Glenn Beck has a Lesbian Stick!!!


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14 Responses to Glenn Beck has a Lesbian Stick!!!

  1. Andra says:

    I hate Glenn Beck, whoever he is.
    I nearly had a lesbian stick a couple of months ago.
    If you’re good I’ll send you a photo of it.
    And up his Yasi too!

  2. Ann says:

    As long as it’s not yours, I don’t care what that hate monger has.

  3. e says:

    STEAL IT!!

  4. Suebob says:

    Best blog post title of all time.

  5. Carrie says:

    The stick must be stolen. Anyone can do it! Just pretend to be someone in need of social services and you can walk right past him like you’re invisible! (And while you’re inside the Beck stronghold to steal the stick, whomever you are, could you also please locate the Glenn-crypt and pop out his battery pack? I think we’d all sleep more soundly knowing he was ‘deactivated’ wouldn’t we?)

  6. Aja says:

    I rarely watch this show. My god, it pains me.

  7. Dave C says:

    Who is this dick? And why does he want me to be frightened by the Egyptian people’s struggle for democracy? As for that Yoda impersonation… makes me want to repurpose his lesbian stick, if you see what I mean.

  8. Marky says:

    Dave C-

    I know what you mean.

  9. Witch Moma says:

    I will help steal it. Haven’t been a vandal since college (70’s) & would enjoy clipping Glenn’s stick.

  10. Srenna says:

    If only someone would beat him with it…

  11. OMGGMAB says:

    Glenn Beck cannot possibly have a lesbian stick, because he would neither entertain the notion of a lesbian nor tolerate the existence of such a being. He is not worthy to own a lesbian stick. Rather, I think the stick he holds is an extension of the same that is up his arse. Desire it not, touch it not, own it not, as it is full of crap.

  12. Cricket9 says:

    Who the hell he?! What is he wearing – any why? Is he demented? Yes, his stick should be repurposed – he would make a nice puppet – if you know what I mean.
    We have our share of wackos here in Canada, but your wackos in US beat ours every time…

  13. Did he steal yours??

  14. Anne says:

    oh i love his stick ahahha!!
    can’t believe that O’Reilly looks liberal next to this guy LOL!!

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