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Lindsay Lohan And Me

We were driving to San Pedro and listening to Fox news in my husband’s car. Some loudmouth guy was making stupid generalizations about Lindsay Lohan and her cultural significance. My husband suggested that I call in with my opinion. Some … Continue reading

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Man With Almost No Brain (Not Bush)

The news story about the guy with ‘almost no brain’ made me think of our president, obviously. Then, I was thrilled to learn the name of this rare condition: Dandy Walker complex. Is this too cute to be real?!   I’m … Continue reading

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Larry David’s Divorce: I Like It!

When I heard that Larry David and his wife Laurie were splitting up, I  was so happy that I thought there should be a word to express this feeling. I have created one in German: scheidungglück. It means, “divorce happiness.” It … Continue reading

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Casting The Phil Spector Movie

By now, I’m sure we can all agree that Bruce Willis should play Judge Larry Fidler. In fact, how do we know that he isn’t already playing Judge Fidler? The other roles are still open. I like Al Pacino for … Continue reading

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A Ginormous Mistake

Now that Merriam-Webster has officially proclaimed that ‘ginormous’ is a word, I have even less regard for their dictionary.   ‘Ginormous’ is a horrible debacle as far as my ears are concerned. It also makes me think of ‘vagina,’ but I … Continue reading

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Body Modification: I Say No No No

My friend Dr. Larue sent me this story about a pair of twins who’ve taken body modification to a new level. I am hoping that this is a hoax, but you can decide for yourself.

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Fall Fashion II: More Stuff I Want

The more I see, the more I want. And the more I want, the more expensive are my objects of desire. Here are three items I can’t afford: the bag by Versace, the boots by Chloe, and the shoes by … Continue reading

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Bobos vs Pinkberry

Abbot Kinney is a street in Venice, CA, where  “screenwriters” hang out in a trendy coffee house and couples browse rustic-looking antique shops for something to impress their friends. Barbra Streisand used to send a  “picker” to scour the shops for the … Continue reading

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Cute Guys

Sometimes, you just want to look at cute guys. Even cute guys who are way too young for you. It’s so relaxing. You can find them at

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The Cruelest Cut

I’ve heard of it before, but I wanted to stay in denial. Now, faced with an article in the July issue of Allure magazine, I stupidly read about ‘labioplasty’ and how popular it is among women in their 20s. This … Continue reading

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