The Weiner Vortex

The Weiner Vortex

No one warned me about the Weiner documentary.

I expected a fun, lurid, behind-the-scenes look at Anthony Weiner’s well-earned fall from grace. But it’s deeply depressing, on every level.

I had hoped to get over it, but now he’s back, and who knows for how long. What did we do to deserve Weiner? Will we ever be free of him?

The first thing that comes across in the movie is how physically unattractive he is. Believe me, even if he were a saint, you would be struck by the physical aspect.

Frail and short, he is also encumbered by an enormous nose, the type that must have brought savage teasing throughout childhood and adolescence.

The name and the nose combined make a lethally unfortunate burden. You feel his anger and resentment in all his machinations.

He is rude to his wife on nearly every occasion, and her silent misery hangs over the film like a shroud. Why is she with him, you have to wonder. By all accounts an intelligent, competent woman, she seems like she’s like the victim of an ancient curse. She married a bad-tempered frog who just keeps getting froggier instead of turning into something good.

Weiner seems gripped by a need to show the world that he has the right stuff. He appears to believe that he deserves power as well as respect, but he goes around alienating everyone around him, including his idealistic supporters. He can’t accept that people will draw the line after enough of his lies and betrayals.

Of course he is a pathological flasher and liar! He is a walking lesson in what happens if your name is Weiner and you have a gigantic nose. What the fuck does anyone expect?

Here’s what we need to know: Why did Huma marry him and stay for so long? And why didn’t Hillary offer Huma the benefit of her experience?

I’m afraid to find out.

Thanks for nothing, James Comey, you fucking cunt.







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8 Responses to The Weiner Vortex

  1. David Duff says:

    Well, we all know about Trump but now we can wonder about ‘HillBilly’ and why, exactly, she is so stupid, so lazy, so arrogant to a) use a Blackberry for state business and b) to choose an Iranian woman whose family are supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood as her close friend and assistant and c) a woman who is married to a ‘perv’ who will sing like a canary when the FBI offer him a deal rather than face jailtime!

    What have you done ‘over there’ to deserve these two monstrous candidates?

  2. Lynn says:

    Sister, is there a link to other writings from your day job? The piece on pop dust was great, as were your earlier pieces on Melania.

    Weiner is a miserable turd, no mystery there.

    But J. Comey? Exemplifies the disastrous results of that orange pustule grabbing the nation’s headlines with his whiney bullying and the detestable all-id-all-the-time coverage.

    I think Comey caved to the bully. This is how it works.

  3. JK says:

    “Thanks for nothing, James Comey, you fucking cunt.”?

    Unfortunately no, not so much James Comey, rather Mister Weiner’s poor timing. And, not keeping up with the FBI “Schedule of Events.”

  4. Dj says:

    Indeed! Huma, highly intelligent, beautiful, savvy connected marries this miserable troll! Why why why? The nose? No. The skinny legs? No. The insults? No. The dick? No. So, please…….

    And yes, thanks mr. Comey, now Trumps darling…

  5. Doonhamer says:

    Please stay off politics. It is not dignified or enlightening.
    Do more crazy fashion and Hideous Denim.
    You are brilliant.

  6. Sister Wolf says:

    David Duff – Nothing Hillary could do, short of murder, would persuade me that she’s as worthless as Trump. If you don’t know this, you are not doing your Trump homework.

    Lynn -I have left my day job but I think if you click on my name there, it should bring up all my posts. Most of them are really stupid! As for Comey, it doesn’t look good re his pretense of impartiality.

    Dj – Do you think he’s a beard for her, like Amal is for George Clooney??

    Doonhamer – So you mean that hideous denim is dignified??? I’m sorry, but I have to write what I have to write, otherwise I will implode or even blow my brains out. Try to bear with me.

  7. T says:

    Please keep writing, about anything. Many thanks.

  8. helenwaite says:

    He’s short? Huh.

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