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This Be Some News For Philip Larkin

Everyone I know and everyone you know can quote the first line of This Be The Verse by Philip Larkin, a poem he wrote in 1971. They fuck you up, your mum and dad. That one line has served as … Continue reading

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Poor Little Bear

I have been too sad lately. Too sad to stay awake and too sad to live. It comes and goes. When it doesn’t go, I get worried and even more despondent. It’s something to do with my genes and my … Continue reading

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Please Don’t Jump

“Suicide is not a rational act. It is an act of desperation, carried out after a monumental struggle.“ If only we could all form a safety net for those who can’t see a way out of their suffering! Please Don’t … Continue reading

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The Black Jeans Situation

I have taken a vow to stop buying black jeans, but I broke it twice in one week. I’m beginning to wonder if there are any black jeans in the universe that would fit me properly, or if I’ll spend … Continue reading

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