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Me, Me Me, and My Incredible DNA!

Do you watch those adds for 23 and Me and think, Gee, I should really do this because it would be fascinating to learn more about me? Same here! I’m so interested in my DNA because I know I’m special. … Continue reading

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Just Admit It

The other day, I was devising a plan to get an acquaintance to admit that he will never drive to my house. I would put him on the spot by issuing an open invitation, saying, “Just pick any day that … Continue reading

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Grandpa Wants a Nap!

Wouldn’t you know, Grandpa wants to cancel the debate scheduled for Friday night!   He needs to go to Washington to pretend he’s a leader. NO, GRANDPA! It’s not time for your nap! You can’t back out of the debate just … Continue reading

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