Don’t Worry, We Still Have Denim

don't worry we still have denimUntil Donald Trump appoints a Commissioner of Denim to take it away from us, we still have denim to turn to for a spark of joy. This jacket by DSquared2 brings a whole forest fire of joy, with it’s thick encrusted bib and poofy shoulders.

dont worry we still have denimFrom behind, it looks like some creature has hopped onto the host organism and won’t let go.

I like the gloves too, which hint at a skin disease. At $3,680, this is a true collector’s piece.

What if you paired the jacket with these jeans?

R13’s Alison Leyton crop jeans are assembled from blue stretch-denim ornamented with frayed patches.

I like how they’re “assembled” and “ornamented.” This is no haphazard sewing class failure! This is art. As always, a team of teething babies worked for days, chewing on the patches to ensure a realistic fraying.

At $595, these jeans are a steal. In fact, oops, I see now that they’re sold out at Barney’s but I’ll help you find a pair if you need them.

Finally, a jacket from Mark Jacobs.

don't worry we still have denimThis one says “80’s K-Mart” and that’s the joke. Get it?? A horrible acid-washed color, afflicted with pins and patches: a razor blade, peace sign, a fake ska emblem, and some crap on the back.

don't worry we still have denimEw. I’d like to know the customer who’d pay $895 for this. Even a Kardashian knows better.

But who am I to judge; I’m just here to spread the joy.

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9 Responses to Don’t Worry, We Still Have Denim

  1. Suspended says:

    The first one is a victorian ant attack!

    The second one….uuuurgh *shiver. There are few fabrics that warrant a physical reaction but stone/acid wash denim gets me every time. Look at the models mouth, even she’s disgusted, possibly even close to tears.

  2. Dj says:

    I wish I was DSquared 2. Easy money…

  3. Mark says:

    I’m thinking the third is the most egregious. Marc Jacobs is a sickening, necrotic sack of maggoty turds. He’s never once had an original thought, and that stupid jacket is a perfect manifestation of his vapidity.

    How’s your anti-Tr*mp sign holding up?

  4. Sister Wolf says:

    Suspended – Hahahahahahahhahahaha

    Dj – Well, yeah but they’re a pair of imbeciles.

    Mark – I can’t remember ever liking Mark Jacobs. What a piece of shit that jacket is! My sign was blown down by the wind the other night but will go back up. Meanwhile, someone stole the neighbor’s sign and I hear she went bananas!

  5. Suspended says:

    Lol – your neighbours sign might just have blown away too, no? I’m glad she went bananas.

  6. Dj says:

    Blown down?? Or STOLEN!! Let’s see what the conspiracy theorists have to say!

  7. Andra says:

    I don’t have any denim. I’ve never had any denim.
    I like to be comfortable – I like my clothes to move when I move.
    And I don’t want to look like all you people in denim – a little individuality works for me.

  8. Lumay says:

    I like the first jacket. It is something that a 2010 Vanessa Ives of Penny Dreadful might wear.

  9. maxpage says:

    Ermmm… helloooo sister W? To pair this jacket with jeans would result in double denim—and clearly constitute a fashion faux pas.. As any fashionista is aware, a (very fairly priced considering) glorious piece of design genius such as this masterpiece should be allowed to speak for itself…so to speak….

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