Yes We Can Gloat!

To every right-wing asshole who has blighted our lives during this election: HAHA! WE WON!!

Haha! to Fox “News”

Haha! to Rush Limbaugh

Haha! to racists

Haha! to Todd and Sarah

Haha! to Karl Rove

Haha! to War Criminals Bush and Cheney

Feel free to add your own Haha.   I love my passionate commenters and I am grateful for all your support during this fight against stupidity, lies and bigotry.   If you want to here me rant again on Australian radio, go here and click on “Hair of the Blog 2/11.”

PAP Smear, congratulations and blessings be upon you! People DO have the power. If we can’t all get together for Obama’s inauguration, we can at least drink a toast to victory together.

Tomorrow, I plan to be mad about something else. What a fucking relief!

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34 Responses to Yes We Can Gloat!

  1. cker says:

    Haha to the Christian Coalition

    Haha to Phil Graham – our “mental” recession is now confirmed by worldwide recession but all of us “whiners” have won!!!

    Haha to the republican moral majority and their pious bullshit.

    Haha I still have the right to choose what to do with my body

    Haha to Joe the Plumber

    Haha to Joe six-pack

    Haha to hockey moms and pit bulls

    Good riddance to all the lies, deceit, hypocrisy, and sex scandals of the far right GOP.

  2. Sister Wolf says:

    Yeah baby, and Haha Big Spenders

  3. hammie says:

    Is that Ha- HAH like Nelson on the Simpsons? Then yeah to Sarah Palin (who will probably be in an episode of the Simpsons now, she aint doing it for naught)
    Ha Ha!
    ps. were you on hair of the bog AGAIN!
    you rock

  4. Jeremy says:

    You know what? You were right all along: she’s an idiot. Even Fox News says so:

  5. annemarie says:

    HA HA to the fat old hag in Minnesota who called President Barack Hussein Obama an “arab”!

  6. annemarie says:



  7. OMGGMAB says:

    HaHa to Ann Coulter and all those wing nut evangelicals! No Muthee in the House for you!

  8. Tobi Lynne says:


    I have a Republican friend that emailed last night, and said he was disappointed that Obama won … it lead to a heated argument that went something like this:

    “Bush started a war based on LIES. Jesus Clinton lied about blow job and got impeached, but thousands of dead Americans later, he’s still in office”.
    “Yeah, well you liberals would be thrilled if we just got rid of the army”.

    “They allowed big business to rip people off and then bailed them out”.
    “It’s none of your business what a CEO makes”.

    It’s the same old “If you’re pro choice, you’re pro abortion” argument that has done NOTHING for their party. C’mon Republicans!! Your platform used to be small government that keeps their nose out of your business, and doesn’t spend all your money.

    8 years later, our government is HUGE, we have the “patriot act”, and we’re further in debt than we have ever been. When you’re wrong, you’re wrong. Admit it, FIX IT, GET BACK TO WHAT YOU STOOD FOR, regain the trust of the moderate Americans you lost, and let’s all get on with our fucking lives.

    In the meantime … VIVA BARACK, BITCHES!

  9. K-Line says:

    I can’t wait to see what you come up with next Sister!

  10. honeypants says:

    Ha Ha to my Creationist sister, B-I-L, and their pastor. My B-I-L actually told my nephew “Well, we just have to hope for an assassination.”

  11. HelOnWheels says:

    Tobi – “It’s none of your business what a CEO makes”.

    Your friend is soooooo wrong! But you knew that. It is my (and your) business what a CEO makes. If you’re a customer or a shareholder it is your right to know what the executives of a company make. I love how people with no logical, intelligent response have to resort to “sound bites”. I’m also sad for your friend not seeing the opportunity for this entire country, regardless of political affiliation, to come together and fix things. He will miss out on an opportunity to be a part of something greater than himself and make it a better world.

    Honeypants – Uuhhmm…isn’t your BIL’s statement verging on a federal offense? I think you should consider following the spirit of the Patriot Act (just like all those wonderful “patriots” who called the FBI on anybody with darker skin and “foreign” sounding names) and have your family investigated. It’ll be great!! It’ll be just like the Soviet Union under Stalin (or the USA under Bush).

  12. HelOnWheels says:

    P.S. Haha (and F YOU)!! To my disgusting bigoted members of my extended family who adamantly argued that Obama was a terrorist-in-waiting and a socialist and a Muslim. Oh, and who insisted that African-Americans would rise up, riot, and slit the throats of us white folk. EAT IT, bitches!!

  13. Africa isn’t a country?

  14. Look ha ha the republican are f****d for 8 years ’nuff said.

  15. David Duff says:

    I want a ‘haha’, mummy, you promised, you did, you said I could have ‘haha’ all of my own and if you don’t give me one I’ll scream and scream until I’m sick!

    After all, I am stupid, everyone here keeps telling me that; and as an ex-second-hand car dealer I definitely lie a lot; and I am also exceedingly bigoted about dip-stick liberals carrying on as though anything very important had happened.

  16. OMGGMAB says:

    Ha Ha DDuff! Apparently you are not receiving any more attention now than before the election, which requires you to seek the company of those you clearly disdain. Perhaps you should call that venomous snake, Ann Coulter, to gain reassurance from someone who cares.

  17. annemarie says:

    Duff, I happen to have a fondness for ex-second-hand car dealers and so I am sorry for calling you a “fuckwit” yesterday.
    But an ENORMOUS thing happened on Tuesday night. A very GREAT thing. Now shut the fuck up and let us have our party.

  18. David Duff says:

    Thank you, ‘MGOBBABAGOMGBOAGG’, but the ice-maiden who thrills my very being only slightly less than the delectable Mrs. P., is already well-established on my ‘Favourites’ list. She can certainly be a little tart, oops, er, no, I don’t mean ‘a little tart’ in that sense, I mean ‘a little tart’ in the sense of … oh what the hell, you know what I mean … when she writes beauties like this: “For only the second time in her adult life, Michelle Obama was proud of her country!” Ouch! You see, boys and girls, that’s the way to do it, the slim dagger between the ribs rather than the baseball bats you use round here.

    And I absolutely do *not* disdain you over here; you are all – what’s the word? – an education in the American way of politics and I love you all, really I do, well, perhaps ‘cker’ a little less than some but I suspect he, she or it is of tender years and in the modern way of responding to the young we must blame it all on their potty training.

  19. HelOnWheels says:

    Duff, We didn’t call you stupid. However, your constant (failed) attempts to prove yourself intellectually superior make me wonder if you are trying very hard to compensate. Honestly, we don’t care about you. You have not written anything original or insightful. You’ve only managed to state the obvious and tried to mock us. You’re really not worth the bother. You’re kind of a pathetic little person. If I cared I might feel sorry for you.

    Iheartfashion – That has to be the worst one thus far on the stupidity counter for her.

  20. David Duff says:

    “Duff, I happen to have a fondness for ex-second-hand car dealers”

    Well, for once I am, as we say over here, gobsmacked! I have never met anyone who didn’t consider all car-dealers somewhat lower in the table of life than coackroaches. Er, I wonder, Annemarie, if I could interest you in a particularly nice example of a one, old lady owner, very low mileage Jaguar … Oh stop it, Duff, you’ve over-stayed your welcome, just say ‘thank you for having me’ and leave the people to party.

  21. Ha ha to tobi lynne’s republican friend, and hahaha to the girl i used to work with who said Obama is a Muslim terrorist who’s in collusion with muslims having babies all over the world so soon they’ll be #1. apparently christians aren’t procreating as efficiently. Let’s get the pope back on it!

  22. OMGGMAB says:

    Phew, I just hope Duff is gone for good. Anyone who thinks Ann Coulter is a great person is in my estimation, well, pathetic, quite frankly.

    And I take personal offense to Coulter’s characterization (and Duff’s admiration for the characterization) of Michelle Obama’s patriotism. How the hell does she know anything about Michelle Obama? What the hell is Coulter’s definition of patriotism and who the fuck does she think she is making every other American fit into her tight little right wing nut religious fanatical mold? I am still a patriot, but I don’t believe that “god” needs to be on my money or in my Pledge of Allegiance to prove it. A true patriot cares for the needs of others in the community. Now there is something that Michelle Obama does and something that Ann Coulter knows nothing about. Thus, Mrs. Obama will set an example for my children about grass roots organization to help those in need. And Ann Coulter? Well, she sets an example for spewing hatred in god’s name, getting paid big bucks for it, and just generally being the epitome of a hypocrite.

    Thanks for the soap box.

  23. OMGGMAB says:

    Oh, one more thing to fashion herald: I think they all need birth control sanctioned by the Pope!

  24. Sister Wolf says:

    HAHA to Ann Coulter, a walking insult to the tranny community and a shameless provocateur. Who gives a shit what that cunt says?? It’s all garbage.

  25. Aja says:

    HAHA to all the conservatives I took off my Facebook friend list. You still suck.

  26. Honeypants says:

    Speaking of patriotism, OMGGMAB, check out my nephew’s latest blog on the subject: He’s young, and I commented that I think he’s confusing patriotism with jingoism, but he makes some good points indeed. But being young and draftable (if it were still a concern, which as of Tuesday, it isn’t), I understand his fears.

    Plus, he needs more comments on his blog. I’m pretty much the only person who comments (aside from SW’s one comment — thanks SW!)

  27. enc says:

    Ha Ha to Todd for not showing the respect to ever wear a tie. What a jamolk.

  28. Mark says:

    Ha ha to Track in Iraq. It’s no wonder you’re a meth-addicted school-bus vandalizer. I might be, too, if my mom forced me into enlisting to further her own political career. Still, ha ha.

  29. Mark says:

    Oh, and ha ha to Jan, you stupid whore. Trig’s cursed. Open your eyes.

  30. homodachi says:

    SW, I adore your blog. Here’s my favorite ha-ha of the season:

  31. Suebob says:

    When I try to name ONE GOOD THING Bush did in 8 years, I can’t think of it. He did his part to wreck the environment, to ruin education, to f***ing bankrupt the country, to make us less healthy and safe. If I were a billionaire, I would be well pleased with him, but since I am part of the other 99.99% of the country, I am not.

    I mean, there was PLASTIC in my dog’s food and no one inspected it. There was POISON in baby toys. Can the government at least assure that the food we and our pets eat and the toys our kids play with are safe?? Not under George Bush.

    Bah. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  32. cker says:

    Duff, Duff, Duff. I am so pleased that you sat up and took notice! Your response has lightened my heart in ways you will never know! Gender and age are irrelevant in what I say. Crude? Perhaps. Effective? Immensely! If you read beyond the the colorful speech I choose to use you may learn something of substance. You see I believe that reading, writing and saying what you choose is a wonderful, sacred, right we should all share. Our dear, sweet Sarah would have us believe it is HER right to censor what we are able to read, say or write (think MEDIA). Your presence here is always amusing and enriching, in a remedial sort of way.

  33. Imelda Matt says:

    I’d be happy if this could go forever…it’s comforting!

  34. AHAHAHAHAHAA you were on abc radio!!! *swoon*
    damn exams! i’ve missed so much. you were fantastic!

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