know about OBESITY.. YET!

    Bull crap.

  4. Bex says:

    Ignorant idiots. Wow.

  5. Imelda Matt says:

    Is the cute puppy meant to distract us from Kathleen’s stupidity? I admit I’m amused by her campy looking head just not her insane ramblings.

  6. alittlelux says:

    did you happen to see tracy commenting on that thread as well ? (

  7. What! How insane are these people. The reason why it pisses me off when stupid Americans go on about Hitler and apply it to anything/anybody – is we still live with the aftermath of WW2 in Europe. We can never escape the destruction of our cities, Coventry, Bristol, Swansea, Plymouth and London nor can the Germans, Dresden, Potsdam, Frankfurt, Koln etc. We can never escape the divided nations created in the aftermath of the war and the years of division this created. We still hunt Nazis down and oh guess what they are usually living in the US and believe me they are not voting for Democrats.

    It is the number one topic in history at our schools along with WW1. Europe continually strives to eradicate the memory of such dreadful times and even those of us born so long after the event know we never want something like that again. Hence the majority of us are compassionate, caring and learn to love our neighbours even when they are stupid fuckwits like Kathleen Thompson Papp.

    I’m stopping now before I call her a f** f****** c*** It’s the despair I feel when I read shit like this, truly I despair.

  8. Juri says:

    Most of these crazies would have loved Hitler and living in Nazi Germany. They seem to be at their happiest when someone else does the thinking and gives them the latest slogans to parrot.

    Personally, I’m still negotiating between Reverend Blair’s and Pastor Manning’s views on whether Obama is just a new Hitler or the Antichrist and a bisexual bicycle that “you know, rolls on both ends”.

  9. David Duff says:

    “Do you know the difference between fascism and socialism?”

    Er, yes, as it happens! In fact to begin with there was *no* difference because the German fascists started as socialists, hence “National *Socialist* Party”. It was only when Hitler, trying to shore up his leadership, cut a deal with the upper-class and corporate ‘fascists’ who indicated their support so long as he dealt with those radical Left-wingers in his Party, which he did – he shot most of them! There-after Germany became a State/Corporate entity only different in degree from the other State/Corporate entity existing in Russia.

    In fact there were only two degrees of difference between them. The German brand of ‘socialism’ was nationalist as opposed to the Russian version which was (allegedly, and please don’t giggle!) internationalist. Also the German version requiring a class enemy, as all totalitarian states do, chose the Jews as Public Enemies. The Russians chose the bourgoisie.

    If the creed you believe in entails the state taking more and more power unto itself so that it becomes the arbiter in the exchange of goods, services and information,you can call it the Tweedledee Party or the Tweedledum Party but either way it is socialism. All sorts of very clever people have tried to convince me that much good will ensue and that totalitarianism does not necessarily follow. You will forgive me, I’m sure, if I cling to my doubts.

    Alas, ‘Make Do Style’ stands, in all her ignorant confusion, as a perfect example of what our state-controlled ‘Edukashun Servis’ produces. For example: “the majority of us are compassionate, caring and learn to love our neighbours even when they are” . . . people like Hitler?

  10. Oh Duff don’t be a pedant and of course National Socialism was entirely different in ethos to the basis of the Russian Revolution that later developed as Soviet Communism. Marx and Engels influenced and inspired the Bolsheviks whilst Adolf Hitler and his team were more Kantian and Nietzsche based in their thinking – whatever they all bastardised any philosophical thought to suit their own power based needs.

    Call me ignorant and confused if you like but whilst I might thoroughly dislike a lot of people including some of my near neighbours I do abide by the principle of the words and terms I’ve used, because then I can save my energy to be aware of and always be ready to battle against powerful and political animals whom needed to be stood up to. Don’t be ridiculous and small minded and think for one minute being decent means one would suffer overt doctrine from any spectrum of thought. On a day to day basis I’m pleasant and kind to others, even courteous but I’m not sure your capable of such understanding and I won’t judge you as you do me.

  11. TobiLynne says:

    I’m endlessly amazed at the villianization (word?) of those not in your own political party. One of my favorite things to point out to those in the far right is that Republicans have been in office the vast majority of my 29 years. And, yet, abortion is still legal, and prayer can’t be forced in school … be mad at your own. You’ve had plenty of opportunities.

    Also, I’m sick of this socialism bullshit. Want to get rid of all socialism in this country? I own a home, which means my taxes pay for your children to go to school. All schools will be privatized. That’s going to be pretty expensive for you, but it rocks for me! When your house gets broken into, you can set up an appointment with your local police station. Payment will be due at time of services rendered. Hope your checkbook didn’t burn when your house went up in flames, because the fire department will need some cash before they’ll start putting it out. And now that they’re privatized, it won’t be cheap. Maintenance of those trucks is expensive, you know? Also, now that all roads are privately owned, that vacation might be a little pricey by the time you pay all the tolls. Hope that doesn’t interfere with your commute.

    That all pretty much rocks for me. I don’t have kids. I have an alarm system on my home, and own several guns. I work from home, so I don’t really drive. Come to think of it, I’m with ya. Pay for your own shit.

  12. HelOnWheels says:

    Somebody save that cute little puppy from that stupid woman!! Hurry!

    Throughout this whole healthcare reform process I have been stunned by the level of stupidity and ignorance and hate that exists within the American population. I’ve been disgusted and enraged by the comparisons of Obama and his administration to Hitler and Nazis and of the reform as a Holocaust. First of all, Fascism (far, far right) and Communism/Socialism (far left) are, politically, polar opposites: how can you call Obama both? Learn the difference, you uneducated fools. Also, if another anti-humanist calls the reforms a “Holocaust” I will hunt them down and show them the difference!! It’s insulting to me, my friends and family, and to all people who lost somebody in the REAL Holocaust and during WWII for idiots like Kathleen Papp(smear) to make that link. My father’s side of the family was almost completely annihilated during WWII and I am seething with rage at these comparisons that are being made by ignorant rightwingnuts! That c**nt should lose her health care based on stupidity, unawareness, and hatred of her fellow human beings.

    Finally, when did concern and care for your other human beings become a bad thing?

  13. Deni says:

    I love your blog! You make me laugh right out loud, very loud, in front of a clone of Kathleen Thompson Papp. I’m surrounded by them, Papp/Palin clones, and it’s very, very scary, did I say very, very, VERY scary!

    Kudos to Make Do Style!

  14. Iron Chic says:

    I love how freaky Americans are getting over universal healthcare!
    We’re all fine and dandy up here in Canada with our free-healthcare-for-all.
    Those “townhall” meetings are getting out of control. haha
    How can a black president be the new Hitler??!

  15. Mark says:

    Based on her friend list, I believe that fat whore lives in Wichita Falls, Texas, one of the shittiest places on earth. How do I know this? I lived 25 miles south of Wichita Falls for a few years. We used to have to go there to grocery shop etc. Racist trash. In the restroom in the one convenience store in my town, an illiterate Klan member scrawled, “Kill all nigers!”

    Actually, this fat fucking ignorant cunt lives in Iowa Park, Texas, which is right next to Wichita Falls.

    I wonder if she has eaten her dog yet.

  16. David Duff says:

    ‘Make Do Style’, it is not being pedantic to bring people down to earth with facts when they are self-elevating on a cloud of wishful thinking. Presumably, in your second effort you were attempting to be more specific and factual. Sorry, only ‘E’ for Effort, I’m afraid!

    “of course National Socialism was entirely different in ethos to the basis of the Russian Revolution”

    No, the “ethos” was exactly the same, totalitarian dictatorship by one man, secret police and mass murder. The victims might, as I suggested above, have come from slightly different groups but I doubt they appreciated the difference!

    “Marx and Engels influenced and inspired the Bolsheviks whilst Adolf Hitler and his team were more Kantian [eh?] and Nietzsche based in their thinking”

    But both Marx, Engels and Nietzsche drew from the well of Hegel, another hateful creep and toady who believed in the absolute power of kings. Try Popper’s “The Open Society and its Enemies: Plato, Hegel and Marx”.

    “whatever they all bastardised any philosophical thought to suit their own power based needs.”

    Precisely, so why tell me they were different?

    “Call me ignorant and confused”

    Don’t tempt me!

    “On a day to day basis I’m pleasant and kind to others, even courteous”

    I believe you but what that has to do with the price of cabbages, I have no idea. Sometimes, believe it or not, I, too, am kind and considerate.

    “I won’t judge you as you do me.”

    Oh yes you jolly well will!

    Finally, none of us are totally felicitous in our use of language as we rattle out these comments but your English composition is at a similar level to your knowledge of history and philosophy and stands as a similar example of the state of British ‘edukashun’.

    Happily some things never change and ‘Hell on Wheels’ remains as dotty as ever.

    “Fascism (far, far right) and Communism/Socialism (far left) are, politically, polar opposites”

    No, politics is not a straight line, it is a circle and what you call the extreme Left/Right hold hands on the side of the circle furthest away from parliamentary democracy, in exactly the same way that moderate Republicans and Democrats do so on the other side of the circle. (A prime example that you would do well to study is the Red Army Faction, an extreme Left-wing terrorist group in Germany which eventually broke up after the authorities arrested most of its members. “Horst Mahler [one of its prime movers] has crossed the lines to the far right and is a Holocaust denier.[24] He is an anti-semite and in 2005 was sentenced to 6 years in prison for incitement to racial hatred.[25] He is on record as saying that his beliefs have not changed: Der Feind ist der Gleiche (the enemy is the same).[26]” I know that Wiki is not totally reliable but it is a good place to start!

    “how can you call Obama both?”

    Because Obama believes that the state should be the most powerful entity in society, a view shared with enthusiasm by fascists and communists alike.

    “That c**nt should lose her health care based on stupidity, unawareness”

    A prime example, I would suggest, of totalitarian thinking. Guilty of thought crimes? No health care for you then because you must be an enemy of the people.

    What a deliciously educational thread this has been!

  17. Madame Suggia says:

    WTF is with the fat hatred here? Just FYI, being overweight doesn’t make you stupid, insensitive or hateful…it just makes getting dressed in the morning a little more tricky. I’m FAT and I’m a decent person…and I wouldn’t share this loony-toon’s opinions for all the world.

  18. HelOnWheels says:

    Yes, Dooffus, you’re the only one that’s educated and literate here. Good for you!

  19. Duff you are a pompous arse. You bring this on yourself because you use this arena to attempt to some sort of superiority in terms of reading and use of language. Why not throw in Socrates, Rosseau and Carlyle.

    I’m sure you are kind and considerate – I do believe someone would have said that about Stalin or Hitler on a micro level and I only mentioned it because you disputed the validity of my first comment. You constantly attempt to belittle and this calls into question your moral basis with fellow human beings. I’m sure you enjoy banter and you most be a most fervent admirer of Sister Wolf but some of choose to keep things simple in regard of not writing an essay in detail – thing of blogging comments as an academic abstract.

    My feet are always firmly on the ground and I choose my political views openly and with debate. In fact one of my favourite and probably the best when it comes to debate is William Hague. We both share a regret of not having moved to NY in our 20s and I find lots of common ground with him on all manner of things but to the nicest thing of a true intellectual is the respect they afford others of their views without trying to be the person who is right.

    What dismays me is that the silly women with the dog is sadly uneducated, ignorant of so much and yet with one line she is able to reveal how people behave over polarised views. I don’t care if you disagree with me on any level and I’m happy to play with language and thought.

    After all President Kennedy misquoted from Dante’s Inferno, he modernised it to make the point “The hottest places in Hell are reserved for those who in time of moral crisis preserve their neutrality.'” This supposed quotation is not actually in Dante’s work, but is based upon a similiar one. In the Inferno, Dante and his guide Virgil, on their way to Hell, pass by a group of dead souls outside the entrance to Hell. These individuals, when alive, remained neutral at a time of great moral decision. Virgil explains to Dante that these souls cannot enter either Heaven or Hell because they did not choose one side or another. They are therefore worse than the greatest sinners in Hell because they are repugnant to both God and Satan alike, and have been left to mourn their fate as insignificant beings neither hailed nor cursed in life or death, endlessly travailing below Heaven but outside of Hell. This scene occurs in the third canto of the Inferno if you fancy reading it.

    Choose your side but please try to refrain from being such a little hitler when it comes to ‘correcting’ people.

  20. WTF (What The Fashion) says:

    “Madame Suggia”

    Hi Madame =) It is not fat hatred in fact its called reality check. I criticized her size due to her lack of knowledge about Hitler and Obama. Unfortunately, Kathleen has been reading “Fantasy History Books” while eating her bacon cheese burger.

    I didn’t mean to offend you Madame and I bet you are totally the opposite of Kathleen. Good for you!

  21. Mark says:

    I’m not a fattist, either. I just hate Kathleen Thompson Papp and her ilk.

    Once again, David Duff has ruined a perfectly fun thread. Mr. Duff, we get it: you’re better read, smarter, and more articulate than everyone here. Now go do something with your life.

  22. Deni says:

    I love this blog!

  23. I heart Make Do Style.
    But no hearts for K. Papp.

  24. EmilyT says:

    Stepping delicately over the important issues and debate(s) on the comments here, did everyone see this stephen hawking gaffe? A “editorial in Investor’s Business Daily said Mr. Hawking “wouldn’t have a chance in the U.K.,” where the health service would have deemed his life “essentially worthless.””

    You can read the full thing here:

    I know the american electronic voice might be slightly misleading, but Isn’t this exactly what wikipedia is for? It’s a delicious mistake.

  25. My mother and I spent two hours in the car today discussing this very question: when did the American people become so willfully ignorant?! I dropped my daughter off at a birthday party the other day and noticed that the host family had a Palin 2012 bumper sticker on their minivan. It so enraged me that I can never let her play at this girl’s home again. What kind of people are campaigning for Sarah Palin in 2012?! Lunatics!

  26. Aja says:

    Tobi Lynne that was brilliantly put. I’m taking some points from you in my latest online argument. Hope you don’t mind.

  27. David Duff says:

    “I dropped my daughter off at a birthday party the other day and noticed that the host family had a Palin 2012 bumper sticker on their minivan. It so enraged me that I can never let her play at this girl’s home again.”

    You will all be happy and relieved to know that for once words fail me!

  28. Sister Wolf says:

    arline – Yep.

    Alicia – Very depressing.

    WTF – She just looks like a hateful imbecile, to me.

    Suebob – Thanks, too fucking right.

    Bex – It is truly mindblowing.

    Imelda Matt- Imagine her home furnishings, in that case!

    alittlelux – WOW, !!

    Make DO – It is very disturbing to be an American right now. People are frothing at the mouth. They’ve suddenly realized that there’s a negro in the White House and NO WAY are they going to let him and his terrorist buddies take their guns away. (or something like that)

    Iron Chic – Yes, Canada seems very very civilized.

    Juri – Ha, you are always the voice of sanity around here!

    David – So, you don’t avail yourself of your country’s free healthcare? On another note, I think it is bad manners to belittle another person’s education, particularly when you know nothing about it. I left school at 15. It doesn’t make me less intelligent than, ahem, renowned college graduate Sarah Palin.

    Make Do – Mr. Duff LIVES for exchanges like this. He is exceedingly proud of his wrongheaded conservative politics.

    Tobi Lynne – Yeah baby!

    HElOnWheels – YES, YES, and MORE YES.

    Deni – I agree.

    Mark – HAhahahahahaha!

    Madame Suggia – I admit I jumped straight to a stereotype with Kathleen, based on the Rush Limbaugh/Karl Rove syndrome of malevolent stupidity in a fat package. Of course many thin people are detestable and many heavy people are kind and decent and eloquent, like yourself.

    Make Do- Bravo! Hitler loved dogs and wept to Mahler. Mr. Duff also has his good qualities, although he insists on bringing up Popper EVEN AFTER he was told forcefully by Annemarie that “No one reads Popper any more!”

    WTF – Thank you!

    Mark – Mr. Duff needs to lecture like I need to shop! We can handle him. Plus, you can go bother him at his own blog if you want.

    Fashion Herald – Hahaha!

    Emily T – I had heard and read about that! Hilarious. YAY for Stephen Hawking!

    Iheartfashion – I hope I would do the same thing. You’re a great mom.

    Aja -TobiLynne rules. Go read her blog sometime!

  29. Aja says:

    Good Duffster. It’s about fuckin’ time 🙂

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