The Moto Bootie

Thong strap, zippers, folded cuffs, snaps, fake weaving, six inch heels….what, no kitchen sink?

Remember how in The September Issue, Anna Wintour cringes and says, “We don’t use [the word] bootie?”   Ha. Anna, you’re too sensitive. Try saying “Moto Bootie.”

The Lana Moto Bootie by Dolce Vita. $275

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22 Responses to The Moto Bootie

  1. Stella Mayfair says:

    fake alexander wang / alexander mcqueen hybrid? oh the horrors!

  2. Faux Fuchsia says:


    I’ve had one of the worst days of my Professional Career and this just makes me angrier.

    Who in God’s Own name is designing and manufacturing this Rubbish?

    This is an Uglyy Ugly Ugly Shoe.

    The World has Quite Clearly, gone Stark Raving MAD.

    Meanwhile Some Poor Deluded Person thinks this is Visionary.

  3. Romeo says:

    It’s visionary!

  4. Cricket9 says:

    Moto Bootie, moto Bootie. The name, together with the visuals (not to mention the price) make me nauseous. Does Sea of Sss…hoes have them yet?
    Thank goodness, there is always the option to go barefoot.

  5. Mark says:

    Wow. Too early in the day to look at these. I’m speechless.

  6. Juri says:

    Actually, while most of the kids in the office were busy shipping car paint to Finland today, I was busy deciding “why do I want to put my penis in that shoe?”
    Then I realized it looks like a fucking female thing and went “fair enough.”

  7. Iron Chic says:

    Why do shoes have to be so complicated now? Why?!

  8. Dru says:

    I disagreed with you about the tabi shoes, but I cannot do the same here. This is just fugly (thank you for that word, Fug Girls!) and looks uncomfortable too.

  9. Pudfish says:

    it’s a leather jacket, no, a pencil case, no, it’s a shark – give up, what is it?

  10. I’m going to snarl Moto Bootie at people that piss me off and there’s a few today!

  11. Ann says:

    Those have Rumi written all over them.

  12. HelOnWheels says:

    I think this monstrosity has put me off shopping for shoes for at least the next two months. Who do I have to kill for causing this?

  13. Sil says:

    They are extremely ugly, look really unconfortable and are terribly expensive. They just have it all. Great, I wil go on saving money in case I get fired. Please, “designers”, go on with stuff like this and soon I will get my flat paid.

  14. TheShoeGirl says:

    As a professional shoe designer… yaaaa buddy…. I can professionally say that these are awful.

  15. arline says:

    Words cannot describe these things.

  16. dust says:

    Oh, mootie!

  17. deja pseu says:

    LOL @ Faux Fuschia! So much ugly heaped on top of so much bad design.

  18. patni says:

    If these are visionary, they are the kind of vision that Hieronymus Bosch might have had.

  19. patni says:

    ps… i love Bosch’s paintings, i just don’t want to live in his visions or dreams

  20. Sil says:

    I was wondering what substance did the creator of that smoke before drawing the designs…

  21. M.C. says:

    little too much not really loving these….it is like they took something from all the shoes that they love and put it into one…gross!

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