Remembering Jane Aldridge

Those were the days, right? I haven’t thought about her until recently, when someone wrote to me, urging me to catch up on her antics. I was too lazy to bother.

But on July 11, I tweeted this:

the terrible tweet

Less than 24 hours later, bam, I received this comment on, waiting to be moderated:


What?  My dead son?  The comment was sent from Denton County, Texas. Guess who lives in Denton County?


What is wrong with people? Is it just Trophy Club or Denton County? Do people understand the concept of losing a child? Hello? Earth to Denton County?

I don’t know what’s worse, the cowardice or the deranged free-floating hatred?

Anyway, get a grip, Jane, Mom or Aunt Karen. This is some fucked up shit.

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35 Responses to Remembering Jane Aldridge

  1. annemarie says:

    I don’t know what to say about a mind capable of harboring this level of rage and hate towards a person who, years ago, committed the grievous offense of making fun of them. She is clearly in need of a psychiatrist and/or exorcism and/or ayahuasca. But perhaps there is no cure for being a hateful little twat.

  2. deb* says:

    There are no words to describe this individual! Disgraceful!And ignorant!!!!

  3. Marky says:

    Oh, no. I’m sorry.

  4. Sister Wolf says:

    Marky – She really is just a skanky smalltown Texas girl who needs her mouth washed out with soap. Depressing.

  5. Mrs. Wife says:

    She just can’t handle the fact that there are actually bloggers of substance with a unique point of view, & not just doing outfit posts with “r style me” (reward style) links where she makes a commission if you click on her link & buy the item so you can be just like her. She is the most vapid & shallow blogger out there. It Just doesn’t cut it anymore to pose prettily & say this is what I’m wearing. Fashion blogging has evolved & she hasn’t. THAT’S why she didn’t make the list. She really doesn’t have anything to offer except herself modeling expensive designer duds. & being a whore for the designers giving her free stuff if she does an outfit post on them. The truth hurts. You must have hit a nerve with your humor- & she/they needed to hurt you because she/they were hurt. You have been very open on your blog about the loss of your son & your grief, & they used that to hurt you the in the same way way they took your clever tweet. She/they don’t realize that by lashing out at you she/they showed how much she/they really cared about not being on the Town & Country list! So high school! Do what my mother used to tell me if somebody was mean to me as a child-don’t pay attention. Only someone who is not a mother could say something like that. Just ignore the remark & continue living your life & healing.

  6. taylor says:

    I don’t know if you remember me, my blog used to be Things on Hangers. I don’t have a fashion blog anymore, because fuck that.

    My Dad died in a horrible car accident three weeks ago. He had an on again/off again girlfriend who was/is a psychotic bitch. She would show up at his house uninvited and bang on the door until he let her in. Drunk. My Dad was in recovery for the last 14 or so years of his life, so you can imagine.

    She has two horrible kids who were hateful toward my Dad for literally no reason, and always making hateful comments to me and my sister. For no reason. THEIR father beat up the girls boyfriend (he walked in on them fucking) to such a pulp that the boys family could have easily pressed charges. So, I don’t know, maybe they resented us because our father wasn’t a violent lunatic. The day my Dad died, well after EVERYONE knew (I’m from a small ish suburb and there was tons of shit in the newspaper because there were three wrecks in the construction site he wrecked in, and three fatalities) his girlfriend’s daughter posted a photo of her BRAND NEW MERCEDES on Instagram with the caption “Happiest day of my life.”

    My sister commented something like, “Take this shit down.” If there was any small chance that perhaps she wasn’t aware, that was admonished when, instead of removing the photo, she removed my sister’s comment. So my sister commented again, and she was promptly deleted and blocked.

    I am from Birmingham, Alabama. I am 26, lived there until I turned 20 then got the fuck out. Trust me when I say that the south is FUCKED. It produces some of the most awful human beings that I have ever encountered. Many of the women are insane and entitled, thinking that being attractive entitles them to do absolutely nothing while being bought Birkins and fed wine. It is more socially acceptable to be a heroin addict than it is to just not be a Christian. Don’t even get me started about my experience with the police. It’s terrifying to live there as a gay man, but it might be even more terrifying to live there as a woman. Don’t expect anyone to care if you were raped. Especially not other women, because they were too, and they “got over it,” and getting over it didn’t involve pressing charges. Even being in LA now, more often than not when I meet another southerner, I can’t stand them.

    Also…. also… Honey Boo Boo and her mom. Need I say more?

    Anyhow, people who make these comments about the deceased to their loved ones are unquestionably the biggest piles of shit I’ve ever encountered, but does it surprise me that your comment came from that area of Texas? Sadly, no, it does not. Entitled, wealthy southerners are giant piles of shit, so maybe nothing has really changed that much from 100… 200 years ago.

  7. Sister Wolf says:

    taylor – Of course I remember you and I’m so sorry about your dad. You must still be in shock, 3 weeks is nothing at all when it comes to absorbing this kind of loss. The people you are dealing with sound brain damaged but I now know that these kind of people actually exist. They are missing something in their psyche or their brain that makes people act like human beings.

    It seems unfair to blame the South – so many brilliant writers came from the south! But fuck, these awful people do seem to from a certain type of culture that celebrates stupidity.

    I’m so sorry you have to go through this. Let me know how I can support you. You can get by email as well, xo

  8. Sister Wolf says:

    Mrs. Wife – You are so smart – I didn’t even stop to think that I had touched a nerve re the T&C thing. The women they chose had either talent or very prestigious families. Boo hoo for Jane.

  9. Sil says:

    No need to share my opinion about such a crap… fuck´em. But I have to disagree about calling this kind of trash pile of shit, as at least a big pile of shit can be useful for something, and sadly they are just useless brainless humans whose only target is buy expensive trash and believe they are unique in the world. Sad, but check out Lovely Pepa, a spanish blog, and you will just have another example.

    Please excuse my english, long time without writting… all the best for you from Spain

  10. Dj says:

    I’m sorry someone from Texas can be so cruel, vulgar, disrespectful and hateful…

  11. Ali says:

    🙁 whoever wrote that is a sociopath

  12. Bevitron says:

    Oh man, Sister Wolf, I am so sorry. What kind of depraved conditions could spawn that kind of awesome soullessness? No, I don’t even want to know. What a reprehensible person-thing to spew such venom.

    (Having grown up in the Jim Crow south and seen lots of the worst, I can sure understand some people’s animosity. Today, I don’t personally know any rich or entitled folks [I’ve seen, though, oh yeah], and I do think there are some worthwhile people here & there.)

  13. bettieblue says:

    Now if that ain’t a cunt.

  14. Eek says:

    It is obvious that your occasional correspondence is an irretrievably broken person, an ordinarily evil person with whom any dialogue will yield not a single sane word. But you are human. How to recover from a gutshot by such an inadequate person. Someone who mocks a mother for the loss of her child is flatly depraved.

    Ask your friends here how best to cope.

  15. triggerhippy86 says:

    Jesus Jane, get a bloody grip! If this is in fact her, I cannot even begin to understand this level of “mean girl” behaviour. Really twisted. The girl clearly has no fucking soul.

    I have to admit I used to check on her blog now and then a few years back, -purely for the photos- as she seemed to like unusual colour/pattern combinations.

    I stopped looking at her blog completely around the time she turned her comments off. A few negative comments amongst hundreds of “OMG!!! soooo cute!!” and “fierce, girl!” and she can’t just take it anymore? FECK OFF! Somebody call the wahmbulance! It also served to alienate the very people who put her where she is now.

    If someone wants to prance around in overpriced clothes and take endless photos of themselves, they can go right ahead. They should not expect unanimous praise for doing it. Why aren’t fucking mirrors enough for these narcissists!

    I actually started reading your blog after the first shitstorm with Jane and her ilk. Guess whose blog I am still reading? 🙂

    Just keep doing what you’re doing Sister Wolf, much love XO

  16. triggerhippy86 says:

    P.S. You are all over Luxirare’s instagram BTW 😉

  17. Sister Wolf says:

    Here’s how I’m handling it. I am retweeting the tweet that sent her off, every day for eternity. Feel free to retweet it as well.

    I had no idea it was a sore spot – but now, it’s rewarding to keep tweeting it.

    Once, she finally called off one of her underlings who kept sending me personal hate mail, and the underling wrote :I’m only stopping because Jane says she’s sick your whining about it.”

    Jane, you are a skanky little piece of Eating Disorder with unhealthy thoughts and a brain disorder. Get a top lip. P.S. I still like your mom though. xo

  18. Dru says:

    I’ve read and commented over here back in the day when Jane was still a kid, and really all I thought of her was that she was a kid with a mother who liked to indulge her. And that she was silly for wearing shoes that hurt.

    I can’t believe she grew up to be evil, warped and humourless enough to do, well, this. Or to think it’s acceptable as a response to a simple tweet. Jane, if you or your winged monkeys are reading this, grow up please. You can’t do much about a lack of top lip(I haven’t got much of one either) but you are 22 years old, try not to behave like a vile, childish twat. Same goes for your minions.

  19. Dru says:

    P.S. re: Luxirare, Sister, please ignore anything she’s saying on her instagram. It breaks my heart to see it but she’s clearly in severe need of help.

  20. Richard says:

    The comment is full of hate and crosses a line. There was no need to reference your son’s passing. Someday her looks may fade and she may be referred to by those younger than her as an old hag.

  21. ali says:

    I keep coming back to this post. Sound bites from that comment keep popping into my head. It is so awful.

    I am so sorry you have to deal with this. Dallas should be razed to the ground.

    Funny enough, 2 years or so ago my bf’s ex (from Dallas) launched an unhinged twitter campaign against me too. She could only go after my internet personality, my looks, and my bf’s supposed character flaws – but even so, it left me shaken. Thinking about her or seeing her name by accident still makes me want to throw up. If I am feeling self destructive, sometimes I look her up just to make myself feel like shit.

    Her ranting was nowhere near the brutality of this particular comment and the brutal attacks against you from 20(11?)

    For the record, I like Iggy Azalea too -although inevitable she is having a rough go of it due to her position in the music industry. As for cries of appropriation or accusations of “verbal black face”, – most critics take everything she says and does out of context until the argument is totally cooked.

    I can’t understand why people don’t want to try the more obvious critical approach: going after the board of executives behind each music label. The existence of a white girl rapper isn’t the problem, the problem is the lack of monetary support for WOC rappers.

    and … “whore trash”. I forgot, is my generation reclaiming the sexually provocative identity or is this a catchall label for humans we dislike? I can’t remember. But the jorts underwear tribe subsists upon a diet of words and air. Gotta watch those thigh gaps. Free the nipple!

    Humans make me sick.

    For whatever it is worth, you have wonderful taste. I trust it. And after listening to Max’s music and reading about him, I think his taste in art, music, and humans is equally wonderful.

  22. Deena says:

    Anyone who makes a comment like that has clearly never lost anyone that they loved, and is incapable of loving anyone but themselves. Crap like that makes me want to disconnect my internet.

  23. Suspended says:

    Poor Jane, she’s obviously fucking starving. We’re all mean when we need to eat…she’s just meaner.

    It’s cool to see her posing next to her “purge” in the underpass. She’s so hungry she’s even wearing clothes that resemble food; like those Black Pudding boots.

    You poked the beast, Sister, and now it wants blood.

  24. triggerhippy86 says:

    Dru – I second that. Luxirare is definitely having some kind of meltdown. I used to love her food posts and totally forgot she was even on my Instagram until recently and now my feed is flooded with her. I would unfollow her but I don’t want to give her the satisfaction as she screenshots people who unfollow her and seems to go after them :/

  25. Dru says:

    For what it’s worth, I can’t stand Iggy Azalea, she’s a weak rapper and the accusations of racism apply to stuff that predate her record deal ……but of all things, to use HER as the pretext to launch this attack? Awful people.

  26. Ali says:

    Dru- Iggy Azalea apologized for the lyric I think you are alluding to and engaged the surrounding discussion directly.

    She isn’t the best rapper but many successful rappers are not the best rappers. The jury is still out. Iggy is 23 and she is SMART

  27. Catherine says:

    She really is quite a delicate flower. If she can’t handle a sarcastic condolence tweet how does she not wilt and wither in the hot Texas sun?
    No wonder she had to disable her comments.
    I almost feel bad for how sheltered she is sometimes, but things like this remind me that’s not necessary. I’m sorry that she is hitting below the belt with remarks about Max.
    Mrs. Wife is absolutely right about her blog not evolving. It’s basically a thinspiration blog with click and buy links.

  28. Rose says:

    This sort of nastiness can only come from a place of profound ignorance, from someone with no concept of the love that a mother has for her child. Surely if this person ever has children of her own this is the sort of hateful comment would play on their conscious, albeit a newly grown one.

  29. Dru says:

    Ali – it wasn’t the lyric, it was tweets from before she blew up saying stuff like ‘me chief, record label Indian, I talk, you listen’, stuff like that. More than one of them too, and those were never addressed.

    In any case, this isn’t the place for rapper discussion, it’s all about the fact that the Trophy Club posse are terrible human beings and will go as low as a human being possibly can. And that they completely and totally lack grace or humour. Looks like Sister hit the same nerve as Texas Monthly, except that I don’t think any of them would have the stones to try to pull this same shit with Texas Monthly.

  30. Marya says:

    she is disgusting, second to none. and you are apparently very powerful…. strange she lets someone she supposedly loathes have so much power over her. She is 22 years into her life sentence of being a bad person.

  31. HelenWaite says:

    I grew up in that part of the world – even went to school in Denton for a while. I can attest hat it ain’t Denton-specific, that kind of nastihate.
    I’ve known some really cool artists, bands,record freaks and quirky museum owner that have come from Denton.

    That chick is a dick, though.

  32. Jaimi says:

    Holy shit, what an ignorant nasty! Ignore this awful person and their associates, they’re absolutely disgusting.

  33. She sounds like a simpleton. Her insults are on such a base level, she reminds me of a little child who would love to be able to swear but can only come up with “you’re a bum poo”.
    Good on you for publishing her comment though. These vile humans should be exposed. She’s a pretty thing (for a ginger) but if you cracked the little skin bag open all you’d find is a putrid vapour.

  34. Alicia says:

    Aunt Karen is back!! Goodness. They are terrible.

  35. meagain says:

    Apparently others think luxi is ‘cray cray’ too:

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