Gucci Brings It

GUCCI Striped shearling and goat hair jacket

But why? Just tell me why!  Look, just two of these monstrosities left.

GUCCI one left

Shearling and goat hair, I can practically smell it.

I predict the era of Eurotrash and disco coming back in full force, as if to say “I’ll show you, normcore!” We’ll all need a safe place to hide if this jacket is an indication of the horror to come.

gucci 3

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10 Responses to Gucci Brings It

  1. Sam says:

    Does not compute.

  2. Eek says:

    That jacket is so hideous.

    Maybe this is my imagination, but I find Gucci for women so often Eurotrash and hooker chic, but for men, it can be truly sophisticated. Am I wrong? New Vanity Fair with Prince George on cover has some gorgeous, intellectual men’s stuff on a model standing next to a Gucci hooker girl.

  3. Cristine McC says:

    The offspring of Cruella DeVille & a Billy goat. Baaaaa’d fashion

  4. David Duff says:

    Might be a tad dodgy wearing that during the hunting season!

  5. Maybe they only made two?

  6. ali says:

    I don’t think high fashion is “cool” anymore if it does not somehow resemble sports/hiphop culture tastes! Normcore won! Only the die hard avant garde enthusiasts are proud to be into high fashion. and fashion blogs have become such a scam that the content no longer has value/”cred” among taste makers (unless you’re Wendy Brandes). I recently listened to a podcast featuring Rumi Neely and even she seemed to be embarrassed to be associated with fashion blogging.

    Likely the primary job of these jackets in 2014 will be to collect mothballs in the closets of Dallas trophy wives.

  7. Dj says:

    Hideous on all levels

  8. Deena says:

    Looks like Pepe le Pew.

  9. Blighty says:

    Reminds me I need to take my dog to the groomers

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