Another Girl Hates Me!


And not only that, she called me a stupid cunt! See, this is why I’m against comment-censorship. Instead of deleting Ellen’s rant, I would like to deconstruct it. I will need all the help I can get, though. Here is Ellen’s reply to my last post:

dude, don’t hate the player, HATE THE GAME. opiates feel so good. im sure you don’t hate on people who drink booze, and yet look at all the damage alcohol causes to peoples lives. on one hand you are ‘taking up bandwidth’ as you call it, with your endless bitter pap, yet you encourage (nay, harrass) people you don’t even know to ‘look at themselves’ and accuse them of being unhappy and damaged. I think in the case of bloggers who don’t walk their own talk, they SHOULD censor THEMSELVES, so we don’t have to constantly roll our eyes at their bullshit, denial or not.

First of all, why do these people call me “dude?” I feel like the Elephant Man! I AM NOT AN ANIMAL! I’m a Β  female! Next, “don’t hate the player, hate the game:” Is that a lyric from a rap song? I don’t understand it. Can I hate the player AND the game if I want to?? And also too, must I hate “on” things, rather than simply hate them?

Then the opiates. Jesus. Anyone who promotes the use of opiates is either hopelessly naive or contemptible. It’s like being in favor of drunk driving. The only outcome is prison or death. Anyone who persists in thinking that drug addiction is cool is in for an ugly awakening.

Let’s see, what next. There’s the “endless bitter pap,” but that’s fair enough. One’s person’s pap is another person’s epiphany.

But what about the “nay?” That is a problem. Why does Ellen use the archaic form of “no” in that sentence? Is it ironic or just pretentious bad writing? English majors, speak up!

In the last sentence, Ellen suggests that I don’t walk my own talk. I have searched for the meaning of this expression and it seems to mean “practice what you preach.” Ellen, I wish you had been more specific! I do use a walker at present, so try to go easy on me. If you’re trying to say I’m a hypocrite, then yes, I’m at least as hypocritical as the next person.

Finally, in her follow up comment, Ellen suggests that I’m a stupid cunt, and here I must vigorously disagree. Stupid is such a relative term, after all, and while I’m certainly stupid in my own way, I’m not nearly as stupid as Ellen. Therefore, I remain a cunt, but not a stupid cunt.

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46 Responses to Another Girl Hates Me!

  1. Isabella says:

    Well i have to say… THAT I ABSOLUTELY ADORE YOU REFRESHING OPINION.. Nice to know that some actual peole exsist in this constantly looking for instant gratification WORLD..
    If that “Muscle” for lack of a better word, thinks opiates are cool.. she is probaly toasted herself..
    And darling there is no preaching to a pew of child molesting preacher if ya know what imma sayin.. lol
    well KISSES WITH FISTS darling.. you are awesome and my face lights up when i get a feed from you!!!


  2. andrea says:

    Her rant makes no sense because she is “feeling so good” on her very own opiates! Thank you, “Ellen”, for offering me a bit of levity while i am lying (laying?) in my bed in my very own Tylenol with Codeine stupor after my surgery. She definitely is not anti-opiates because she is most likely on them. I just can’t understand why anyone would like to spend their days in opiate stupor like her. She thinks she is making sense, but she just comes off as stupid.

  3. JK says:

    Perhaps Ellen simply misspelled “neigh” which might indicate she mistook what flows from the horse’s mouth – thereby illustrating Ellen cannot possibly qualify as a “true and constant cunt” (which is high honor indeed) therefore she must be a horse’s ass.

    With all that entails.

  4. As we say in the UK (or did a few years ago, it might be out of fashion now) – she’s off her cake. In other words she is a stupid cunt.

    I’m flabbergasted by her moronic opium induced nonsense. I did actually look at the afore mentioned blog in the last post and it was narcissistic rubbish (mine is probably too put minus the opiates).

    Sister Wolf it is too easy to unpick and de-construct such comments – it is a sport for you, dude!

  5. theresa says:

    This post is so predictable. If I thought gnarlitude was intelligent, I’d say she was baiting you. But I know she’s not.

    So cheers to you sister wolf. I am “shaking it up.” I disagree with the first commenter. This is not refreshing- its practically the exact same thing you’ve written ten other times. It gets a rise out of people though, so go ahead and write the exact same thing in a future post. I’ll admit, it was entertaining for a while.

  6. theresa says:

    you can do better.

  7. sarah.p says:

    Har har, here I am miserable as fuck having sliced off a portion of fingertip (I bid fuckity-bye to all my lovely scarlet nailpolish) and Ellen gives me my first laugh in days. God bless her and her addled brain-stew.

    Plus – I don’t understand Theresa’s post(s) either. I’m really confused. Maybe it’s the opiates they gave me at A&E. Christ, they really ARE bad for you.

  8. Iron Chic says:

    My point proven again-
    non ass-kissing opinions are NOT welcome in the “blogosphere.” (barfffff)

  9. sarah.p says:

    Plus, I might be shaky with codeine, but no-one’s in any position to call Sister Wolf stupid when their own prose makes numerous mistakes, only one of which I shall list, to whit: the parenthetical expostulation ‘(nay, harrass)’ in this instance is intended to offer an optional replacement for the verb ‘encourage’. For this to function effectively, the clause ‘to harrass people to look at themselves’ would need to be either a) in common usage or b) a daring coinage – and I think we’re all agreed that this clumsy invocation of a secondary verb is at best ill-advised.

    The use of the ‘nay’ in a more sophisticated riposte could perhaps signal an attempt at ironic self-mockery, and a knowing nod to the pomposity innate in a post of this nature, but in this case I suspect merely indicates dear Ellen having read the Canterbury Tales back in the 70s and thinking it makes her look smart (or, more likely, has seen Baz Luhrman’s Romeo + Juliet five times because Leo is like, so hawt).

    No need to thank me.

    Sarah P
    (BA, MA, MPhil, PhD pending, all English)

  10. Deni says:

    Ellen, dude, you must be stuck in a pre-teen-pill-popping-raving kind-of mindset with no sense of the real world. No one in his or her right mind or actually even in an opiate induced frame of mind would extol the use of taking opiates.
    Dude, don’t go hating what you don’t understand!

  11. Susan says:

    ‘One person’s pap is another person’s epiphany’ – what a totally genius phrase! Far from stupid I’d say, ( tho not sure playing the disabled card works so well in view of the human condition from which we all suffer) Anyway, everyone is entitled to their own opinion – and the best thing is that you not only feel comfortable speaking your own mind, but you are free to do so. That’s why I didn’t delete your 4 letter word from my blog comments – I really don’t like that word and would never use it myself, but I appreciate that yours was an intelligent comment and that you should be free to express yourself in your own unique way – and we respect you all the more for it. x

  12. Kate says:

    Ellen types can’t handle Sister Wolf, ’cause she’s from a generation that didn’t grow up on the poppy Pop of Nirvana. She has no Flannel Jesus to keep alive with simmering righteous indignation and needle feeding, and instead just says what the fuck she wants, which is for some reason fresh and honest. Probably cause it has nothing to do with Dash Snow. Not so much predictable as consistent.

    I can’t say what Ellen’s or Gnarlitude Jen’s experiences are, but as a former high school opium addict: no, opiates do not “feel so good.” They feel like such shit that they make everything that does feel good in life impossible to handle. They completely skew your concept of good and bad. Opium isn’t cute, retro, “rad,” or a harmless painkiller–but it is “killing it,” if you mean almost killed me and has killed or kept living-dead countless others. Sorry, lame un-rock-n-roll PSA over.

  13. Andra says:

    Definitely lying. If you were laying you could produce an egg but it probably wouldn’t be easy.
    Lie on your bed in good health!

  14. Nina says:

    Your blog reminds me of middle school fights- you know, bait and retaliate. It’s deliciously fun to read, but I think it’s good to be aware that it is sort of immature. Both your bait and her response shows this immaturity; there’s nothing wrong with it, but it’s not as if either of you have a better stance (despite your better grammar).
    That said, I do agree with your response to her opiate-love. Everybody has their own thing, but when someone loudly proclaims their love of some sort of drug, it also reminds me of middle school naivety.

  15. arline says:

    I don’t get Theresa’s post either,

    Sometimes everyone feels hate, and this is the perfect place to express it.

  16. Sister Wolf says:

    Isabella – Wow, it’s great to light up someone’s face!

    andrea – Sorry you are in pain, xo

    JK – I was also thinking “neigh!”

    Make Do – Dude, so true.

    theresa – DUDE! I like the “shaking it up” reference. Are you trying to defend Mom’s honor?!? Regarding my predictability: Bingo! I keep coming back to the same themes, because they are what interest or amuse me. I’m glad you enjoyed the 10 previous posts exactly like this one. I’m warning you right now that there will be at least 10 more.

    theresa – Nope, this is the best I got.

    sarah.p – Oh jesus, are you okay??

    Iron Chic – But they ARE welcome! Ellen has been the perfect distraction in a difficult day.

    sarah.p – Hahahahahahahaha, A+!

    Susan – And I applaud you for being so honorable and evolved. Seriously.

    Kate – Thank god you lived to tell. xoxo

    Andra – Shit, really?? I thought it would be “laying.”

    Nina – “That said” negates any point you were making. Can’t stand it.

    arline – YES, dammit! Feel the Hate!

  17. Nina says:

    Dang. That’s true.
    Oh well.

  18. Aja says:

    I don’t know Theresa, I’m still fairly entertained. Especially by your indignant response (she really got a rise out of you, eh?)

  19. Alana says:

    Nina each sentence of your post contradicts the next. What was the point in your post? Was it to show everyone how superior you are by pointing out something you thought no one else had noticed? sadly your comparisons to middle school fights remind me of a horrid girl in middle school who always tried to speak more profoundly then anyone else.

  20. theresa says:

    Not defending mom’s honor. I agree with you on that point. shaking it up is necessary. I find your writing entertaining and intelligent and sometimes wise. But this post seems..for lack of a better word… stupid.

  21. Can’t believe I put ‘put’ instead of ‘but’ – my typing plus spelling is particularly poor at the moment due to, too much coffee and cake. At this rate I will be a shaking fat stupid spelling cunt. I had to return to read the comments. Have to confess to rehashing same themes time and time again on my blog – surely no different to Shakespeare in my world.
    Sarah P I need you to proof my MA dissertation!!

  22. sarah.p says:

    Har har MDS, I’ll proof-read your biz if you teach me how to stop dressing like a sexually frustrated lesbian librarian, circa 1912! xx

  23. hammie says:

    Gosh, why do people take themselves so seriously?
    She’s a stupid cunt. xx

  24. Nina says:

    Alana- I was saying what I thought, that both of the posts were trying to be “better” than the other but were instead at the same level. The only obvious difference between the two (to me, everybody has a different opinion) is that Sister Wolf expresses herself more eloquently. I know it doesn’t matter, but I guess I back-tracked to say that even though I thought neither was superior, I did agree with Sister Wolf’s statement about opiates.
    I didn’t think I was posting something no one noticed. It was just my opinion, and it wasn’t meant to be seriously considered. It’s just a statement, like any other comment.
    I’m not a middle school girl trying to be more profound, I’m just a high school girl (not much better than middle school, right?) failing at communication.

  25. Ann says:

    I take full personal responsibility for the forthcoming admission: I have no fucking idea what Ellen is saying. I’ve read it and re-read it at least a dozen times between yesterday and today and still, it makes no sense. I want to get it, but I just don’t. I don’t understand Theresa’s initial reply either. These people are confusing the shit out of me.

    Maybe I’m the stupid cunt?

  26. Uh Duh says:

    Hey Sarah.P–

    There are two N’s in Luhrmann.

    With love,
    Degreeless Copyeditor (The Horror!)

  27. Moda says:


    Hey all you mad cunts
    this is such fun I can’t work
    Dudes lets not hate on

  28. sarah.p says:

    Uh Duh – OH GOD! Plus, I just had to tender my resignation to my workplace for having misplaced an apostrophe. Let’s hope to crap they don’t accept: I have a whisky habit to maintain.


  29. dewayne says:

    i want to be a copy editor! or a continuity editor, if there is such a thing. i am crazy adept at noticing every single typo in a book if i am reading it, especially when it comes to continuity and such. how would i go about finding work? especially ridiculously well-paying work?

    don’t say “start by capitalizing.” this is the internet and far too many people are capitalizing on and from it already. fuck shift! (except for punctuation)

  30. erika says:

    “Can I hate the player AND the game if I want to?? ”

    Yes, you totally can and thank you for pointing that out – I hate that fucking phrase

    then again I have no game.

  31. why does this all feel so good!?

    then i have a question. i have a whole pile of evil behind-the-scenes blogger gossip i want to share. what do i do with that?!

    i need to up my evil.

  32. Aja says:

    You tell us IMMEDIATELY, SwanDiamondRose, that’s what you do.

  33. theresa says:

    sarah p has a case of cunt-itess. im glad im sick as fuck. who’s dick did she suck? surely not sister wolf’s?

  34. theresa says:

    love and etc, dude.

  35. theresa says:

    grad school did you a lot of good. hope that phd furthers your life goals. except….oh shit. look at you. go write a poli-sci blog or do some re-search on joyce. hope that gets you somewhere.

    until then….come on guys…. more shoes.

  36. theresa says:

    you= sarah p.

  37. Sister Wolf says:

    Nina – What’s true?? Sorry, I’m lost.

    Aja – If you’re entertained, I’m satisfied.

    Alicia – Same here. JK is all good.

    Alana – Nina lost me, too.

    theresa – But why don’t you have a better word?? Is stupid the only word you know?? Try harder! I’ve already pointed out that you are the Stupid and I am the Cunt. Prove me wrong, for godsake!

    Make Do – If Shakespeare were a blogger, he would never hear the end of it.

    sarah.p = Could you send us a picture? I think we all want to see your lesbian librarian look!

    Hammie – Totally stupid.

    Nina – Here is my advice: Never make a statement that isn’t meant to be “seriously considered.”

    Uh Duh – Oh my!

    Moda –

    Some cunts are stupid
    but not me, I’m not stupid
    the truth is I rule

    sarah.P -Uh Duh is ruthless!

    dewayne – I want to be a continuity person too! I always notice how Dorothy’s hair changes from scene to scene in Wizard of Oz, as though they think we’re all blind. Continuity person, wake up!

    erika – I feel your game. Have you stepped up your game without knowing it??

    SwanDiamondRose – It feels good because we are doing the lord’s work. PLEASE TELL ALL!

    Aja – Make her tell!

    theresa – SPELLING! “who’s” is not “whose.”

    theresa – are you saying that I’m sarah.p? Hahahahahaha! I wish.

  38. sarah.p says:

    Darling Theresa, I also have massive tits. Annoying isn’t it?

    Love and light.


  39. TheShoeGirl says:

    Maybe your blog header should read- “Goddamnit I’m a Cunt” ?


  40. ellen says:

    ah jesus. as much as I feel I should keep this to myself, I have to admit that I only wrote my comment because I knew that I would get some kind of reaction. And I was bored at work, so I figured baiting the stupid cunt would be perfect filler. I thought it would just be a snide email reply. Lo and behold, I receive a post dedictated to me. Hurrah!
    Since you have conferred upon me this great honour, I’m sure you would agree it only fitting I reply (albeit briefly) to all and sundry.

    Isabella – I think we can safely put the idea of SWs opinion being refreshing to BED. Since around 3/4 of the twats commenting here agreed, I think it’s safe to say that it is not at all refreshing in the context I imagine you infer (somehow different, and possibly stimulating).

    Andrea – Uh, I can hardly reply to this. Are you, like, 60? You have a distinct Nanna tone. No dear, I’m not on opiates. I just think it’s fun to say things like that to people like, well, most of the above.

    JK – twat, see above

    Make Do – Yes, but I’ll get to that later. Again, not on opiates. And I have nothing to do with the blog SW referred to. Just because I share an opinion with someone (and I really have no idea what that persons opinon is, further than what SW highlighted in HER post), it does not mean that I am associated with them.

    Theresa – Agreed. Are we still thinking I am Gnarlitude. Again, not. And yes, I am similarly entertained.

    Theresa – Admittedly, I do enjoy SWs writing, when she gets real and stops trying to act tough.

    Sarah P – Ah lovely, another one.

    Iron Chic – Yes, and my reason for commenting both times.

    Sarah P – Oh precious. Inferiority complex much? Are we aware of the world outside Academia? And nay, your first hunch was correct. Twat.

    Deni – Yikes! What kind of pre-teens do you know who pop pills and go to raves. And having said that, right back at you.

    Susan – I agree with that. And therefore, I will graciously accept the rest of your comment as applying to me also.

    Kate – Sorry, are you talking about me or her? Because I think ‘simmering righteous indignation’ applies to both of us, (and just so you know, I’m pretty sure there was heroin use before Kurt Cobain. Ever heard of Janis Joplin?). And which one of us ISN’T saying what the fuck we want?
    And don’t lie, they DO feel good, which is why people go through hell to continue using them, chasing that feeling despite all the damage that causes to everyone in their lives. The shit feelings are our emotions, not the drugs.

    Nina – Me too! And sometimes it’s fun to burn ants with a magnifying glass…

    Arline – Are you on opiates too? And by that I mean, like the previous commenters, not me dear. And yes.

    Aja – heh

    Alicia – agreed, if she wasn’t now my MORTAL ENEMY, we could have been such good friends

    Alana – Twat. (Nina, you must realise by now that any disagreement with the views of SW or the rest of the twats will bring the wrath. Just let it go honey).

    Theresa – And my mission is accomplished.

    Make Do – blah, blah, blaahhhhhhh

    Sarah P -….exactly as i imagined.

    Hammie – cos they’re mad, goddamit! And I’m getting to that…

    Ann – The comment was really intended for SW, this has gotten bigger and better than I ever imagined, so don’t strain yourself. And see Hammies comment for the question you should really be asking.

    Uh Duh – Fuck, does anyone on here NOT value correct spelling and grammer over all else? Correct spelling won’t fix your computer, honey. It won’t tune your brakes and unfortunately, it won’t pull the stick(s) out of (any of) your ass(es).

    Moda – ha ha fuck yeah.

    Sarah P – Back to your last comment, maybe you should read a blog by someone with a sense of style, might help with the fashion tips.

    Dewayne – πŸ™‚

    Erika – boooring. (and no, i don’t use that phrase irl. i just love to say obnoxious things).

    SwanDiamondRose – Obviously, you go ahead and post it. Here. You tease. Is it not obvious that we are all pissed as hell and hungering for more fuel for our bitter and twisted fires?

    Theresa – ah, girl, you were going so well! Better luck next time…

    Nina/ Via SWs reply – Unless you want to stir up a hornets nest for your own amusement πŸ˜‰

    Sarah P – Mmm, massive tits, in an Edwardian era frock. Defs send in a pic!

    The shoe girl – aye.

    In summing up, I would like to let SW and the rest of you know that it’s OK to be a stupid cunt. I think WE are ALL stupid cunts (yes Sarah P even you, with your many qualifications and giant mammaries). It’s the modern-day human condition. It would be nice if people could just admit that, but then again, wouldn’t be quite as much fun for me. I never would have guest starred on GIM, or generated so many comments in response.
    hee hee

  41. Sister Wolf says:

    ellen – The comments generated were in response to my post and my wit, not to you! That’s how it works. You could have your own blog, and then see if anyone responds.

    None of your come-backs is clever or intelligent and that is the key problem with you.

    With regard to me acting “tough” instead of “real:” If you only knew how tough I am. You have no fucking clue.

    “In summing up,” no, it’s not at all okay to be a stupid cunt. It’s a very bad combination, as per Sarah Palin. You are not “guest starring” anywhere, as it happens. You’re just an internet troll!

    best of luck,
    Sister Wolf

  42. Rabid says:

    OWNED. Ellen, you made that way too easy. You baited her and she baited you right back. The only difference is, only one can be victorious . . . and it’s not you.

  43. Kate says:

    Ever heard of Janis Joplin’s ghost fucking you in the ass with a dirty needle while Kurt Cobain barfed all over the OD’d spectral corpse of Thomas de Quincey and Afghan war criminals were given maddest props? That’s basically what the spirit of your entire response post amounted to.

  44. Dear Ellen , as critics often write, (theatre/novels/films) on this occasion the potential to captivate an audience was once again not only a lost opportunity but a misguided attempt at entertaining or is that blah blah blah.

    On a more cheery note Sarah P would be happy to advice send a photo to my blog email address and I’ll tell you how to lose the look! Although next season you never know….

  45. Sarah P says:

    MDS, you are completely lovely.

    (I’m a bit cross my savagely sarcastic ‘academic’ post was thought to be a serious bit of willy-waving (clit-waving?!) – obviously I need to work on my sense of humour!).


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