Hideous Footwear Alert

hideous patti st laurent boots

Can you believe how ugly these are?

hideous patti st laurent boots 2I really am almost speechless.

It would be like shoving your feet into dead animal carcasses and expecting everyone to admire you for it.

Why the silver studded ’embellishment?’ Is it supposed to represent the dead animal’s collar?

Saint Laurent Patti ankle boots, $1,995.00.  (If Patti Smith were dead, she could join Yves to roll around in his grave with him.)

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15 Responses to Hideous Footwear Alert

  1. Erika says:

    Too obviously It’s like they skinned two puppies chopped the heads off and hollowed them out. Horrifying. Ugly.

  2. alittlelux says:

    This screams “wookie” to me…

  3. Sam says:

    Um….nope, got nothing.

  4. Dru says:

    How many yetis did they skin for this?

  5. carla fox says:

    My first thought: Wookie boots. Ugliness reigns.

  6. Lola says:

    Do they come with a brush? Do you need to comb that hair? Is it real hair? So many questions and not even one answer I wanna know…

  7. Sister Wolf says:

    lola – Me too, nothing but questions I don’t want answered.

  8. deb* says:

    The head of two Emo’s on a heel

  9. Dj says:

    What happens if you pick up gum or poop from the sidewalk? Do you take them into the shoe salon for a wash, condition, blow dry?

  10. Suspended says:

    I desperately need these to give me that satanic Grinch sartorial edge. My brain is awash with possibilities…Loose curls for that beach look, beehive toes for that B-52’s concert, cornrows and a toe grill…Gangsta! Squeeze them into a bigger sized pair of red stilettos…just for the fucking fun of it!

    Fuck…fashion can be so exasperating at times.

  11. ali says:

    R.I.P. YSL, Moschino, etc.
    Patti Smith – keep popping up at Jeff Koons appreciation galas. Do you.

  12. Eek says:

    Evilness, those shoes. Evil this way comes….

  13. Dana says:

    Do they shed?

  14. Sister Wolf says:

    Hahahahaha, all y’all. You are the wind beneath my goddam shoes.

    Kellie – That’s just fucked up. Someone should have to pay for designing that.

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