Now What?!


This coveted hideous t shirt by Christopher Kane will be available at Topshop for $90, thus allowing the average nobody the thrill of dressing like Mom of Shoes! A nice egalitarian move by Christopher Kane, which I would applaud were it not for the hideousness.


If that isn’t enough egalitarianism for you, how about Tavi helping the Rodarte sisters to present their new line for Target?

What Designer/Blogger/Chain Store partnerships would you like to see? How about Karla’s Closet + Lanvin for Walmart?

Help me out, it’s 3 AM and it’s been a long traumatic night.

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19 Responses to Now What?!

  1. Jimmy P says:

    am a bit ignorant on designers and rarely go to chain stores but I reckon Sister Wolf could help all of them

  2. skye says:

    Well, since they’ll let any old person have a line of their own as far as i can tell (eg. Kate Moss for Topshop or Erin Wasson for whatever that skate brand is that makes her t-shirts), I reckon Karla could just have her own line for Walmart, no Lanvin required.

    Imagine the genius!

  3. arline says:

    It is kind of irritating, isn’t it. I refuse to buy designer clothes for.. just out of principle, and the clothes are not well made anyway.

    Actually, it is more boring to me than irritating.

  4. Jill says:

    First thing I thought when I saw the Kane shirt/dress was “Oh, I bet that beast has horrible breath”.

  5. Sister Wolf + Balmain for Kmart!

  6. andrea says:

    The “horrible breath” reference is epic.

  7. Stella Mayfair says:

    mwahhhh! I second you, Iheartfashion!

  8. alittlelux says:

    i do not like this tiny tavi. at thirteen i was obsessed with charmed, putting sun-in in my hair (brilliant idea), and experimenting with blue eyeshadow. my mom still took me shopping!

    it also annoys me that as a recent college graduate, tiny tavi has a job, while i do not. perhaps she is just far more brilliant than i? barf.

  9. glitterchckn says:

    Tavi schmavi! Karla is just …well, sadly for her, Karla. Never seen such horrible styling since my last skim through Lucky mag.

    PS Dont forget Rumi and RVCA collaboration for another detest-ful scenario!

  10. OneOfThePlebs says:

    well fuck me sideways …. i’ve had enough of these ridiculous collaborations. I want my clothes to be designed by people who know what they’re doing or at least have the qualifications and experience to pretend that they know what they’re doing.

    I do not want some skank bloggers like Rumi and Karla (who rip off other skank ho bags like wasson and moss) “designing” clothes and selling them to fucking idiots for inflated prices. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH

  11. You see I rest my case – make your own horn hat headgear at least no one can accuse you of being a try hard! I give up I have no idea what to say or think about this current phenomena of design bollocks.

  12. Imelda Matt says:

    This Rodarte/Tavi shit is insanity. WTF…I mean cool, she loves fashion but in my opinion courting the ‘opinion’ of a 13 year old girl seems desperate.

  13. Sister Wolf says:

    Jimmy P – Yes, I believe I was put Here to help.

    Skye – Karla needs to design legwear, since her legs are so, ahem, shapely.

    arline – I can only aspire to be bored rather than irritated.

    Jill – Hahahahahahha!

    Iheartfashion – I’d take out those fucking shoulder pads, first thing!

    andrea – yes, she killed it.

    Stella Mayfair – Well, it looks like it’s me and Balmain, then. I’ll let them know.

    alittlelux – Here is my theory: the Tavi and the Rodarte Sisters all seem to be somewhat autistic (precocious, obsessed, savants, oddballs) who have bonded because of it. Good for them! I just don’t want to hear any more about their mutual appreciation.

    glitterchkn – Oh dear, Roomy has one too??

    OneofThePlebs – YES, let them be qualified, not just popular teenagers!

    Make Do – Don’t even stoop to think about them.

    annemarie – Oh my! thanks xo

    Imelda Matt – It takes a Despot to tell the truth, thank you.

  14. WTF (What The Fashion) says:

    It’s very common to masquerade someone that you’re not. As being a “fashion blogger” although you’re not “fashionable”.

    I saw this loathsome rugs at Mom of shit and Sea of shit. Tsk..Tsk.. bunch of posers.

  15. What I find baffling about the Christopher Kane t-shirt is that including an almost-identical one in his low-priced range to that which he’s seling for a couple of hundred bucks immediatley draws attention to the fact that it should, by rights, be reasonably cheap anyway.

    Or is gorilla stock higher than crocodile these days?

  16. But what’s Tavi going to do when she’s 19? Give her something to aspire to, Rodarte.

  17. Alicia says:

    God, you are fucking hilarious. I <3 you.

  18. paula says:

    this is hee-larious!

    out of line —-i know a girl here who used to hate fashion coz she was fat, now she’s thin, thanks to all that vomit she poured to their toilet after eating.she’s suddenly a fashion girl now! bought some chanel shoes and she has this Kane shirt. which i think was far flung- too expensive.

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