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My Tattoo

Here’s my tattoo. Ma haine dure (my hatred endures.) I am very happy with it, but it seems to upset strangers, which was not my intent. I’m getting tired of explaining its genesis, and that hatred is my fuel, my … Continue reading

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American Hardcore: A Course In Queer Studies

I finally saw the documentary “American Hardcore,” and while I’m obviously too old to judge the music of the ‘hardcore’ movement, I know an orgy of homoeroticism when I see one. The  featured bands  are comprised of rebellious  teenage boys  who’d rather jump around … Continue reading

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God, Shmod

If you’re in the mood to ponder religion and its function, you can’t do better than this essay by Roger Scruton. It elicited 126 responses (so far, anyway) that will have your brain throbbing and all its pistons firing. The … Continue reading

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Poor Amy Winehouse

I can’t describe my adoration of Amy Winehouse except to say that I’ve ruined my hair, teasing it into an enormous beehive in her honor. I’m not crazy about her husband, who looks like a typical hanger-on and scumbag. But … Continue reading

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Time Warner Is No Damn Good

Postal regulators have accepted a proposal from media giant Time Warner that would stifle small and independent publishers in America. The plan unfairly burdens smaller publishers with higher postage rates while locking in special privileges for bigger media companies. Can … Continue reading

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I Want Leather

Look at this dress by Hannah Marshall. It makes me feel religious. And look at the jacket by Rick Owens. Not to mention those flippers!

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Restless Leg Syndrome: The Hidden Benefits!

Restless Leg Syndrome is a fun disorder to begin with, but now it’s even more fun. The hot new medication for RLS is a drug called Mirapex, which has a cute little TV commercial showing some legs that end up … Continue reading

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John From Cincinnati: Crap From HBO

   Is anything worse that the HBO series “John From Cincinnati?” Tonight is the season finale and with any luck, it will also be the end of the whole mess. I can hear it on in the other room, where … Continue reading

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Kim Kardashian: More To Love

Kim Kardashian is getting her own reality show on E! TV, and not a moment too soon. I didn’t even know she had sisters named Kourtney and Khloe, as well as half-sisters Kendall and Kylie. That family loves them some … Continue reading

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Meet Dash Snow

Thank god I’ve discovered a hip young artist named Dash Snow! He and his friend Dan Colen have a new exhibit at the Deitch Gallery in New York, described as one of the most unusual ever presented. I think it’s … Continue reading

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