The Crazy Mothers Club

If you had a crazy mother, you will spend your whole life trying to transcend it. If you are a crazy mother, no degree of remorse will ease your heavy heart.

My mom was crazy. Even into her forties, my sister was ashamed to let anyone find out. Whenever I meet someone with a crazy mom, I feel an instant kinship, even if their childhood experience was nothing like mine. The burden of a crazy mom sets you apart. You missed out on something that you can barely imagine. But you struggle to forgive her.

I know people who were locked in closets, hit, threatened, screamed at, abandoned, and I know a woman whose mom killed herself on Mother’s Day, knowing her three daughters would find her with a plastic bag over her head.

If your mom was crazy, none of this will shock you. I’m more shocked when an adult friend tells me about a nice day she just had, shopping with her mom. It seems almost otherworldly. How do you get a normal mom, a mom who isn’t either enraged or crying?!?

While PAP Smear takes a break, I’m embarking on a Crazy Mothers Club. We might have a logo, but probably not. Maybe just a secret handshake.

Was (or is) your mom crazy? Here is a place you can talk about it. Â  Rant, complain, whine, and compare notes. Are you a crazy mom? You can confess, seek counsel, or just bond with other crazy moms. No one gets to be mean to anybody else, i.e., bad vibes will not be tolerated.

Since I fit both categories, I get to be CEO. Annemarie will do the PR and heavy lifting. All other positions are open.

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  1. natandkim says:

    Oh man! I would love if there was support group for people with bat-shit crazy moms could sit around & connect with one another. Thank you for creating this blog!

  2. fabian brown says:

    I’m mad at my mam as she is constantly a fat old twat that can’t stop having kids.But, hahaha! she tried to have child number 8 and my step-dad is a fat ues-less piece of shit that can’t even get an erection over the fat bitch that i am forced to call mother.

  3. Norm says:

    Ok, I might be wayyyy to late but like everyone I searched somewhere along those lines and found this. Currently, as in right as I’m typing this, she has been going off non-stop for an hour. I’m voice recording, because I’d never done or thought of it before just to see it as observation/fun and how long this last. I was literally sleeping when she asked something about a little thing so I said no and just snapped. What a shitty morning to wake up to. I haven’t been able to sleep soundly at night and eating well because I have to avoid her. After such a long time, well all my life, I’ve been trying to please her and I could go on and on but I’m finally realizing it’s not me. I grew up thinking there was something wrong with me, always fearful and always careful. I’m the only child and we’ve moved several times growing up. She pushed all the people around who I could talk to and I guess I’m finally up. I was very lonely throughout my childhood but I’m proud I hanged on. These confusing feelings: pity, frustration, sadness, anger, etc. all too familiar. I asked, what’s a kid in that kind of situation suppose to do? I had no bother, no sister, no cousins around, maybe a friend or two, and no dad growing up. I adapted and somehow manage to survive without breaking. It’s difficult right now because I’m in a transition point right and I just separated from the military which I joined because I wanted to move out so bad(good move). I’m ready to cut my ties with her as soon as I can. How do I do that without feeling bad? She was a good provider to say the least but I stopped feeling for her, if I ever did, a long long time ago.

  4. sharon says:

    I can relate to nearly every single person who has posted on here. Like mentioned by one other, I’m not saying anything because even as a 36 year old married adult… my mother is likely reading this. She is unbelievable kinda crazy.

  5. sally says:

    I can relate to you completely Norm. My mother this morning asked me a question, didnt get the answer she wanted and threw a temper tantrum. i was half asleep and didnt know what was going on. I also am in transition period which is the only reason I am here. I get so confused between the feeling of pity and wanting to get as far away and never see her or speak to her again and cut ties forever. But then I feel guilty about it. I think its the only way though. Today was a final straw. I just dont know how to deal with her. She is very selfish, very emotionally unstable. Always crying, yelling. Complaining to everyone. Ruining my relationship with family bc she always wants pity from people so she makes up victim stories so they will baby her.. and usually I end up the villain part in the stories. Things that are so far from truth. I have to just let go of her whole side of the family i think. Her multiple doctors have her on several medications. mood stabalizers, anti depressents ect. I saw a letter from a doctor once saying something about mild scitzophrenia but I read that many people with that are calm. She is FAR from calm. Its like a ticking time bomb that can explode at any given moment for no reason. I cook her dinner every night. Clean, give her things.. all stuff to try to buy myself a day of peace by making her smile.. but thats about as long as it lasts. Then its ” your a horrible horrible child, I dont want you here, you treat me as a slave, you never do anything for me” and throws my presents on the floor. I dont know what else to do. I feel horrible about talking to my dad about it. He left her years ago and doesnt want to deal with it anymore. He zones out whenever i mention anything… but its such an in my face thing now its hard not to ever mention whats happening. Im 31 years old. Moving out of the country with my fiance who is not from this country so we have no other options. I feel so bad for him being in the middle of it. She only just met him and is screaming at him as well. She threw a book at my face today. I almost called the police because I was scared…. but seeing as this is her house.. I didnt think it was fair no matter how bad it gets. Im the one that should leave. However, when I do, I want soooooo bad to just remove her from my life, but I know I wont be able to because I will feel guilty and sorry for her. I dont know what to do! How do you deal with people like this? She honestly believes her lies and no matter how nice I am she still thinks im a monster and is incredibly manipulative and mean and just takes my things, uses me. Im scared to even leave any of my things in my room here…. last time I did that she sold some of it for money.

  6. Brett says:

    Haha, wow I’d love to join this club. My mom is constantly aggravating me, she comes in my room and yells at me to get onto my homework even though I’m on my way she is way too involved in my life she also loves to cuss at me and she will rant screaming I wish you were dead all the time threatening to kill me. She also abuses me physically, hitting me with space heaters, beating me with shoes, she likes to mess with my head a lot saying I said things that I never said. I’m not very good at explaining her as some of the people on here but I definitely have a crazy mother.

  7. MyMomIsACrazyBitch says:

    My mother was divorced by my father. She took us to live in a battered women’s shelter for a year until the divorce was final. I was 8 with 2 little brothers. You can imagine the nightmare.
    After the divorce my mother turned lesbianWhore drug abuser. 2 years into this lifestyle she gave us back to our Father. My father was a drunk that terrorized me. After 6 years my mother shows up and takes my brothers, leaving me behind.
    I moved in with a 26 year old man when I was 16 to escape my dad. I ended up pregnant and when I left the man kept my child. He told her I had postpartum and was crazy. Not true. It’s not that I didn’t care, I couldn’t cope. I raised myself after that. Went on to be one quite successful.
    At the end of my grandparents lives I decided to move to the state my mother was in after she begged me to “come home” and there began her reign of terror.
    One of my brothers she convinced he was mentally ill ended up overdosing and dying. My other brother lives with her to this day she literally wipes his ass makes him dinner every night let’s him drive her car and tells everyone how amazing he is. He sits on his ass playing video games and drinking all night. Sleeps all day.
    I got married and they both terrorize my husband trying to get him to divorce me. They stalk me on social media even though I have them blocked they hack my accounts for ammunition.
    Everything that goes wrong for them is my fault. They only thing they care about is our money.
    She’s called the police on me claiming elder abuse. Tried to take my child away from her father due to “grandparents rights”.
    I invited her to Thanksgiving once where she broke a very expensive Buddha statue in my driveway saying it was evil. She’s Buddhist. She talks of nothing else but her religion constantly day in day out and how positive she is.
    She tells the family many long exhaustive stories about me that they believe.
    I’ve had to block her from every aspect of my life.
    I’m 45 now she’s 66 years old. We went to Hawaii this year and she was mad seeing it on social media like I needed her permission to go somewhere. She abandoned me at 10 years old but still thinks I need her validation.
    I recently made amends with my father which has her seething about choosing his side. My father is a normal person and I’ve realized it’s my crazy mother that destroyed my life.
    My mother at 66 still talks to me like I am 10. Not realizing I’ve grown up to form my adult life and adult opinion. I felt guilty for years that I hate that crazy bitch. I’m over it now.
    She can follow me on Instagram.

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