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The Wisdom Of Lock-Up Extended Stay

I watched Lock-Up Extended Stay the other night for the first time in years, having dismissed it as too voyeuristic and depressing. Now, it seems to be full of existential wisdom. You can view the prison as a metaphor for … Continue reading

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The Sister Wolf Brand

Branding is so important, blah blah blah. You love Godammit dot com, so imagine how much you’ll love a genuine Sister Wolf t-shirt! Is this the greatest design in the history of the world?! I think so, too. (Credit goes … Continue reading

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The Manson Family: A Gift That Keeps on Giving

No matter how much time passes, The Manson Family endures as the epitome of depraved evil. It just never gets old. This week, a new documentary about Roman Polanski has been playing on TV every night. Now, Manson murderess Susan … Continue reading

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