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I thought I was alone in my sympathy for murderess Jodi Arias, but look, there is a whole website in support of her, unless they are joking, in which case I salute them. Actually, I salute them either way.

Like many people with no lives, I am hooked on Jodi’s trial. But I am totally on her side. I don’t blame her for killing Travis.

I’m not saying that she should have killed him, just that I understand.

When I look at Jodi, I see a poor girl who has never been loved, who was so desperate to be loved that she would do anything, be anyone, in exchange for affection. In my fantasy of Jodi, she was an ugly duckling who has worked hard to make herself attractive to men. She bleached her hair, got breast implants, plucked out her eyebrows, and even then she had to invite some Mormon douchebag to ejaculate on her face just to experience some facsimile of love.

Deep in my soul, I am Jodi, an unlovable girl with murder in my heart.

I have never had come on my face, nor have I put up with a boring ass-obsessed motivational speaker/salesman. Still, I feel a bond of unlovability.  I will thank my parents for this. Thanks, parents!

I haven’t shot or stabbed anyone because I hate violence and I will always duck or run if someone wants to hit me.  I know it’s wrong to kill Travis, but fuck him. Hearing his phone-sex with Jodi is to want him dead.

You probably think I’m being satirical or contrarian but I am sincere in this position. Not that I’d give Jodi a penny, even for her fabulous drawing of Lucille Ball.



(art © Jodi Arias)

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17 Responses to Poor Jodi

  1. Jane says:

    Since I am currently in a mood to ask these questions, here is one interesting question-:

    Would getting rid of every single male currently living, or castrating them, be a net positive or negative for humanity?

    Don’t worry about the logistics of the removal of genital organs or humane treatment of those who don’t give it to others in the first place. Simply restrict yourself to a cost-benefit analysis. Would everybody else enjoy a significantly better living standard, have more opportunities, be able to innovate more and have a more secure existence?

    Once again, don’t worry about the logistics as it has been feasible, on the required scale, since the late 1920s. Remember that Stalin, Hitler and Mao became leaders because the societies they came out of were deeply dysfunctional and ridden with their own version of supremely corrupt and incompetent male elites who were busy impoverishing their own people.

    I am simply trying to get you to ask the question: “are these so-called ‘indispensible’ males a useful organ of the system or a cancerous growth?”

  2. Kristin says:

    I don’t know anything about Jodi Arias or the trial but I too have wanted to kill in my life. It was someone who did me wrong. I actually had it planned though I just got a frisson of pleasure out of planning it, I knew I would never do it. Plus I would look around at my nice apartment and think, why should I live in a jail the rest of my life instead of here just because of this person? But wanting to kill, I can understand that.

  3. ali says:

    I experienced a strange moment a few months ago when I told my boyfriend I wanted a gun for self defense reasons. 4 women had been attacked in my neighborhood in the span of 3 days.

    I have been sexually assaulted/beatenup/dateraped. 3 unique incidents.

    My boyfriend told me I should never own a gun because I might kill a man (emphasis on MAN).

    I agree. I think if I had a gun, it is possible. I too feel something for Jodi

    although I never considered myself violent either

  4. Sister Wolf says:

    Jane – Oh, there you go again.

  5. Kristen says:

    Jane, I have often wondered the same thing, but I’m a little ashamed to admit the question I ask myself more often is : what if every woman in the world just laid down and died? What if all the women just decided, fuck this, I’m done being undervalued, pushed aside, ridiculed, bullied, abused, treated as an object, and I’m done fighting for equal rights for my gender. So… you men wanna run this world so bad? Go ahead. Take this whole world. This one’s yours. Good look with the whole child bearing thing. I’m sure you’ll figure it out, seeing as how you’re so superior to me in every way.

    Sometimes I just wonder why we bother…and I enjoy Greek tragedy.

  6. Debbie says:

    Here’s the thing … NEVER PLAY WITH SOMEONE’S EMOTIONS! Travis Alexander was getting his freak on with bad girl Jodi. He was obviously, seriously sexually and emotionally conflicted. He was playing with her feelings and she was so codependent that she let him do things to her that she didn’t want done … she’d accept any crumb of affection he tossed her way. It’s all around sad. She brutally killed him but here’s the moral of the story … again, DON’T FUCK WITH PEOPLE’S FEELINGS because you may be fucking with a psycho.

    Being female, I have had my share of users and abusers, so I get Jodi. Travis was a freak who desperately wanted to be a perfect Mormon boy. Again, a tragic story all the way around.

  7. e. lee says:

    Randomly searching for interesting blogs, I happened upon yours and to my shock…(I had to read the first paragraph twice) I could not believe that there was someone out there for felt the same way I do towards Jodi Arias.

    Again, I’m in shock. Of course, I haven’t shared this with anyone, God forbid I get in a debate over the Arias trial. I am on the same exact wavelength as you. I randomly (again…!) happened upon the smutty and disgraceful Nancy Grace show. I tuned her shrieking out and drew myself in to this trial. I sat there, silent, watching and listening over the sex tapes and Jodi on the witness stand. I tuned in the next day, and the following.

    I could not, and still (kinda) can’t put my finger on it, or assign a word for it, but I feel for her. More so, I believe her. Her version of events may not be the truth but, I believe her. I believe Mr. White Butter n’ Bread, ‘Perfect’ Mormon Boy, Travis Alexander, was not all that he professed to be. And why would he be?

    Why would he show his sexually ferocious, debasing, and sexually/emotionally assaultive side of himself to his friends, colleagues, family? Would YOU!? No! Human beings, that includes men and women; we play multiples roles throughout the day each day of our lives. Most of us don’t play the juicy ones like Travis cast himself in, but we play husbands, daughters, BFFs, leaders, teenagers, mothers, star employee…etc. Would you play the role of slut who wanted it “ohh so bad…” with her boyfriend in bed last night to your boss the next morning? NO!

    Get it? OUr society shuts away our intimate sexual and bodily functions, desires. So, this demonizing of Jodi against boy scout Travis…it’s sad. I heard the sex tapes. I profess to have played naughty with my partners before…I never asked to be tied to a tree, anal intercourse and no man in my life complimented me on my orgasms as sounding of those of a 12 yr old girl.

    So, I’ll wrap it up. I get it. I get Jodi, I believe her and I’m so, so sorry she is where she is now. It does not look good. Whats more sad is, I found another woman virtually who felt similar but as far as our culture, our society having this conversation in open, in an effort to try and make sense as to ‘why’ (why?) did this happen…that’s not going to take place, not in my lifetime.

    And that’s sad too. I view Jodi as someone who I would befriend at work, go get coffee/happy hour with, share a laugh, maybe meet up as friends and go shopping. She’s like me, relatable. And what else is relatable? I’ve been seriously dicked around by more than a few grown up, successful, intelligent men in my life. Much so I coined the term ‘P.O.C.’ Pussy-On-Call. Trying to find humor (instead of tears) of finding myself time and time again in relationships with men who keep me at arms length, draw me in, back at arms length draw ya in….and who goes back to his apartment every sat/wed night for dinner and a sleep over…me.

    I get it. But I’m so afraid for her. And much support and atrength to the woman who shared their tragedies on this post. Be strong.

  8. Cupcake says:

    I have no idea who these people are – is this on television ? But Cum on the face happens ..right ? Either mine or theirs but hopefully both..

  9. Sister Wolf says:

    Cupcake – Your face sounds about right. Just don’t tell me about it.

  10. D.R. says:

    You’re all scaring me.

  11. Dj says:

    It’s the perpetual smirk on her face that says it all

  12. Antony says:

    I don’t think so

  13. Jana says:

    LMAO!!!! He used that poor girl and she finally just snapped.

  14. Supermouse says:

    “I have never had come on my face, nor have I put up with a boring ass-obsessed motivational speaker/salesman. Still, I feel a bond of unlovability. I will thank my parents for this. Thanks, parents!”

    I can relate to this. It is a bond of hate. Maybe people aren’t meant to get politically correctly “married,” with sex, because it forces one person to get raped and the other to feel insecure, like the way that parents always think they do best for children, but are always worried about being bad parents. That’s why so many kids end up on pills, because parents seek the “best advice” instead of the interest of the child.

    E.g. professional/certified/elder really is just majority opinion, and isn’t objective. It’s like how drug hustlers keep changing the rules to keep others down so they can stay in power. That’s why I don’t give a damn about trained professionals because they’re blocking new ideas from entering the philosophy of truth.

    We have to get rid of this idea where one rules the other even if they’re wrong, just because of bigger property ownership. We also have to stop the media from making women and children look helpless, and we need to create more ways children can fight back with the law against anyone with a role badge.

  15. Supermouse says:

    Edit: We need to create more ways PEOPLE can fight back with the law against anyone with a role badge, so they cannot be treated “like children.”

  16. Lydia says:

    Hi Jodi. I hope u r reading this. I can relate to you n been through what u had. It was very painful experience. I know all you need is love. It is sad to have this to b happened in order to find out the so called truths. No. I do not believe you deserve death penalty. You snapped n u r in pain when that happened. N no. You r not a killer. You did it because Travis did not appreciated you. He thought you do not have emotion n feelings. He dug his own grave. Imo. there was a mistake for both party. Not only one. A woman who has sex freely does not mean she is a bitch. Analyse it in your heart. If u get life, remember there is always Hope n life is not over. Thanks for reading. God Bless U!

  17. heizenburg says:

    Travis Alexander sounds to me like a self absorbed pre-paid shallow duchebag hypocrite… You treat anyone like a piece of trash.. you get what you deserve.. called carma..

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