Shopping Intervention

Stop me


Who can stop me from buying this leather jacket?  I have at least five leather jackets but not this one.

Step Two: “Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.”

I’m skipping Step One.

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23 Responses to Shopping Intervention

  1. Suspended says:

    I have no negative words to distract you from its beauty. Sorry.

  2. Sam says:

    Do you need it?
    Cos if you need it then buy it…………….I’m not one to stop anyone getting things they need.

  3. Sam says:

    Actually, you never mentioned price………..
    …….very telling.

  4. annemarie says:

    You should buy this jacket because you already have the GOLD LEATHER PANTS to go with it. Duh!

  5. Muscato says:

    Ah, Sam, I think you’ve hit on the heart of the dilemma. Were such a thing of beauty (and total appropriateness for Our Hostess) of a cost not to induce gasps, I have a feeling it would already be being worn. Pity, as it really is something…

  6. Bessie the Cow says:

    Um, uh, No.

  7. ali says:

    NOT ME! It is gold!

  8. ali says:

    Found it on the internet. Almost screwed up my monthly budget for it. THE GODS HAVE SPOKEN… it is sold out!

  9. Sister Wolf says:

    Suspended – Right?

    Sam – $422 ($1,000 off!)

    annemarie – !!! I forgot about the gold leather pants. I would only wear them together after I turn 75.

    Muscato – Waaaaaaaah!

    Bessie the Cow – Oh, cows can’t vote on this, come on.

    ali – WHAT?!? You would have bought it right under my nose? What kind of daughter (as I think of you) would do that? Explain!

  10. ali says:

    I couldn’t help it!!! The price was so good! The jacket was SO gold! forgive me!

  11. Sister Wolf says:

    ali – !!!!!! It would be worse than stealing a boyfriend to steal another woman’s GOLD LEATHER JACKET!

  12. Bessie the Cow says:

    If cows could vote the world would be greener. It’s bling-blingy. Bourgie-bourgie, as they say.
    moooooo kisses to youuuuuuuuuu.

  13. ali says:

    Cleopatra will wear it in hell!

  14. Sister Wolf says:

    ali – I will see her there, then.

    Bessie the Cow – yeah, I’m going to have to cling to that description to soothe my pain, especially after being BACKSTABBED by ali!

  15. Dj says:

    I think you can do better!!

  16. alittlelux says:

    what if you buy it for me and then we share joint custody? you can have it every thursday and every other weekend. that seems fair :p (GOOD ONE MOM AND DAD)

  17. Marky says:

    I’m sorry to say that it looks as if it were custom made for you.

  18. Lynnski says:

    Yeah, I’m with Marky. Can’t intervene, don’t wanna intervene. I want to see you wear it.

  19. Kellie says:

    If you don’t admit its a problem, then it isn’t a problem : )
    Congrats on having cracked the code !!!

  20. Andra says:

    Looks like a jockey’s shirt to me. If you bought it you’d have to get a horse.

  21. If you get it, promise me you won’t wear it with puffy white pants.

  22. Queen Marie says:

    I fear I cannot stop you.
    This was made for you.
    Feck it.
    Buy it….


  23. Jaimi says:

    I can only encourage you! It’s so gorgeous!

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