The Tavi Tunic

I had mixed feelings when I came upon this new item at Shopbop: The Tavi Tunic, modeled here by Starving Girl, doesn’t even look like a tunic but who am I to say what a tunic is.

What does it mean when a tunic that isn’t even a tunic is called “Tavi?” Among my reactions was the thought, WHERE ARE THE FUCKING SISTER WOLF LEATHER SHORTS?!?

I’ve lost all interest in Tavi The Blogger except as a sign of cultural decline. I see she is speaking somewhere about Gen Y for $500-$1,000 per ticket. I didn’t even know there was a Generation Y, that’s how lame I am.

Why don’t we just give up and let the teenagers run everything! We can sit back and watch them cycle through all the fashions and pop culture of the last 60 years. Right now they’re on Punk, or maybe Hippies. Let them worship the music and films of bygone eras, let them say Um all the time, let them sext each other all day long.

All I want is to lay on my gigantic new Sears Pillow-top Mattress and try to forget everything I saw and read online today, including all sex scandals, congressional hearings and the Tavi Tunic.

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45 Responses to The Tavi Tunic

  1. Romeo says:

    I’m genuinely interested in this mattress of yours. How soft or firm is it? How much does it weigh? Can it be thrown directly on the floor or does it require a frame of some sort? What color is it? Does it have a floral print pattern or some other design flourish? What did it cost?

    My current mattress cost me about $20, special gringo price, which means I probably paid at least twice as much as it’s worth. It’s a direct-on-the floor job, and the floor is being devoured by termites (sometimes you can hear the chewing!). In other news, looking forward to water heaters and maybe a refrigerator. I might could do a houseboy gig, but doubt I’d look good in pleather.

  2. Alicia says:

    That mattress does sound devine. Makes me long for the Tempurpedic I once had, but gave up in favor of an Ikea mattress, back pain, and terrible night’s sleeps. I blame dudeguy for refusing to size down to a queen.

  3. Sister Wolf says:

    Romeo – It is a Deluxe Firm and the pillowtop is the shit. It is a giant monolithic presence. You practically need a ladder to get on it. It was on sale plus some kind of rebate thing. We went around laying on mattresses all over town before buying.

    You would look FAB in pleather (as if you haven’t heard that before!)

    Alicia – Jesus, Ikea is a curse. I curse them! A queen is fine for us, tell him!

  4. Luther says:

    “Why don’t we just give up and let the teenagers run everything!”

    Not as long as you’re around. The teenagers are oh so far away from that kind of hotness. They need mentors, you know.

  5. rosy hues says:

    i actually like tavi…she makes more sense than most of the bloggers out there…i like her a wee bit more now after her blog entry ‘can i just say’

  6. Dru says:

    ^well, now we know “Uncle Terry” won’t be going after her anytime soon, which can only be a good thing.
    I really do like the kid, what I don’t like is fashion’s seeming insistence that she’s All That- and also the fact that there are people out there who know of her but have no idea who Susie Bubble is. That is not her fault, but stupid people irritate me.

  7. Dru says:

    Sister- right now, the brats are on the 90s (aka my childhood/early teen years). There’s a shitton of My So-Called Life/grunge fetishisation wankery going on just now. I
    ‘m terrified of what will happen when the late 90s become Flavour of the Month and some idiot teenage hipster decides that Buffy and Roswell are ok to like ‘ironically’. Or worse, decides to give the treatment to late-90s teen movies (Clueless has been cool for years, so we’re screwed there, but is it too much to hope that they will not discover 10 Things I Hate About You, R+J, Cruel Intentions, Bring It On etc?)

    – An Oldie Trying To Preserve The Sanctity of The Relics of Her Own Youth.

  8. Teenagers can’t run a piss up in a brewery I know. They either need a teacher to assist or grown ups to do the dull bits. I found this out as a teenager when I couldn’t organise my friends to do as I bid! Midnight feasts,parties, climbing out of bedrooms to go and see bands, weekends away camping on the beach all fell on my shoulders. I wasn’t a teenager I was a wedding planner…

  9. PS I’m having serious mattress envy.

  10. Karl says:

    Actually, Sister, Tavi just posted about The Whole Terry Richardson Thing (so did I, a week ago, actually). You might change your mind!

  11. Faux Fuchsia says:

    I thought a tunic was a short caftan arrangement, like something Tory Burch would design and have run up in China and sell for $800.

    Meanwhile I have just bought a new down and feather mattress topper.

    It’s like sleeping on top of a fluffy cloud.

  12. sister wolf have you seen this?

    wow! it’s agh. i’ve seen a lot of nude women but this is tasteless.

  13. Stella Mayfair says:

    fake karl reads your blog sister! chic, hmmm?

    plus, i really like tavi. but the tunic is demodé.

  14. Faux Fuchsia says:

    Terry is dead set repulsive.

  15. Stella Mayfair says:’ing.god. i just finished the articles about terry. this is so utterly disgusting. i’m going to puke now.

  16. Ann says:

    I guess I’m no one to say what a tunic is either, but that’s no tunic. I don’t want the teenagers to run everything, but I do want your mattress.

  17. Cricket9 says:

    Actually, Tavi makes a lot of sense. The tunic doesn’t look like a tunic IMO, but – whatever. Please, someone push me down the stairs the day I start wearing clothing designed by 12 years old.

  18. Sheri says:

    Starving girl’s head is too big for her body.

  19. arline says:

    I”m not a fan of the tunic, nor of Tavi.

    Youth does offer freshness and energy, and should be seen and heard, but Hell NO, they cant take over. Nor should the elders be pushed aside.

    Where are the Sister Wolf shorts!?! I want to see all ages of beauty represented, and not limited by what an industry dictates.

    I am interested in creative expression, not copying.

    And lastly I am disgusted by the Repugnant Terry! Sexual expression is awesome, and he does a great job of making it anything but.

  20. Who would win in a fight? Starving Girl or Goony Bird?

    I’m a little appalled at the fact that stuff from my childhood is considered “retro” and “vintage.” WTF? I don’t think the 90s have been dead long enough to be vintage yet, do you? I mean, they’re barely cold in their grave!

    It makes me wonder…what are teenagers growing up now going to look back fondly and a tad possessively on? Their childhoods or scavenged bits of mine and my dads (because the 80s are “so retro” right now).

  21. Joy D. says:

    Well I am glad to know that you aren’t just filling your brain with Shopbop new arrivals. Something tells me you have a nickname for every model on that site.
    Haha at “sext each other all day long”.

  22. backspace says:

    I just read Tavi’s article referred by the above commentator and that bastard photographer should be locked in jail in a very long time and who knows maybe he’d find more interesting objects in there!! what an a**hole

  23. the real andrea says:

    I cannot believe that this kid Tavi is influencing the fashion/style world. What is this world coming to when the esteemed NY Times is selling tickets to a meeting where Tavi is a speaker?? (link- )

    I think that all these mainstream organizations- newspapers, magazines, companies like the Gap who gifted her with a pair of Pierre Hardy for Gap platforms- are so afraid that they are passe and going down fast that they are latching onto the internet phenomenoms to keep them afloat. It’s all motivated by money.

    So I wanna know- why are they not latching onto Sister Wolf! I think we need to start a Facebook page to get Sister Wolf a paid writing job, don’t you?

  24. Bessie the Buddha cow says:

    I agree with the read andrea! Get SW a paid writing job!
    envious of new mattress, since I’m sleeping on straw
    Little calf witnessed a kidnapping/carjacking last night in front of my place. Everyone be careful, and very mindful of your surroundings. AND run, run, run even if he/she points a gun at you! Do not go with kidnapper!

  25. Bessie the Buddha cow says:

    “read” andrea — Freudian slip?

  26. Matilda says:

    I think it’s great that a teenager has so much influence. Times change and just because the majority of teenagers bums around these days and does nothing shouldn’t stop the few that actually want to do something with their life.

  27. Dru says:

    ^she has ‘influence’, as it were, precisely because she’s a teenager- a lot of what she says is reminiscent of things that other (slightly older) people say, but because she’s young she’s the one whose opinion counts in the media. She’s a smart kid, and I admire her for calling bullshit on that perv and openly identifying as a feminist, but the hype is getting ridiculous.

  28. Juri says:

    Yes this world is going to the dogs and teenagers! Where are Sister Wolf leather shorts? And now that we’re asking: where is Juri Vodka?

  29. HelOnWheels says:

    I’m sick & tired of my “culture” being co-opted by these teenagers!! Cr*p!! That makes me sound really old! However, why can’t they use their brains and imaginations and find/create their own cultural icons!!??? Joan Jett and Buffy are MINE (even if these kids do like them “ironically”)! I will have to shoot myself if I ever take fashion advice from a 12 year-old, who is repeating what’s been said by older, more knowledgeable people (great minds, Dru)!

    PS – That’s not a “tunic”; it’s a conservative wife-beater with a bit more fabric.

  30. HelOnWheels says:

    PPS – Although, I must say Tavi’s post about Pervy Terry was very good. I’m impressed.

  31. Dru says:

    I agree it was good, it’s plain fucking common sense, which is to be valued and which fashion sorely lacks in these cases. Good on Tavi, putting her anti-Terry position right where her fashion-insider buddies can read it- but hers is not the first case of blogger outrage at Perv & Co. Sister Wolf appointed him Cunt of the Week right here almost two months ago, some of us wrote emails to his clients, and Jezebel commenters have been on about this stuff since March.

    HelOnWheels, I don’t look for ‘fashion advice’ from Tavi and her ilk, but I do enjoy the text she posts sometimes. She can be funny when when she doesn’t sound like she is too far under the influence of 20somethings who swallowed a dictionary full of various iterations of the words ‘rad’, ‘sick’ etc.

    I wonder how it will ever be possible to like Buffy ‘ironically’. I don’t look forward to it (or Roswell, my other favourite teen show of those years) being sullied by the droolings of modern hipsters.

  32. Dru says:

    Or- oh, God- Gilmore Girls. I will actually feel bad about that one being co-opted, it’s the only TV show my mother and I both liked.

  33. WendyB says:

    I’m totally ready to buy Sister Wolf shorts.

  34. HelOnWheels says:

    Dru – Why so defensive? Why the need to justify or clarify what you’ve written when it hasn’t even come into question? I was merely giving you credit for saying that Tavi says the exact same thing as other, older bloggers. That’s it. Nothing about you taking fashion advice from a 12 year-old. BTW, I was here when SW called out Pervy Terry; there’s no need to recap for me but I’m sure you helped some SW newbies. I’m impressed with Tavi’s because of her fashion “connections”, for no other reason.

  35. Dru says:

    HelOnWheels- Sorry if that came out sounding snippy/patronising, it really wasn’t directed at you. I just meant to agree with what you said, more or less (damn, I should have tacked an ‘either’ on to that bit about fashion advice).

  36. dust says:

    1. As much as Sister Wolf is not my age group, neither is Tavi. I don’t comment on Tavi’s blog, but I read it and give it a chance cos’ it shouldn’t be so unusual to have interest in what all sorts of age groups have to say. I don’t think the hype is her plot, she’s writes good, can be funny and fast, has a good reflection, but it’s not amazing, to use a proper terminology. In my own words, it could be this or some other 14 year old, but this one got the microphone. And not-tunic tunic.

    2. If any of overweight people could choose what would they rather be: skinny of fat, what would they answer?

    3. It is completely understandable that it takes Terry to make such pictures and even if they are “sweet porn” only(we’ve all seen much more open approach…), it’s again him that abused his self-proclaimed Terry-position. Who plays with fire, dies from burns.

    4. Ikea is good only for food.

    5. I sleep standing.

    6. I don’t sleep at all!

  37. Audi says:

    Tavi just makes me sad. No kid should be that serious about anything. To be interested in fashion is one thing, but it seems she’s just as interested in the fashion BUSINESS, and that to me is just weird. It’ll be all too soon that she’ll have to sell her soul to some fucking job that she’ll be stuck with for the rest of her life; why does she want to get such an early start? I want to tell her to go ride a bike, or play jump rope, or join 4H for chrissakes. Just be a KID, instead of trying to force her way into the same creepy industry as the likes of Terry Richardson.

  38. dust says:

    Audi – 14 year old kids are a bit too old to jump a rope, and everybody should learn as early as possible that fashion IS mostly business. I’d wish more kids were so focused on something like reading, watching, writing. Don’t be worried about her, she’ll be just fine, I promise.

  39. Audi says:

    dust: I didn’t mean it as a literal suggestion. Sure, maybe 14-year-olds these days don’t do anything as wholesome as jumping rope anymore, but my point is that she’s VERY YOUNG; too young to be driving this hard at a career. She only seems like a refreshing change because so many other kids her age have about 5 vocabulary words besides “like” and can’t identify the US on a map. If she were obsessed with the gambling industry or even the stock market, I doubt everyone would be so supportive.

  40. Alicia says:

    I’m glad someone other than me uses Ikea as a diner.

    *high-fives dust*

  41. Andra says:

    I just had a look at the Jezebel site that Denise mentioned.
    That truly makes me feel ill.
    This should not be happening.
    Bad bad man!

  42. Cricket9 says:

    Tavi has a passion, can write and has more guts and common sense than many grown-up “artists”, or should I say, “ARTISTS” (letters still too small) fawning over Terry. Even though I don’t like the not-tunic, Tavi’s good in my books.

  43. dust says:

    Audi – all that you are saying is right, but only in the case that we for sure know the young lady is really “obsessed”. Which I personally doubt.

    * it’s not Terry-position it’s Terrytory and should burn

  44. TheShoeGirl says:

    I (not shockingly I’m sure) LOVE Tavi. I think she’s so spunky and cute and I want to adopt her as my little sister. I think that despite all this fame she’s come upon she still has a pretty killer attitude. I hope to have children as cool as her. Well, one as cool as her- one as cool as you. Then I can retire as mom to the coolest chicks ever. And I can watch them fight and disagree about shit and eat popcorn and laugh.


  45. tressie says:

    1. You are awesomely correct as per usual.
    2. I am glad to find out that I am not the only sane person that is sick of “Tavi”.
    3. I just got my pillowtop mattress back, after being homeless for a year…I enjoyed a weird but comfy nights rest.
    2a. I am very amused/not amused to see the kids cycling thru my life history as if they invented everything.
    4. Sheesh, at least us flower children acknowledged Scott Nearing, Thoreau, etc. refusing to pretend we invented the universe.
    5. I can’t believe someone hasn’t sent you some leather shorts already. Some teenager somewhere is hoarding all of them I suppose.
    6. I love 10 things I hate about you….I get a big thrill to see my 2nd-hometown. Tacoma is mind-blowing pretty in the summer.

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