Messing With Goony Bird

First they give her polio by photoshopping that leg. Then, if that’s not enough, they give her extensions!

I say, Let Goony be Goony! Don’t fuck with her.

I may have to write a heartfelt letter to Shopbop.

Meanwhile, meet two lessor Shopbop models: Â  Kristen Stewart Girl and Jeniffer Aniston Girl.

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20 Responses to Messing With Goony Bird

  1. Oh bless her you need to intervene xx

  2. E says:

    I’m mystified by the cleavage that extends to the belly button in photo 2.

  3. E says:

    Actually – look closely at the neck on p1 +2 its as big as a thigh – I think that’s some one else with GB’s face stuck on there …. or Dr Frankenstein’s Model Agency

  4. sam says:

    Photo 2: I don’t think that’s her body either….clever photoshoppers….. or are they?

  5. duckalicious says:

    this is so fucking disgusting! the people who do this are sick, seriously.

  6. the real andrea says:

    What IS that with the long cleavage to the belly button? Is it a surgical scar? Why didn’t they photoshop that out?

  7. BethUK says:

    I think the bra is too small. It’s slowly squishing her in two. Poor girl. Make Do Style is right – someone should intervene.

  8. honeypants says:

    Wow, I’m particularly freaked out by the extended cleavage crease in the second photo! Why wouldn’t they photoshop that out?

  9. Liz!! says:

    Free Goony! That totally isn’t her. I have a hard time that someone with her amorphous body and that head actually exists.

    I hope that Goony is somewhere in a Sbarro, eating her fifth slice of pizza and laughing at the world for getting paid to be a head model.

    That HAS to be it.

  10. E says:

    Perhaps GB read all the Diane Pernet comments and Cybill’s genius solution re sending your costume out and staying at home instead, spending your day lying on the sofa. She just sent out someone wearing a mask with her face on it.
    Bravo GB!

    Also sending some love re: scars – they aren’t offensive.
    Bad photoshopping is another thing entirely.

  11. What THE fuck??? Nobody has a torso that long. It’s just freaky.
    And as for the leg photoshopping, I’m trying to photoshop it out of my brain.
    PS I’ve just seen something on Style Bubble that gives a whole new meaning to ‘pony play’ – Anna Dello Russo with what appears to be a My Little Pony as either a handbag or a weird adult toy. Maybe she, jane and Nao can be friends.

  12. And I think the superlong cleavage is down to this….
    She must have used to be less in need of pies, and that bra-top is too tight, so the snippet of excess skin squished in a strange ‘fold’ due to the too-tight top.

  13. Joy D. says:

    Why do they all look so…normal and plain? Not to say they aren’t beautiful. Are they supposed to blend into the background?

  14. Srenna says:

    Your (photo)Shopbop posts are my favorites, Sister Wolf!

  15. kellie says:

    I cant believe she earns money for this.

  16. patni says:

    She is a strange looking lady. Weird puffy face, Lank greasy hair, tractor beam stare…. If i was going to have a head photo shopped onto my body i might not want it to be hers.

  17. patni says:

    and i used (emphasis on past tense) to have a line down my tummy from muscles. But it didnt look at all like that.

  18. Sister Wolf says:

    E – This staying on the sofa shit is truly the way to go. That’s what I’m doing. I just keep forgetting to send my costume out Regarding scars: Mine are pretty impressive. Long live scars.

  19. Sister Wolf says:

    patni – What an eloquent description! But that’s why I love Goony!

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