The Good, Bad & Ugly Round-up


Mmmmm, now this is a jacket I’d touch my face for! Why does it have to be $500? Brian Lichtenberg, can’t you please give me one for free, after all I’ve been through?


Check out this abomination: “Punk Pants” by McQ – Alexander McQueen. It’s a skirt, it’s leggings, it’s harem pants, it’s making me want to kill myself.   Shopbop, of course.


Meet Tallulah, Rumer’s sister. At 15, she snagged an internship at Bazaar magazine. Demi Moore’s deal with Satan continues to smite her children. What a fucking cunt! 

I can’t help wondering if a contract with the devil is legal and binding. Shouldn’t Demi try to get out of it, just out of common decency?

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11 Responses to The Good, Bad & Ugly Round-up

  1. I think Demi’s deal is actually with a plastic surgeon named Dr. Lou Cypher. And once you sell your soul to him there’s no going back… (crikey, she now looks younger than her daughters, her kids must be so embarrassed ala that ho-bag Madonna.)

    But holy crap, I can’t believe they even allowed a teen that young to intern. WTF, when I volunteered at that age it was a huge to-do because I wasn’t 16 yet.

    As for the jacket, I kinda liked the Top Shop one better (she says in a very small voice) but regardless, I’ve yet to learn how to touch hand to face so I”m doomed to a life of no-sequin, no hand to face obscurity.

    Those monstrosities by McQueen (whom I normally love) are making my eyes bleed. Real punk pants had that stupid “bum flap” on the back only, but were actually like jeans with bondage straps. Way cooler (even though the bum flap was stupid looking — reminded me of those “sit-upons” they made us make in brownies. Yeah, like ANY kid ever used them!) Oh Shopbop just keeps the goodies rolling…


  2. dust says:

    I think that those trousers would look great if paired with the ocelot boots.
    Sequined jacket on top would be too much, I hope you agree.
    Demi just has good genes, it is sooo obvious.

  3. WendyB says:

    The devil probably has a really good legal team.

  4. All of the heads of their offspring are oddly reminiscent of patients with acromegaly, like our old buddy Rondo ‘The Creeper’ Hatton.

    Below, please find the catalog from which they choose their children’s cranial configurations (God bless pre-natal genetic manipulations):

    Dr.B. 8¬}D-

  5. hammie says:

    Sis, I got a denim jacket I bought in a spanish kids store -Mayoral – which is bedazzled! Fitted cut, lycra blend dirty denim. It is in one of those big green bags the knackers post through your door pretending to be charities. I planned to donate it to MS (Fuck the Knackers) but will post it to you if you promise to pose with your hand to your face.

  6. 15, and interning at Harper’s Bazaar? I bet she gets the jacket for free too.

  7. Mark says:

    What happened to Tallulah’s head. Encephalitis? Demi should keep these man-girls hidden away.

  8. Mark says:

    I meant: ?

  9. editor says:

    …you don’t touch your face either??

  10. Sister Wolf says:

    Suzanne aka – Do you think McQueen is in fact having a laugh with those things?

    dust -Hahahahhaha!

    WendyB – ‘Dear Abby’ had the same team when I worked for her!

    Sardonique -SHIT! You should sell this info to the tabloids!

    Hammie – Should I be frightened?? Of course I would put hand to face!

    fashion herald – Well, unless it comes with a head-compactor, it won’t help.

    Mark -She shoves them into the public eye on purpose. She could have sold them to the circus, but no.

    editor – Not unless there’s a damn good reason!

  11. Braindance says:

    McQueen, noooooooooooooooooo, please nnnnnnnoooooooooooooo, I cannot bear it.
    Normally I would be prepared to make a baby cry (they would soon forget) to own something you designed, but why would I want to part with my hard earned cash (aka blogging lovely pictures) to look like I had shat myself?

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