Now It’s Sunglasses

Oooooh, I want to curate and fondle these sunglasses. Did you know there are whole blogs devoted to cool eye-ware?! Shit! It never ends.

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10 Responses to Now It’s Sunglasses

  1. Do you think blog hopping could be a career?

  2. XuXu says:

    I could tongue me some sunglasses.



  3. Okay Xuxu that’s enough! I’m all for free speech but you need to get a grip on the tongue situation amongst other things.

  4. Bessie the cow says:

    Cute, but only if they cost under $30. Then not so cute!

  5. Sister Wolf says:

    Make Do – It’s more of an illness, I think.

    XuXu – This is a family blog; try to pull yourself together.

    Bessie – More like $3 million, probably.

  6. Sister Wolf alas if it is an illness then I’ve got it.

  7. Braindance says:

    I think C of the W maybe a little strong, he’s not quite up there with Sting & Pope Ratty, but I would like to bring to your attention Dicksplash of the week, Abdoulaye Wade

    He has just spent £17 million on a Soviet realist statue whilst the people directly below it have regular blackouts & flooding.

  8. kate says:

    That blog has some grrreat picks. Sunglasses are the best piece of apparel. I want a sea of sunglasses for you Sister, for me, for everyone. No one has to make eye contact ever again!

  9. editor says:

    no i was not aware. in fact, i was blissfully unaware.
    i always thought glasses were the greatest thing, until i needed a pair, and then i felt betrayed because suddenly, when i wasn’t accompanying a prescription-dependent friend on a shopping trip, and instead it was i who needed a pair, all the frames in the stores looked horrible on me. until i found my pair. and they are the greatest thing. and i’m counting on them lasting for years and years and years and years. and years.

  10. XuXu says:


    VIVA LA TONGUE!!!!!!!



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