This is Not a Mom Blog


But I am nothing if not a mom.

I was too depressed to write a Mother’s Day thing.   I was planning to link back to Mothers Who Kill, to get a discussion going.   Then I considered posting a photo of my mom, back when she looked young and beautiful and full of hope.   In the end, I went to bed ignoring the subject and feeling sorry for myself. An obscure self-pity. You know the kind, if you’re a mom with teenagers or grown-up children.

I am writing a book in my head about motherhood, and the first chapter will be titled “Relax: Whatever You Do Will Be Wrong!”

The last chapter will describe The Samurai Mom .   But first I need to bestow the Sister Wolf Samurai Award upon my friend Hammie.   She represents the essence of what being a Samurai Mom  is all about.


Hammie rides into battle every single day. She will stay on that horse no matter what. She will battle for her children whenever necessary, fearlessly and often thanklessly.   She will battle with her children, too, since raising them involves standing up to them when it would be easier to give in or just hide under the bed.

Hammie’s two kids are autistic, which means she must be their advocate and attorney as well as their mom. She isn’t daunted by the A word, and has made it her business to uncover and celebrate the ‘other side’ of austism, i.e. the gift of the unusual mind.

She is a noble Samurai who constantly finds new ways to help her children blossom, and to cherish their successes. She finds strategies instead of complaining or seeing problems as either/or situations.   She reaches out to parents and kids who seek her wisdom or friendship.

I wish I’d had a mom like Hammie! I wish I could be a mom like Hammie. In difficult situations, mom’s could do a lot worse than ask themselves, “What would Hammie do?”

You can even go to her blog and ask her. She will not only answer, she might just send you a box of chocolate Tim Tams.

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7 Responses to This is Not a Mom Blog

  1. Susan says:

    Nice to read about someone whose name I’ve become familiar with by way of this website. Even better that she turns out to be such an amazing woman and mother.

  2. I second Hammie’s nomination! She is a truly inspiring mom.

  3. WendyB says:

    Hammie definitely deserves an award.

  4. K-Line says:

    Hammie is an awesome mother – and an awesome person. She deserves this award 5 times over! Great post, Sister.

  5. hammie says:

    oh, sob!

  6. Here Here for Hammie!!

    Well written post Sister Wolf. As for Mothers Who Kill??….very thought provoking indeed.

  7. beautiful. both you moms. but now must go follow hammie too!

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