Donald Trump: Is The Nightmare Over?

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After all we have endured from this piece of shit, it’s hard to believe that his comment about abortion is the thing that broke the spell.

Who knew that people cared so much about women’s rights? It seemed like a majority of Americans were in favor of rolling back Roe vs Wade, and that’s been scary.

But lo and behold, Trump’s absurd statement that women who have abortions should be punished is striking a chord with everyone. For some reason, this is where they’re drawing the line.

I hope.

The news is telling me tonight that the tide has turned. Please make it be true!

Remember when it was fun to see Trump’s bloated red face, emitting outrageous noises that no one in their right mind would ever say if they were running for President, or even Boyscout Leader?

The fun turned to horror, didn’t it? I head a reporter call him a ‘steaming pile of human refuse’ on MSNBC the other night, and it felt like an understatement.

Now we’re hearing that women won’t support Tump, which makes perfect sense, but what the fuck has been wrong with men in that case?

Racism doesn’t begin to explain the attraction. Neither does the ‘people are sick of the status quo’ argument. They could have sided with Rand Paul if all they wanted was a maverick.

What is it about a fat loud bully that American men find so appealing? Is it some kind of projection? Is it a vicarious thrill to see some shameless lowlife insulting his betters?

My visceral hatred of this cunt has reached defcon whatever. His every facial movement is like a knife in my heart. That O-shape he makes with his mouth. The plump frown. The crazy hand motions and the way he says “believe me” twice after every ridiculous lie.

Is it over for real? Can we actually get out of this without anyone getting killed? Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

I blame the press. I blame Donald Trump’s parents. And I blame the Idiocracy that America’s anti-intellectualism has spawned. Feel more comfortable with stupidity, America? How stupid is stupid enough?

Sure, Ted Cruz is a crazy prick and Kasich is a jerk. But there is nothing on earth as awful as Donald Trump.

Let us pray.


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5 Responses to Donald Trump: Is The Nightmare Over?

  1. Sam says:


  2. Andrea Ratner says:

    From your keyboard to god’s ears! I am not a “pray-er” but I pray every day to make sure that this asshole cannot be elected. I think when he first came on the scene, the powers that be in the republican party thought he would self implode. But there were so many people running on that side that he was able to get a good portion of the votes. Maybe now the implosion will happen, after the abortion gaffe, which he says this morning is because MSNBC edited the interview to make him look bad, which they say they did not. 2 days later he’s still making excuses. He is so not presidential, it would be hilarious if it were not real life. And don’t get me started on the nuclear stuff. What kind of people is he surrounding himself with that won’t tell him he is not qualified? What you see here is money is power & everyone around him is afraid to tell him no. He’s really just a fat, ugly, ill spoken guy from Queens with a combover (& I grew up in Queens, so I know from where I speak), & if he didn’t have money, that’s all he would be. He should have stayed where he was, on the apprentice, where most of the country thought well of him. In NY though, our hatred of him goes way back, to when he first came on the scene with his awful, 80s style gaudy buildings & egomaniacal rants. NO ONE in NYC likes him. I just saw a commercial on CNN that contains him saying stupid things, especially the abortion stuff & ending “we have too much at stake to let him win”, ominous “Jaws” type music playing in the background. I saw John Kerry on TV saying that every world leader is calling him & asking “what the hell is going on in your country??”. We might want to blame NBC for this, for The Apprentice. That’s what gave him a national platform. And I underscore your “let us pray”.

  3. Andrea Ratner says:

    Oh, and one other thing, which is what I I think is what gave birth to his running for president, & also is at the root of the republican congress not wanting to work with our current president- we have a black president!! Everything negative that they do is because they are all racists at heart & they won’t give validation to President Obama. Remember, Trump was the one with the “birther” argument, saying that the president was born in Kenya & not letting it go until he produced his birth certificate. And even then he questioned it. He (& they) just couldn’t give validation to Obama’s winning the presidency- twice- all because he’s black. Everything else is code for…. he’s black! So the fact that we had a ground breaking election in 2008 is what gave birth to this Trump debacle. I said this to my husband months ago, that the cause is very simple, & recently, I heard Van Jones say the same thing on CNN. Such a shame & an embarrassment to the world that our country is like this.

  4. Sister Wolf says:

    Andrea – It serves the GOP right for not standing up at the beginning and booting him out. They knew he wasn’t qualified IN ANY WAY bit they were too intimidated to say so.

  5. Oh how sad I am that nothing has stopped Trump. The tide may have shifted, but it hasn’t turned against him. I lose sleep.

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