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handbag raincoat

I was absolutely thrilled when I first saw this little Handbag Raincoat at Shopbop. It’s such an obvious solution to the problem of shielding your nice handbag from the rain! Why didn’t anyone come up with this sooner??

Think of all the times you tried to stuff your handbag inside your jacket when it suddenly started to rain.

When my rose-colored Chanel bag was new (and I’m talking to you David Duff) I worried about the slightest drizzle and I wiped the bag immediately to make sure it was dry. Now that it’s beat-up from years of service, I don’t worry too much about rain.

But what if you have a suede bag, for fucksake! Your bag deserves a raincoat.

It even comes with its own cute little pouch.

cute little pouch

So imagine how disappointed I was when I went back to consider buying one, only to see this review:

ashsmith review

A piece of junk that is nothing but an inconvenience?!

Ugh, you’d have to be pretty stupid to buy one now. Unless the reviewer, “ashsmith,” is just some crazy troll determined to dash my hopes and dreams.

Meanwhile, I’ve been wasting hours looking at expensive designer bags, conflicted about the whole handbag thing, knowing as I do that the nicest handbag won’t help anything. But still.

Does anyone out there still give a shit about handbags? I’d like to hear your thoughts. (But not yours, David Duff.)

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18 Responses to Disappointment #1577689864

  1. Mija says:

    This product is a joke!

  2. TinLizzie says:

    From the early 90’s to 2007 I used to be a designer handbag collector. Chanel and Gucci were my favourites. I had all the basics and some fun, frivolous ones like the Chanel see through bag and a green Gucci with oversized buckles that looked like a frog. Then, the recession hit and it all seemed kind of gross, especially when we moved out of L.A. So, I bought a Black, LeSportsac and never looked back. I gifted my designer purses to my mid 20’s daughter on XMas and Birthdays because she’s in L.A. and still enjoys those types of things.

  3. Madam restora says:


  4. Madame Fifi says:

    I kind of give a shit about handbags. I have a pretty decent collection of premier designer bags and I enjoy carrying them. Fuck the recession and middle-class guilt, I work hard and I deserve nice things. I haven’t actually bought myself a new bag in years, though, having reached a saturation point. I live in Smalltown USA and no one around here knows the difference between Celine and Sears but so what.

  5. Winter Bird says:

    I agree with David Duff.

  6. Winter Bird says:

    I would like to think that if I had an extra $27K laying around, burning a hole in my pocket, I would have enough humanity to give it to the ASPCA or little child with cancer. Everytime I see a Birkin, I want to vomit.

  7. ali says:

    hahahaha I think I know who that girl is. https://instagram.com/therealashsmith/

  8. ali says:

    I tweeted her for confirmation. stay tuned!

  9. ali says:

    I think it is the type of thing that she and her “Art Friends” would buy as a joke – or for an instagram “jokey” photoshoot.

  10. rosie says:

    I don’t really understand the whole handbag thing. Useful for carrying useful stuff around, needs to look good and be comfortable and have the right internal pockets to put your phone in and so you don’t lose your car keys 50 times a day. I have nothing more to say on the subject.

  11. rosie says:

    and I don’t know what Ali is talking about. I followed the link, but I couldn’t see the handbag raincoat anywhere on that girls instagram account.

  12. Sister Wolf says:

    TinLizzie – I like hearing about your evolution. Maybe it’s just changing priorities? I actually offered my Chanel bag to my new daughter-in-law, who said she is fine with carrying a backpack instead! What a great girl.

    Madame Fifi – Well, you have a good attitude. And if you like to carry a
    designer bag among people who wouldn’t even notice it, you can’t be faulted!

    Winter Bird – What, that it’s mauve or that it clashes? Re Birkin: Ditto.

    Ali – EEoow, who the hell is she supposed to be? An It Girl?

    rosie – If only I could see handbags as strictly utilitarian. I am too conflicted.

  13. Bessie the Cow says:

    I’d rather plant a tree.

  14. David Duff says:

    I know you and your readers are breathless with anticipation waiting for my response to raincoat covers for handbags but, alas, darlings, I have been on the French Riviera, staying at Cannes, for the last two weeks – well, George and his new wife (my dear, simply too, too thin!) were nervous about visiting the Film Festival and needed my moral support. Anyway, whilst there naturally I cruised the Croissette to check out the latest offerings. Unfortunately, I was walking on the beach side in order to inspect the topless totties whilst the ‘Memsahib’, frowning for some reason (‘wadidido’?), was on the shop side inspecting the latest offerings from the French fashion houses. Thus, alas, I am not in a position to tell you much except that somehow, in some way, tits are not what they used to be? Well, either that or my memory isn’t what it used to be, either!

    Where was I . . . ?

    Oh yes, rain-cloaks for handbags! Well, the answer is perfectly obvious, you should remove it from your handbag and pull it over your head! That way everyone, er, well, except elderly, grumpy, old, Brit gents like me, will admire your eye-wateringly expensive handbag but you will be disguised from the sneers of passers-by who will think what a plonker you are for spending all that money on a bit of dead animal skin when you could quite easily carry all you daily needs in a Walmart plastic bag!

    Please feel free to consult me on any other fashion difficulties you might come across – er, sorry, didn’t quite catch that . . .

  15. Kellie says:

    I just about have a heart attack when it rains, and I am out with a good purse! Mine are the “medium high end” level-like Mulberry etc. Still, they are expensive for me. I would die if they were runied by weather.
    I dont know if purses are still a thing, but they are with me. Although I tend to get secondhand ones now.
    Birkin is the dumbest ever.

  16. Ali says:

    It girl. Although I think she is a sufferable one.

  17. Jaimi says:

    I’m trying to get to the point that I don’t need a handbag at all, but I do quite like my Coach bags from the early 80s. I think the best part is they were mostly trash day finds in the suburbs by my stepfather (who is extremely anti-fashion, anti-waste and yet has a surprisingly good eye for quality designer pieces).

  18. Unisa says:

    I haven’t used a handbag in years, mainly because I lust after certain designer bags for ages, then consider it for so long, that I’m sick of them without even having bought the damn things. Now bought one on impulse just last week. Second hand, so not outrageous, but still expensive enough that I would never divulge how much I paid for it to anyone but people who would do the same, and so know how much it costs anyway. It hasn’t arrived yet, so can’t say if I’ll ultimately feel like a fool for having bought it. I say, just once, why not? If only to have learned your lesson once and for all! Let us know how you get on with it?

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