Looking Stupid at Two Price-Points


Here is an awful stupid top with a horse on it, for $55 at Revolve Clothing.


If you prefer spending the big bucks on something awful and stupid, Stella McCartney nails it with this knit dress, at her online shop for $1,145.

* Do you hate to hear “price-point?” Me too! I was being ironic.

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17 Responses to Looking Stupid at Two Price-Points

  1. WendyB says:

    I have to use “price point” seriously. How annoying is that?

  2. If I had to chose between stupid shirt one and stupid shirt two, irrespective of price, I would chose one. Shirt one I would look like a horses head. Shirt two I would look like a horses ass. $1145 for that?

  3. I would have been estatic nay hyperbolic had you included the Christopher Kane dress with a gorilla on it! Seriously I do not understand this indulgence of designers. Why are people fawning over an unconstructed garment i.e. a tee shirt, long teeshirt masquarading as a dress or a knitted version of both with an animal imprinted on the top. Stupid seems a fitting summary of a price point for rubbish.

    Price point is hilariously stupid too but at least ironic (agh) use of it has comedy value. I think Jane Austen may have written , Mrs Bennett was deligthed to have spent the small sum alloted to her eldest daughter Jane’s wedding (as the generoisty and riches of her future husband prevented them calling upon the coffers of Mr Bennett), on an item of fashionable note, particularly as the price justified and reflected her taste.

  4. Yes, utterly ridiculous. If I spend $1100 on a garment it better at least be flattering!

  5. Jill says:

    I have to hear “colorway”…which I find incredibly aggravating and downright stupid.

  6. Mark says:

    How about ‘piece’ to describe a garment? “That’s one of his best pieces this season.”

    Both the ‘pieces’ above are pieces of shit.

  7. hammie says:

    Stella meets the home shopping network. Not stupid or ironic enough. xx

  8. susie_bubble says:

    Make the horse wild and a bit more animated and I might fork out the money…. the cheetah sweater? Hmmm….no…
    Guilt of both ‘pieces’ and ‘price points’….

  9. HelOnWheels says:

    Hmmm…I’m pretty sure that Stella stole one of my grandmother’s old animal print sweatshirts from the 80’s to make that dress. If Stella was going for ironic with that “piece” she failed big time.

  10. Sister Wolf says:

    WendyB – So sorry!

    La Belette Rouge – Good thinking.

    Make Do- That fucking Christopher Kane thing is an abomination. Doesn’t Sea of Shoes’ mom wear one?

    Iheartfashion – I wouldn’t buy that dress for ten dollars, ugh.

    JIll – Oooh, ‘colorway’ is like nails on a chalkboard.

    Mark – Yes, “piece” is awful. Like “space”. “What a great space to show off this new piece!”

    Hammie – You have a strong stomach.

    SusieB – Just say no to ‘pricepoint!’ You can do it! We’re counting on you!

    HelOnWHeels – Stella should stay the hell away from your grandma.

  11. alittlelux says:

    i saw this and had to snap a pic… looking stupid on the cheap! it was only 10 dollars…


    and yes, the panda is a record player…

  12. Sister Wolf says:

    alittlelux – My, that is both stupid and cheap! Did you buy it?

  13. alittlelux says:

    no! i have a strict anti panda wearing policy for myself. i left it for someone else to find 😉

  14. Jacqui says:

    I saw a tshirt with a unicorn on it just last weekend, you know, the kind that looks airbrushed. The kind I would have been wild over when I was 11? I can’t believe it’s actually a “thing” now.

    Stella’s dress is even worse, that is so straight out of the 80’s that it hurts. Just add more shoulderpads, some clunky plastic jewelry and call it good.

    I remember hearing once that if you were old enough to wear a fad the first time around, you’re too old to wear it the second time around. I’m having no trouble at all adhering to that rule lately.

  15. Dearest Sister Wolf,

    I would LOVE to see you instruct us with a pithy article on the apparently American phenomenon of over-weight late-middle aged women and their fascination with long T-shirts that have animal prints on them (huge lions, tigers, zebras).

    It’s been going on for a quarter century or more.

    Is this the origin of the contemporary meaning of the word ‘Cougar’ ????

    Worried, curious and ready to be consoled,


  16. Sister Wolf says:

    Jacqui – Ugh! Same here.

    Sardonique – Working on treatise for you.

  17. editor says:


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