The Apotheosis of Hideous Fur Coats

pucci coat


Emilio Pucci – Printed calf hair, goat and fox coat, $21,750

Editor’s Notes:

“This printed calf hair coat was one of the final looks of Emilio Pucci’s fall runway. Trimmed with fox and goat hair, this coverup is accented with strips of leather and suede. Accentuate the stud embellishments with silver jewelry.”

Eeoooow! Look how they can’t even bring themselves to call it a “coat.” It’s a “coverup.” How could this thing be more horrible?  I really think Pucci has nailed it.


On the other hand, I actually like this one:

Robert Cavalli coat


Roberto Cavalli – dyed fox and raccoon coat, $17,860

I could never wear a garment made from dead things that might be in my back yard; raccoon fur might as well be possum or rat as far as I’m concerned.

But at least it’s fluffy and colorful, evoking groupies and hookers and fun-loving Eurotrash.

What do you think? Hate them both? Hate me? Weigh in.

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10 Responses to The Apotheosis of Hideous Fur Coats

  1. carla fox says:

    Hate them. Love you.

  2. Stephanie says:

    I once had a black monkey hair coat in the late ’60’s.
    Wonder where it is now.

  3. Bessie the Cow says:

    Is this the real life?
    Is this just nightmare?
    Caught in a slaughterhouse,
    No escape from brutality.

    Open your eyes,
    Look up to the skies and see,
    I’m just a poor cow, I need some sympathy,
    Because I’m easy cut, easy slice,
    Little blood, little hide,
    Any way the wind blows IT DOES really matter to me, to me.

    Mama, just killed a cow,
    Put a gun against her head,
    Pulled my trigger, now she’s dead.
    Mama, life had just begun,
    But now I’ve gone and thrown it all away.

    Mama, ooh,
    Didn’t mean to make you cry,
    If I’m not back again this time tomorrow,
    Carry on, carry on with animal rights activities, carry on.

    Well, exploitation stops with me. That’s all I can do. Think of the golden rule applying to all life. I wouldn’t want to be a factory farmed, miserably lived creature, murdered, skinned, for some rich, mindless, thoughtless, unaware, uncaring fellow blood-and-bone sack to wear.

    Forgive me my cowpinions. I’m just a poor cow, I need some sympathy.

    Love you!!!!

  4. Kellie says:

    There is a pink curly lamb coat by MiuMiu that i would love dearly.
    It is $27,00.00
    The Pucci one saddens me, as i love Pucci, but not that hot mess. Ish.
    The multi colored one is much nicer.
    The best coat i have ever had was a Camden market red, black and gray one. I have had nothing but compliments on it. It was new, and about $50.00.
    I should have bought 2 for when it gives out.

    And I love you. Regardless of your coat.

  5. Cricket9 says:

    Bessie the Cow, I’m with you. Dear Pucci & Cavalli, leave the fucking fur on the rightful owners, looks much better on them. To think that animals died for THIS hideousness – appalling.

  6. Dana says:

    At least they’re reasonably priced.

  7. Dj says:

    Goat??! Horrible! To really make it pucci should have added pieces and parts of coyote, buzzard, road kill and a few chicken bones…the second one, hmmmmm. Best coat I ever clapped eyes on? A beyond gorgeous deep wine full length mink in bendels in the 80s, around $15000 then…..

  8. Hammie says:

    Barnados charity shop had 4 fur jackets yesterday and one full mink coat. They wanted €500 for the coat. Exactly my size. I don’t have €500 but it made me think: the mink is long gone, and reselling it might save another 200 horrible little minks being farmed. €500 is a lot of money for a charity that helps disadvantaged kids. But buying & wearing it perpetuates the fashion and its the fashion that perpetuates this vile industry.
    I couldn’t care a fig about foxes or rabbits, but I don’t think they should die in traps. And fur farming is environmentally disastrous.

    Plus, while I love leather, fur feels like wearing someone’s scalp. So: yeuch!

  9. Sister, save yourself $17,860, I don’t care a great deal for either of them. I thought in China a particular type of dog was referred to as raccoon, as in the ‘ raccoon dog? I may be mistaken. I have been before.

  10. ODYSSEY says:

    First coat: hate. Second one: I can’t hate it. I have some crazy flamboyant friends who could rock that coat to the moon and back. Plus I have a remote fondness for the delightful tackiness that Cavalli churns out into world – reminds me of times past when I frequently stalked Miami in all its colorful, Cavalli-esque glory.

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