Tasergate? Paging George Orwell!

No one should be surprised that a guilty verdict means nothing to Mrs. P or her supporters. But it’s still disturbing to hear her express pleasure at being cleared of “any legal wrongdoing.” Does she deliberately use the word “legal” to distinguish that sort of wrongdoing from “ethical” wrongdoing? Is she a genius with words, when all along we’ve been calling her a moron? We will need to ask George Orwell to get the answer.

However, not only does she call guilty innocent, in this phone interview with reporters, she calls Troopergate “Tasergate.” A clever attempt to refocus attention to Trooper Wooten, the victim of her vendetta, who is accused of tasering his own son. But guess what, Mrs. Palin, Wooten’s son subsequently chose to live with his father after a custody dispute! Nice try, but flagrant foul, as they say in basketball.

If you read the report, you will find that Todd Palin had his own perch in his wife’s office, a conference table where he sat all day making threatening phone-calls on behalf of the deranged Missus. I thought the First Dude was supposed to be a house-husband?? Maybe this explains why he never holds that poor baby.   The best response to this shit is a story over here, which ends on this note:

“Elect these nutbars, and Todd Palin will be renditioning people who cut him off in traffic.”

Pap Smear, we must crank up our efforts. We must challenge Palin’s “verbage” and not allow any more nonsense to come out of her one-lipped mouth without calling her on it.

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16 Responses to Tasergate? Paging George Orwell!

  1. OMGGMAB says:

    Obviously, Church Lady didn’t listen to the catechism classes that taught her about lying and that it included half truths! Ethics falls into this category. It means that sometimes, even though one feel righteous about a subject (ie: sister getting bested by husband) one does not use one’s position of power to make a judgement. The judgment is supposed to be left to the law enforcement/prosecutorial part of our government. Perhaps she “forgot” about those aspects of procedure.

    Sarah is in cahoots with OJ Simpson. Both believe they are above the law and both look for the excitable prosecutor that will ask them to try on the gloves before knowing if they fit! Let us not make the same mistake!! The gloves fit and they are covered with blood, lies, and deceit for the Alaskan governor. And hey Todd, unfortunately for you, you’re a pawn. She wanted to claim your Native blood for her own devices. Hope your unsuspecting offspring figure that out before she runs them into the political ground!

  2. Bex says:

    Goddammit, she must be destroyed!!! Immediately!!! She’s Satan’s spawn!

  3. dewayne says:

    newspeak is so disorienting. does 2+2=5 yet?

  4. enc says:

    It just keeps getting better, doesn’t it?

  5. Juri says:

    After she and Grandpa have stolen the election by manipulating the voting machines, she will give Grandpa a blow job of death which, together with a Viagra overdose, will kill him of a heartattack. Then she will change her name to Big Sister, and after a while we will all realise that we love her and have been wrong all along in our resistance.

    Until that happens I’ll still think she’s a moron with some brilliant crooks, in either her staff or Grandpa’s, to teach her which words to twist and how. I wonder what kind of holy teflon her which hunting pastor pals have anointed her since she seems to be getting away with absolutely anything. This is simply not natural.

  6. Is speechless an option? Can she spell d-e-l-u-s-i-o-n-a-l

  7. ash says:

    Dude. This whole situation is making that Ross Perot guy seem sane, after all! Those Palin’s are a bunch of wierdos! I feel sorry for Alaska!

  8. sleepy says:

    New fan!
    Love your work!

  9. Imelda Matt says:

    FUCK ME sideways…who’s buying this shite and I wanna know where the fuck it Hilary? Why isn’t she on the attack?

    This is mildly amusing


  10. Imelda Matt says:

    OH! and I forgot, if bitch says ‘tasergate’ again I’ll high kick her in hive with MY Taser heels.

  11. Tasergate? Since when do perps name their own gate?

  12. Sister Wolf says:

    DAMN RIGHT, she is not allowed to name her gate! But she is a maverick, remember. She doesn’t need any stinkin’ badges!

    Why is this woman allowed to walk the earth?!? Can’t Dick Cheney shoot her?!

    OMGGMAB is right. The glove fits!!!

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