Complete This Sentence

This chino skirt would look great with ______________________.

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48 Responses to Complete This Sentence

  1. Cheraya says:

    …..a huge shroud covering it so you couldn’t see its awfulness.

    I despise this type of skirt on anyone over the age of 10. Sorry to those who think it’s ‘rad’.

  2. Sister Wolf says:

    Cheraya – YES, a shroud is a good idea, but what a shame to cover up that nice wide elastic waistband!

  3. Braindance says:

    …the bed that this valance sheet ws stolen from

  4. Suspended says:

    ….one leg. Then you could stick a light bulb in your pussy and complete that chintzy lamp look.

  5. ellio100 says:

    … a slap

    god that’s foul – how much are they charging for it?

  6. Love Sister Wolf says:

    My mother’s gym uniform from 1947.

  7. David Duff says:

    … with my long johns.

  8. Stuti says:

    With pants on top of the skirt, just the elastic waistband showing. Leggings underneath. Maybe wear a crop top, the one that shows all your beautiful abs.

    Rihanna/Cassie/What’s-her-name would crave to be you, promise.

  9. Em says:

    a ugly face. No one will be looking at your face, if you’re wearing that.

    $170? Really??

  10. A big green field and a football team. but not the Jets, please, the cheerleaders already have hideous outfits,

  11. kenju says:

    No one over the age of ten should wear that.

  12. Cricket9 says:

    …with a crappy seventies kitchen, like one in the house I just bought – used as a window dressing.

  13. annemarie says:

    Karla’s Closet’s fine muscular legs.

  14. denise says:

    a paper bag and a sense of shame

  15. Artful MJ says:

    I think those ruffled leather moto shorts underneath would not make it worse.

  16. Minzhi says:

    i think it’s really killing everything. I created a perfect look with it. 🙂

  17. AmandaMichele says:

    Minzhi I just spit my coffee! That was fantastic! I am pretty sure this skirt would look good with a little girl inside of it. Dresssed as a cheerleader. For Halloween.

    Or, a match, to see how flamable $170 is.

  18. Romeo says:

    The poster known as “Suspended” wins this one. Well played.

  19. Joy D. says:

    ….a brain hemorage. Shopbop has good days but seems to bank on its bad days like this skirt. yikes

  20. Ann says:

    …an admission that one’s grandmother made it out of some clearance fabric she found at the rag shop.

  21. Ann says:

    Oh and by the way, Suspended’s comment is the best thing I’ve ever heard.

  22. Audi says:

    I’m with Suspended. I took one look at that thing and thought, “lampshade.”

  23. A rare mental condition that makes you think crap clothes are good.

  24. andrea says:

    my new Jizz nail polish!

  25. Bessie the Buddha cow says:

    . . . oats and hay inside and strapped to a horses head.

  26. Bessie the Buddha cow says:

    forgot the (apostrophe), my bad.

    Andrea and Suspended . . . cool!

  27. Vix says:

    …the wood paneling, shag carpeting, and sleazy lighting from that 90s-era Calvin Klein “kiddie pRon” campaign.

  28. dust says:

    with the over-knee gladiator open toe platform sandals in tan leather.
    do they exist yet, by the way?

  29. Aja says:

    . . . a large lollipop and pigtails. Because anything else would be far too mature.

  30. Liz!! says:

    Goony Bird.

  31. WCGB says:

    …a tennis racket.

  32. Aimee- WTF! says:

    mid-90’s home interior wall sconces and a beige microsuede couch.

    This is a lampshade, right?

  33. some pom poms, bobby socks, bunches, lots of make up and a pair of 30F breasts. Failing that Duff’s long johns.

  34. Alicia says:

    …a $2.99 price tag.

    And Minzhi is KILLING IT!

  35. Bevitron says:

    my new Shop-Vac in place of that flimsy paper filter that came with it.

  36. Cricket9 says:

    I’m with Suspended – IMO best answer.

  37. Stella Mayfair says:

    minzhi and suspended, you did it for me!

    mwaaaah! incredibly fukken sikkk, dude!

  38. Cheraya says:

    rofl and splutter @ Suspended!!

  39. JK says:

    Looks like suspended wins.

    Although before beginning with the comments I’ll admit my first thought would’ve been an industrial strength paper shredder. But not being “fashion-wise” I wasn’t sure if that would qualify as a proper accessory.

  40. Suebob says:

    A 60 watt bulb and a colonial style base. Something in dark maple.

  41. Sister Wolf says:


    These comments are the funniest ever!!!! I’ve been laughing at them all day.Thank god this wasn’t a contest! Now we know that this skirt was created for our amusement. Thank you, chino skirt!

  42. Sister Wolf says:

    Minzhi -Thank you, I love it, you totally killed it! xoxo

  43. XuXu says:

    my mouth on it,
    which is where it would be as I ate.
    because it looks like a friggin’ elaborate napkin fold.
    at a bad wedding.
    where all will be revealed
    that the groom is sleeping with his future mother in law

    and there are lots of “leetle ‘orseeees”


  44. Stan says:

    With no nickers.

  45. Nadia says:

    Hahaha!!!!! Minzhi’s is the best! Not much can give me laugh out loud at 3.30am… also distracted Cami from her book to show her this.

  46. Nadia says:

    By the way, I meant ‘make’ me laugh out loud not ‘give me laugh out loud’ – not trying to invent some new slang or anything!

  47. Capri leggings and a school-uniform top (to be worn only by my 10-year old).

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