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Death In Texas

If you were a 25 year old woman with four children, a job at a fast food restaurant, no electricity in your trailer, and a restraining order against your last boyfriend, what would you do? I just asked my kid … Continue reading

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To Buy Or Not To Buy (Shoes)

Sometimes in life, one is called upon to make a decision that tests one’s character. And sometimes, you can’t really say how you’d act in a given situation until you’re there. This happened recently to my best friend, who I’ll … Continue reading

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Celebrity Trifecta!

It’s been a great week in Celebrity Land! Brad was photographed with his hand on Angie’s ass, cokewhore Lindsay Lohan was arrested for DUI, and that awful Rosie O’Donnell  left The View. It feels good, doesnt it?

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“What Kind Of Fuckery Is This?”*

Poor Kurt Cobain is selling Doc Martens. I mean, Courtney Love is selling poor Kurt Cobain. Didn’t he die wearing Converse hightops? Maybe she can make a deal with them, too. Rock on. * Amy Winehouse

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Death Row And Salted Peanuts

A killer named James Comer was executed in Arizona yesterday, and his last words were: “Go Raiders!” My feeling after the initial amusement was, What an asshole. The sports reference was done better by James Filiaggi, who was executed last … Continue reading

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“She Still Likes The Gorilla.”

I think the story of the 400 pound gorilla who escaped from his compound at the Rotterdam zoo is unusually rich in metaphor and mystery. The gorilla, named Bokito, ran over to a 57 year old woman who had visited … Continue reading

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Lars Von Trier: What a Joker!

When I read that Danish filmmaker Lars Von Trier is too depressed to work, I did a sort of mental double-take. Weren’t his movies all really, really depressing? How much more depressed could he be? And if he wasn’t depressed … Continue reading

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Jumpsuit: Even The Word Is Funny!

Isn’t this…incredible? It’s by poor Norma Kamali. If it wasn’t so expensive, I would buy it for my best friend, just to upset her. You can buy it for your best friend at Nordstrom.

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Horrible Celebrity Baby Names

Have you heard of an actress named Moon Bloodgood? I’ve just seen her name two days in a row, and I’m not happy about it. I’m not happy about Soliel Moon Fry either, but I’d forgotten all about her until … Continue reading

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More Hair With Phil Spector!

Lala Brooks spoke about Phil on Court TV today. She was the lead singer of the Chrystals. Not only a great singer, but what a fantastic fro!

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