Museum of Fat Love

“I’d like to submit our wedding photo for your Museum of Fat Love. We’ve been married almost three years and the fact that we’re fat doesn’t matter. What matters is that we managed to find each other in the vast sea of strangers out there, fat and thin. We have three kids now and we’re enjoying life to its fullest.”

Who could ask for more?

The Museum of Fat Love.

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26 Responses to Museum of Fat Love

  1. Romeo says:

    I’d ask for less, actually.

  2. BethUK says:

    Awwww. That was a great way to start the day. People in love are great.

  3. tor says:

    This is the sweetest, most life affirming website i’ve seen for ages. Thanks!

  4. Maxine says:

    Once again, thank you for the smile.

  5. elle says:

    “Fat love is not a myth, I live it every day!”

    Of course it’s not a myth, there’s apparently an entire museum dedicated towards it.

  6. honeypants says:

    While it’s nice to see all the happy couples and read all their sweet stories, it’s sad that there needs to be a website that exists only to prove that fat people can be happy too. I guess it’s encouraging to depressed fat people who think they’re not worthy of love. I can imagine, however, that a lot of people probably just see it as a laughable freak show, i.e., “Museum of Progerian Love” or “Museum of Thalydimide Baby Love.” But I guess those people are just as miserable as the fat people that think they’re unworthy of love anyway.

  7. Ann says:

    I’m with Honeypants. A beautiful website full of beautiful stories that I wish didn’t have to exist at all. Love is love, regardless of gender, race, age or size.

  8. I’m a little puzzled. Most of the people on that site aren’t really all that fat. In fact, they look rather normal, and not half-starved. But then, I live in the Midwest.

  9. E says:

    “I guess it’s encouraging to depressed fat people who think they’re not worthy of love”.

    No, I think its more of an an antidote to a world/media who are intent on brainwashing an entire population into thinking that if you don’t fit into a certain appearance/age demographic/some bracket or other – then you don’t matter/exist/deserve to be seen. (Falls over from lack of oxygen after long run-on sentence).

    The interwebs – even with all the trolls and feckwittage shows us you can have a life whether you’re fat, thin, old, young, disabled or whatever pigeon hole you find yourself inadvertently falling into. And often, it isn’t photoshopped (quelle-horror) to achieve someone-somewhere’s money-spinning/corporate idea of a demographic to be marketed, or touted as some kind of ‘perfection’ we should all be aiming for if or gawd help us – we want to be ‘normal’.

    I’m crap at this writing thing – (Jezebel-standard fail).

    I’ll shut up now and stick to – refreshing and life-affirming – thanks Sister Wolf.

  10. Well, Hell – I’m not fat, and I’m not living life to its fullest either. I got nuttin.

    Back to work…

  11. Erika says:

    hmm, a lot of these people look pretty normal to me. They aren’t morbidly obese or anything. Nice to hear that they found love whatever the case is.

  12. Sister Wolf says:

    It’s interesting to see how divisive this is. For me, it is a corrective reminder that stereotypes are bullshit but still hard to erase and, more important, that love is what matters….not the stuff we waste time striving for and worrying about. Love is everything.

  13. Erika says:

    That is really beautiful, Sister. I am having a hard time right now and i can’t decide whether it’s PMS or a permanently broken heart.

    Love indeed is everything. Aren’t we lucky : )

  14. Lara says:

    The bf’s sister just got married this weekend and she is a curvy girl. She looked absolutely gorgeous and rocks stylish trendy clothes and killer heels like you wouldn’t believe. In today’s standards, she would be considered fat and that breaks my heart. She’s busy, happy, full of life and completely in love.

  15. Andra says:

    Now Sister, when are you going to let go with a smile like that in a photo?
    These are happy people and good luck to them.

  16. Srenna says:

    Sweet. I love looking at happy couples.

  17. Victoria says:

    More like “Museum of Diseases of Obesity’…coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes, etc, etc. Sadly all I see is the cost to their health later on on. Not to mention what sort of role model they make for their kids…

  18. Elona says:

    Victoria, its such a shame that thats all you see.

  19. Tricia says:

    That is such a fantastic wedding photo, smiling and laughing down the aisle. I’ve been at a couple of weddings like that, and such joy is contagious.

  20. dust says:

    They certainly look happier than me with my skinny little figure.
    If I’d say that I’m skinny-fat, would that improve my chances for happiness?

  21. Liz!! says:

    I’m usually not all about fat-acceptance websites* but that website seriously made me smile. And it brought tears to my eyes.

    The point is that today’s American Hollywood celebutante society tells us that we have to look one way to be secure and happy. This website shatters that, simply because people are not the “ideal.” They look like they’re in love and very happy.

    *I am not against fat people…I’m one of them, I just think that the concept of accepting morbid obesity is a bit strange. I have insanely high cholesterol and triglycerides…I kind of have to lose weight in order to be healthy. I’m hoping that only a few pounds will lower the numbers, because I would love to accept my body as is, and I’m tired of pandering to our 5’5″ 105 society.

    So anyway, I do understand accepting our bodies, and if they don’t have any health problems, good for them. But if you’re morbidly obese- I hope that the acceptance doesn’t cost them their health. That’s all.

  22. Cricket9 says:

    Nice to see pictures of happy, smiling couples; why some of them would consider themselves fat is beyond me. Theory: Americans are insanely conflicted/brainwashed on the issue of body image? (no offense to Americans).

  23. I’m clearly a monster because the first thing I noticed about this letter was the unfortunate inclusion of the words ‘vast’ and ‘fullest’. I bet they did it on purpose. But this is cute.
    Victoria’s right, and it’s the first thing that comes to my mind when I see Beth bloody Ditto rolling around everywhere. But at the same time, it’s people like me with that attitude that inspire the attitude E talks about. I’m normal-sized and I used to think I wasn’t worthy of love. This is about self-esteem, and I can imagine that is harder for a person less happy in their appearance to find. That people who don’t conform to society’s body beautiful can still love themselves enough for other people to love them too is nice, but is trivialised by being made a ‘two fingers up to the establishment’ issue. Everyone deserves happiness.

  24. Zoe says:

    Victoria – Just because someone is bigger doesn’t necessarily mean they’re eating themselves into a grave. I have several friends that are bigger and eat healthy and exercise regularly, they’re just born with a larger build. It often breaks my heart that they have low self-esteems because of the stigma that goes along with being bigger or curvier.

    Big or small everyone deserves and is worthy of being loved. Bravo to these couples that didn’t let anyone tell them differently.

    P.s You appearance isn’t an important factor of being a role model to your children, loving them and being the best parent is.

  25. Alicia says:

    Well said, Zoe.

  26. Michelle says:

    Wonderful website, and I appreciate that the focus is love rather than fat.
    On an unrelated note…
    While I’m all about this sort of ‘fat’ acceptance and ‘plus-size’ model thing, when you see technically obese people go on about how they LOVE THEIR CURVES, it bothers me, because I doubt if given the choice between being size 4 and size 14 ANYONE would choose size 14.

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