The Sister Wolf Brand

Branding is so important, blah blah blah. You love Godammit dot com, so imagine how much you’ll love a genuine Sister Wolf t-shirt!

Is this the greatest design in the history of the world?! I think so, too. (Credit goes to my Webmaster) I need to choose a manufacturer for this project, and then before you know it, you’ll be able to buy a t-shirt for yourself and your loved ones.

100% of the profits will go to the Cause, i.e. staying out of debtors’ prison.

YES, you would buy one; or NO, go fuck myself?

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55 Responses to The Sister Wolf Brand

  1. Yes, please! Sign me up for two. And every time our debt comes up in conversation, my father-in-law says “what can they do, there’s no such thing as debtor’s prison anymore!” So not comforting.

  2. Girl World says:

    i hate t shirts with names on them but i still luv u

  3. hammie says:

    I wish to acquire this. xx

  4. Lauren says:

    I want one NOW!

  5. propriatress says:

    yes I want one. All together on one Red T shirt………’s 2, 2 California phenoms in One!!

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