Okay, fine, at first glance they’re ugly but wait for the description:

“A softly pleated waistband flows into an effortless, wide-leg silhouette on these denim culottes.”

We’ve all come to associate “effortless” with “chic,” so maybe our brains are supposed to transpose what our eyes register as “dowdy” into “chic.”

How do the people at Shopbop know that the flow is effortless? Maybe it’s strenuous, or even harrowing?

Help finish the sentence:  “These wide leg coulottes would look great with ______.”

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36 Responses to Effortless

  1. carla fox says:


  2. jlynn says:


  3. andrea says:

    a pair of crocs.

  4. marie says:

    my astrovan

  5. Bevitron says:

    …a pile of coffee grounds, eggshells, & cucumber peelings surrounding them at the bottom of a garbage bag.

  6. Kellie says:

    the 80’s??

  7. Kellie says:

    and some effort???

  8. Ellie says:

    209.00??!!!!????? I can’t even think of a response. If I saw those for 12.99 on the discount rack at Wal-Mart I would still think they’re trying to rip off whoever the fuck would want to wear those.

  9. patni says:

    they look like the kind of hideous shit walmart sells in a size 9x to remind fat people that they are worthless and every one hates them.

  10. Romeo says:


  11. kate says:

    that sixth pint of ice-cream that I’d be downing from the sheer depression of deciding that this is what my life has become after buying these butt ugly things.

  12. Sister Wolf says:

    Hahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahaha! Thank god for your comments!

  13. kate says:

    I thought they were truly hideous and so for a good time, followed the link: even the model looks miserable in them and the view from the back?! that 100 lb model has the biggest ass in these!
    Just what I was looking for! clothes to make my ass look enormous!!

  14. Deni says:

    OMG! They are the pants that are two feet short sent out by the Levy Pant factory in the 60s.

  15. Suspended says:

    A roll of wallpaper, a pasting bucket and a packet of organic tampons for the back pocket.

    ( I was going to say ‘Angelina’s leg’ but that poor thing has been through enough.)

    On seconds thoughts, after looking at the back view, an Ass Pump. Her poor ass is trying to reach back into her body, clearly a case of acute embarrassment.

  16. David Duff says:

    . . . my long Johns’!

  17. Richard says:

    a match and bonfire.

  18. Witch Moma says:

    Seriously, BOOTS. Been thru this fashion faze & boots are what’s needed to balance the billow.

  19. Suebob says:

    …someone jamming a funnel cake into their mouth.

  20. Ann says:

    The first 4 replies to this post have done the work for me. You may all now continue on with your day with no further interruption from me.

  21. Debra says:

    some tie backs and a valance.

  22. Andra says:

    They’d probably be quite useful as side curtains on an aluminium dinghy.
    Or you could make seat covers for the truck.
    Or use them to wipe up grease from the garage floor.
    A very handy item as far as I can see.
    I don’t know why everybody is so nasty.

  23. mel says:

    lacrimal sacs

  24. Cricket9 says:

    What?!? The price is TWO HUNDRED NINE DOLLARS?!!!

  25. HelOnWheels says:

    …a 99% discount and some furniture polish.

  26. nemo says:

    an adult diaper

  27. JK says:

    I wasn’t gonna bother ’cause everybody (with the possible exception of the Duffster) gave me a giggle – however:

    … pair of suspenders, a milking stool and a long line of cows waiting to get into the barn. Waayy out in the boonies someplace away from me.

  28. stijn says:

    my Siamese twin brother, we’d wear them as effortless man-skirts though.

    By the way I came across this article about my bff Jane, don’t know if you already read it but it’s awful;


  29. annemarie says:

    jesus, no one likes them? fuck, ok. i admit that i would probably wear them. but only because they’d be very practical for bike-riding and they cover your knees…. shit. are they really that bad?

    i’ve always liked cows. maybe that’s the connection.

  30. dana says:

    An avocado stove.

  31. regularstarfish says:

    The value of a dollar really has gone down. Last century, these would only be $29 instead of the $209 that some sucker is going to end up paying ShopBop.

  32. mel says:

    thank you very much for that link. the comments on this are hilarious and to be honest I missed articles about our bff Jane.

    Team Carol!

  33. patni says:

    If you like them you can probably find 15 exactly like it at your nearest goodwill. Or goodwill outlet morelikely.

  34. Sprockets says:

    . . .a firing squad pointing at them.

  35. TG says:

    a Bible

    that’s who wore these last time around

  36. Nicola says:

    ….A matching denim straight jacket

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